What Subjects Can You Discuss With Animals?

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What Is the Best Way to

Explore the Wisdom of Animals?


Over the years, I have found that you can discuss anything with an animal that the animal chooses to discuss with you. Animals have much to teach us, and sometimes the lessons are unexpected.

So I recommend that you ask questions on all sorts of subjects.  The more open-ended your questions, the greater room you leave for an animal to share his or her wisdom with you.

It’s very important for you to be open to all sorts of possibilities.  One example of this was a conversation I had recently with my Siamese cat, Violet.

We were in the car just starting out to the veterinarian for a chiropractic session.  I had checked with Violet several times earlier that day to make sure she felt she wanted to go.  This was not a new experience for her, so when we started off down the road in the car and she began vocally complaining, I asked her to explain her reaction.  Didn’t she want to go?

Violet:  “I thought we were going to teleport to the veterinarian’s office.”

Nedda:  “Why did you think that?”

Violet:  “Well, you were talking to someone recently about learning to teleport, so I had the idea we might do that.”

Nedda:  [laughing]  “Violet, I don’t know how to teleport.  I was saying I wanted to recover that ability someday soon, but I don’t know how to do it now.”

Violet: [a little sadly] “Oh.  That’s too bad.”

Nedda:  “Do you know how to teleport?  If you do, perhaps you can teach me?”

Violet: “No, you have to take a course to learn that.”  [My sense was that this course is taught in the higher realms.]

Nedda:  “Really?  Hmm.  Well, you do know how to dimensional shift, right?”

Violet:  “Oh, yes.  That comes naturally to cats.  We don’t have learn how to do that – we just do it.”

Nedda:  “Can you teach me how?”

Violet:  “It’s a natural feline ability, so I’m not sure how to teach it.”

Nedda:  “Well, how do you do it?”

Violet:  “You change the frequency that your molecules and cells are vibrating at, and you move into the dimension aligned with that frequency.”

Nedda:  “Very cool!  . . .  So do you still see beings who vibrate more slowly after you shift?”

Violet:  “Yes, we can, but they can’t see us.”

Nedda:  “Then do you use this to hunt?”

Violet:  “It doesn’t work very well for hunting.  While the animal you’re hunting may or may not be able to see you, you can’t really catch them without slowing your energy back down.  It can be messy.  So, no, we don’t hunt that way.”

Violet had completely stopped her vocal complaints after the first sentence or two of this intriguing conversation.  We arrived at the vet’s office with both of us calm and relaxed.

Most conversations with animals may not focus on esoteric subjects such as dimensional shifts and teleporting, but can still be filled with wisdom, insights, and powerful messages.

I spoke to a cat one time whose person was asking about how to help her husband.  I felt a strong pressure in my chest in my heart area, and sensed that the man had a heart condition.  Not wanting to frighten the woman, I asked her if her husband had had his heart checked recently.  The woman said, “Oh, yes, he has a heart condition.”

The cat then jumped in with, “That wasn’t exactly what I meant.  His heart is closed to love and that’s why he has a physical heart problem.  If he would open to more love, his heart would be healthier.”

The woman asked her cat what to do to help her husband open his heart.  The cat continued, “Get a beautiful card with a angel on it and both you and your son sign it.  Write loving messages inside the card.”  The cat went on to suggest some messages, which were beautiful and personal to the family.

So you might see from these examples that all you need do is be open and keep asking questions.  You might discover that some of your animals have great wisdom to share.


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