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What does it mean when

Solar Plexus - Third Chakra“Solar Plexus – Third Chakra”

the Third Chakra calls to you?

In the Ascension Acceleration 2015 Program, we’ve been exploring how the male and female chi (life force) is balanced differently in each of our chakras.  The Third Chakra, or Solar Plexus, is a male chi dominant chakra.  This is in contrast to the 2nd chakra, which is more female dominant than male.

For the last 10-14 days, as I continue to ask for daily messages from my the Healing Earth Tarot, most of the cards that show up are coming from my Solar Plexus.  The Solar Plexus chakra has to do with personal power, expressing and manifesting through action, beliefs and belief systems, and the mental body (we have 7 bodies).

Some of the cards I didn’t fully (or at all) understanding on a personal level, like the 8 of Crystals, where a woman is standing in a bird-cage, facing away from the door, which is behind her and open and leads to a crystal staircase that she can descend.  I can see that she’s trapped in the illusions of her mind and needs to turn around to discover the truth, which is that the door is open, but I still have figured out the specific way to apply this to myself.

On the other hand, the 9 of Crystals, which is about facing our inner demons – the ways in which we attack ourselves with negative self-talk and the need to heal our inner children – that card made perfect sense to me immediately in terms of what I’ve been doing for many years now.  How do you get rid of a feelings of unworthyness?  You connect with the inner child who came to that conclusion about herself and help her see the truth of who she really is.

Fully Empowered Third Chakra.Fully Empowered Third Chakra.

The third chakra is all about our beliefs.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  Where did I come from?  Where do I believe I’m going?  What do I believe I’m worth?  What do I believe I deserve?  What is my relationship with Source?

We all have accepted limitation as a way of living in the 3rd Dimension, but truly, is that all there is?  The awakened part of me firmly answers,

NO!  There is so much more!

There is SO much more.

We can change what we believe.  Beliefs are PROGRAMMED ideas that we have accepted, not ultimate truths, although we have the illusion that they are truths.  We might see them that way … at first … until we consider other possibilities might actually exist and have greater truth for us.

So what does it mean when you keep getting tapped on the shoulder, so to speak, by pulling lots of 3rd chakra tarot cards?

  • It means that it’s time to explore your Third chakra.

  • It means that it’s time to take a closer look at some of those beliefs that are holding you in limitation.

  • It means that the energies might be just perfect right now for exploring and shifting some of those beliefs.

In case you haven’t noticed, our Solar (sun) System is also pointing us to look into the Solar Plexus right now!

The Spring Equinox arrived with an explosion of energy from “father” Sun (solar flare) sending the Earth’s magnetic field into a glamorous expression of colored lights (Aurora Borealis).  At the exact same time, the moon was in its “now” phase, we makes it impossible for us to see.  Simultaneously, the sun and moon danced into a full solar eclipse so that the Sun’s corona blazed brightly into view.

Aurora Borealis_.international_space_station_march_17th_02Aurora Borealis from International Space Station, March 17, 2015

My goodness, if you haven’t considered that we are intertwined with all that exists around us, please take a moment right now to open to this possibility.

We are electromagnetic beings, and we’ve all been experiencing IN OUR BODIES these energetic messages.  Our neurological system is electromagnetic and electrochemical, so if you’ve been feeling exhausted, angry, depressed, overwhelmed, physically depleted and even sick, then consider that these symptoms might just be how you’re reacting to the alignments listed here.

And your SOLAR PLEXUS chakra is your INNER SUN!!!

Do you think that your personal inner SUN is not connected to the our SOLAR SYSTEM’S SUN?

SO … this spring … let your inner sun, your Solar Plexus, shine more brightly.

Go within and clean house.

Transform your limiting ideas and concepts into expansive ones.

Take down the barriers, open the inner gates, and

expand into Spring with an empowered Third Chakra.

3rd chakra02


2 Responses to “Third Chakra Tarot Cards”
  1. Justin says:

    Go Nedda, nice post.

    I correlate the third chakra (human body) with the Earth’s third chakra at Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

    In accordance with ancient planetary hours, the day of the week for the third chakra is Sunday – day of the Sun.

    It is very powerful to meditate at sunrise on that day – linking your personal third chakra with your Earth third chakra – inhaling and exhaling through both sacred sites (Physical body & Earth body).

    These centers are very important through this particular epoc, as we transition from 3rd dimensional consciousness (3rd chakra) to 5th dimensional consciousness (5th Chakra).

    So, the only way to open up to a shift like that is to open up the 3rd chakra, and move through all of the stagnation that is waiting there for us to process.

    That brings us, when we are ready into the 4th dimensional reflection and the 4th chakra – opening our hearts.

    From there we stand on the threshold of higher dimensional awareness – as the 5th dimension opens us to much higher dimensions (21st dimension (at least)).

    A pivotal shift for humanity as we are greatly challenged by the need to surrender. The need to surrender personal will to divine will – giving rise to the ascension process.

    I see it will take us the next 4-5 years to make this transition – and chaos will ensue. What we make of said chaos is what will draw the line in the sand for humanity – will you struggle or triumph? Will you choose fear or fearless service? Will you serve the self or the all? Are you One, or is the One you?

    Either way, this is all about personal power. And the challenge on personal power will come from every angle. Personal and civil liberties will be challenged as they have started to be already.

    It’s crunch time for humanity. You cannot be delivered personal power in the form of opening the 3rd chakra and not take responsibility. To do so will expedite the chaos. And given that the great mass of humanity still run from responsibility, there will be great struggle.

    Yet, for those that do choose authentic empowerment – there will be 4-5 years of downward pressure, beset on all sides by the flailing will of the sleeping many – followed by a massive upsurge of ascension.

    Those that choose truth through the valley of darkness will find themselves atop the mountain – the rest will drown in their own desire to be less than all of this.

    For me…my love is with the sheep, the wolves, and the shepherds.

    May we all know our time in the Sun again now, with no judgement for what we will of that.

    For source provides and allows what may, without judgement, with endless effortless Love.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Justin,

      Chaos does not have to ensue. If one accepts, as I have, that we create our reality – all our experiences without exception – then we don’t have to accept chaos. We can choose to be in perfect alignment with our Soul Path and manifest abundance and peace through our heart centers. This can be done. Each one of us can choose to do this, and that eliminates chaos and replaces it with a gentler, more harmonious, balanced transition.

      This is directly connected with taking full responsibility for all one personally experiences as something you’ve created. When we heal our inner world (all the 3-D debris, as I like to call it), then we reduce the possibility of chaos because we have eliminated the inner chaos of our emotions and limiting beliefs.

      This then spreads outwards, like ripples in the “pond” of human consciousness. Like the Hundredth Monkey scenario, humanity’s group consciousness will shift as those who are currently awakened take the lead in creating inner peace in their hearts, minds, and emotions.