Tarot Card: The Mental Dragon of Doubt

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Five of Crystals

Third Chakra - Limiting BeliefsThe dragon is there for you to struggle against.

In the Healing Earth Tarot, the Crystal suit speaks from the Mental Body or Third Chakra.  Doubts are thoughts — beliefs — that we allow to distract us from the truth of our personal power.

When your soul chose to incarnate in this life, it was given everything it needed to succeed.  You may find it difficult to believe, but you truly have all the talent and potential to live a splendid, fulfilling, satisfying life experience.

Doubt creates the dragon.

When you doubt yourself, you create a dragon who feeds on your lack of belief in yourself.

Perhaps you’ve been programmed with a set of false messages, such as:

  • Struggle is good for you.
  • The cards are stacked against you.
  • Scarcity is the way of the world and we each have to struggle and compete to survive.
  • Each person is only out for him/herself and so I’m really on my own.

Perhaps your confidence in yourself has been undermined:

  • Were you bullied as a child by your parents, siblings, school-mates, teachers, or others?
  • Are you measuring your abilities, successes, or failures with standards that don’t really fit who you are?
  • Do you know what your talents and strengths are?
  • Have you ever had a mentor or personal coach – someone to help you discover your true talents and self-worth?

To overcome the dragon, shift your perspective.

Since your doubts create the dragons, it’s your doubts that must be overcome.

The Universe is a Success.

Just look up into the night sky to

see how vast and expansive it is.

If you align yourself with the Universe,

can you be less than successful?

Here are some questions to help you begin to shift.

  1. What makes this situation or person seem dragon-like (big, scarey, difficult to overcome, fierce, fiery, a struggle) to me?

  2. If the dragon is created from my own doubts about myself, can I consider that the dragon is an illusion or a reflection?

  3. Do I doubt my ability to overcome the dragon?

  4. What other doubts about myself are making the dragon stronger?

  5. What talents and skills do I already have that will help me feel stronger and more self-confident?

  6. Can I see myself differently, perhaps as a knight, superhero, my 5-D Self, or my I Am Presence?

  7. What is the next step I can take to dissolve my doubts and start to shrink the dragon down to manageable size?

There’s no need to become trapped in a self-fulfilling prophecy of doubt and struggle.

As you change your perspective, you take back control over your thoughts and beliefs.

Change your perspective, eliminate your doubts, and watch the dragon disappear.


5 Responses to “Tarot Card: The Mental Dragon of Doubt”
  1. Doug Hagens says:

    I seem to be fighting dragons all the time! It would be far better to bypass the drama, to just create my soul aligned to I AM Presence. We co-create just about everything we experience. Why not our soul too? So I made this intention and put in my spiritual tool box.


    1. Remember the energy. Be like a rag doll. Relax your body. Fall into the Earth. Fall into the Quiet and the Still of your heart.

    2. Let go of everything personal — the feeling of a shower on a hot summer day. Everything else gets in the way.

    3. Let go of everything but the NOW — ‘cause you’re with a good friend and don’t want to miss anything!

    4. Enjoy the love you feel.

    Hold 5 – 10 seconds

    • Doug Hagens says:

      Your words awaken things in me, Nedda. Thank you! You have the uncanny ability of helping me remember things I need to know.

  2. marji says:

    This is really great Nedda. I don’t know these particular cards but love the card and the explanation you have here. The questions get to the heart of what is going on so one can go to the root and become free.