Bill to the Rescue.

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 Catching a Lost Baby Mouse.

mouseImagine a mouse making a nest under a lawn mower.

This year, a young man named Bill is mowing my lawn for me.  He’s using my walking mower and I have to pick him up and take him home because Bill doesn’t drive.  Bill has autism, but that shouldn’t be his defining characteristic.  Bill is kind and gentle, very intelligent, loves animals, and has a wry sense of humor.

It can be challenging to work with someone like Bill, but there are many benefits.  Today, he saved the life of a baby field mouse.

Bill took the lawn mower out of the garage, checked the gasoline level, and started it up.  To my horror, out from under the machine came a mother field mouse (brownish in color), dragging 3 grey babies who were attached to her tits nursing and wouldn’t let go.  I immediately had Bill turn off the mower.  I was horrified, while at the same time delighted that the mother had gotten away with all 3 babies unharmed.

Momma mouse, still dragging her babies, ran into some low creeping plants next to my driveway, and disappeared.  That she had been living under the mower, which hadn’t been used for about a month, told me that there was cut grass stuck to the bottom of the machine that needed to be cleaned out.

So Bill tilted the mower up for me and I started scraping out the moldy stuff with a long stick.

Suddenly, a fourth baby mouse fell out of the bottom of the machine.  Completely terrified, the mouse froze for a moment, and then ran — in the opposite direction from where his mom and siblings had gone.  This didn’t bode well for the baby.  I stopped what I was doing and tried to see where it had gone, but once it got into the grass, it was invisible.

I finished with the mower, and Bill stared mowing the lawn on the opposite side of the driveway from where the baby mouse had gone.

Meanwhile, I came inside, sat down, and called in the Overlighting Deva for my property, the Overlighting Deva for all mice, and the Spirit of Field Mice.  I explained the situation, and asked them to please take care of the baby who was on its own next to the pine tree along my driveway.  I asked for the baby to be protected from harm and I sent love to the mouse.

It takes about an hour to mow my lawn, and Bill was about 3/4 of the way finished when I heard him call me from the kitchen doorway.  He wasn’t there waiting for me when I arrived in the kitchen, so I went outside to find him.  There was Bill with his hands gently holding the baby mouse.  “What should I do with it?”  he asked me.

“Let’s put it in the flower bed where the mother ran with the others.  Then I can tell her telepathically to follow her trail back and she’ll find her missing baby.  That way the baby will be hidden and relatively safe for awhile.”

Bill placed the baby where I suggested and headed back to the lawn mower.  I was elated and kept thanking him for finding the missing mouse child.  “May I give you a hug?” I asked as I thanked Bill profusely for finding the lost mouse.  But of course, most autistic people don’t like to be touched, and Bill declined my request to share my joy with him in that manner.

Bill went to finish mowing and I went back inside.  I informed the 3 spirits I had spoken with earlier of our success in finding the baby and where we had placed it.  I also contacted the mother mouse telepathically and told her where to find her missing child.

Later on, as I drove Bill home, I thanked him again.  I had tried to find the baby right after it ran into the grass, but had been unsuccessful.  “How did you manage to find him?” I asked Bill.

Bill said that he had moved into the area by just shuffling his feet, rather than taking steps.  This, he explained, makes the baby move so you can see it, and help you avoid stepping on it.  I hadn’t known any of this, which was probably why I was unable to find the baby myself.

Hattie2Hattie is a superb hunter.

The last part of this story may remain unknown, but at least, with Bill’s help, we’ve set the scene for a very positive outcome.

Meanwhile, I plan to feed Hattie, the feral cat who lives in my yard, an unexpected dinner so she doesn’t need to hunt this evening.  If the mother doesn’t find the baby quickly, of course, Hattie catching and killing it will be a mercy.  But for tonight, I’m hoping mother mouse finds a new place for her young and goes back to rescue her lost baby in time to save it’s life.


4 Responses to “Bill to the Rescue.”
  1. ZoomaPood says:

    You’re so right Jennifer about calling in the devas etc. It certainly worked when Nedda helped to persaude some moles that were churning up the entire lawn. They moved over to the sides of the garden, amazing!
    I hope the little mouse found its family. I wonder how good a communicator Bill would turn out to be if he fanncied giving it a go?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful story! Many thanks to Bill with his smart idea about shuffling his feet instead of stepping.
    Thank you, Nedda, for reminding us calling in the Devas and the Spirit of Field Mice for assistance. It hasn’t become a reflex yet in such situations.

  3. carol riddick says:

    I absolutely love this story! Not sure exactly who the Overlighting Devas are, but between them and Bill, it was pure magic.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Carol,

      Overlighting Devas are nature spirits responsible for various groups of beings who assist in the manifestation of our third dimensional reality. They can be called upon to assist in various projects, such as gardening and healing. There is an Overlighting Deva for each piece of property on Earth and for each species, as well.