What Are the Signs of Spiritual Awakening?

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Here are 32 Typical Signs.

Humanity Is AwakeningAre you experiencing any of these signs?

While each person first experiences Spiritual Awakening in their own unique way, there are definite patterns that all of us experience as we go through this process.

If you see yourself in this list of characteristics, you can be quite certain that you are awakening.  Over time, you may experience more and more of these characteristics.

Rest assured that you’re not crazy,  that everything on this list is OK and “normal” for one who is awakening.

There may be some characteristics I didn’t think of, so if you are experiencing anything that doesn’t appear here, please share them in a comment on this post.

  1. Being in public places where many people congregate may feel overwhelming because you’re more tuned into the emotional states of others and of groups.

  2. Being in nature and being quiet may call to you strongly.  Some people want to meditate frequently.

  3. Seeking win/win situations and seeing the larger picture in situations may be more important to you than being “right”, making someone else “wrong”, or seeking revenge.

  4. Having more intuitive insights and starting to receive “downloads” of information.  You sometimes just “know” that something is true or the best thing for you.  You might even see flashes of light inside your head as synapses connect in new ways.

  5. Becoming more accepting of yourself as you are and of others as they are; feeling less of a need to be “perfect.” 

  6. Wanting to love yourself more and have more love in your life.

  7. Becoming turned off by the main stream media and television; less able to tolerate violence in movies, in the news, and anywhere else.

  8. Becoming less attached to material objects and more loving towards all living things, including people, animals, plants, and the earth.

  9. Feeling an increased sense of integrity and an intolerance for organizations and people who fall short in integrity.

  10. Finding it more and more difficult to lie to yourself and others.  Having less tolerance for lies in general and a desire to speak your truth and to have others tell the truth.

  11. Finding it easier to sense when someone else is lying to you.  This can be one-on-one and/or on the radio or TV.

  12. Wanting to be healthy and looking for alternative healing systems to supplement and/or replace allopathic (western) medicine.  You may be more interested in taking nutritional supplements, homeopathy, chiropractic, energetic healing systems.

  13. Starting to listen to your body more and to be response to the signals it gives you about what it needs and wants.

  14. Looking to change your diet, to eat healthier foods, and to know what’s in them, such as GMO’s, additives, preservatives, and so on.

  15. Becoming more compassionate towards others who are being trampled by the system:  the poor, the hungry, the forgotten people who disappear off the news media, and so seem to remain hidden in our society.

  16. Becoming better listeners as our hearts open to more love; discovering how to be present for others without feeling a need to fix their situation for them.

  17. Wanting to take back our personal power from all the people and organizations to whom we’ve given it away.

  18. Seeking balance, harmony, peace, and abundance in our lives, and knowing that we deserve to live in that state.

  19. Having a clearer sense of what resonates for us and being willing to go with what resonates and leave behind what no longer resonates for you.

  20. Feelings of loneliness as you discover that most people still don’t have a clue or an interest in what you’re experiencing.

  21. Discovering that many people won’t understand what you’re experiencing, and that trying to tell someone who is still asleep about it will evoke anger and sometimes even bullying.

  22. Remembering all the feelings you’ve been sitting on for much of your life because others didn’t find them acceptable and taking steps to get in touch with those feelings and emotions.

  23. Spending time online searching for information about what’s really going on on this planet; digging deeper than the information presented by the media, politicians, corporations, and official scientific viewpoints.

  24. Being more creative, inspired, and insightful; becoming more open to possibilities.

  25. Recognizing that you create your own reality and becoming more willing to accept responsibility for all you experience.

  26. Becoming bored with superficial conversations and activities, while seeking to entertain yourself by doing what feel closest to your heart and brings you the most joy.

  27. Having a more and more difficulty doing things that are linear (3rd dimensional), such as compiling taxes or other financial information, filling out forms, paying bills on time, dealing with technology, and so on.

  28. Dealing with time seems confusing, as time seems to go either very quickly or very slowly – it seems to stretch and collapse like a rubber band; many ordinary things seem to take hours longer than they used to take and it may feel like you’re moving in slow motion; or time seems to disappear in a blink.

  29. Difficulty remembering things.  This has nothing to do with the aging process and everything to do with rewiring of our neurological system, including our brains.  It also has to do with time being accelerated and everything coming at us faster and closer together.

  30. Increased sensitivity to everything:  sounds make seem louder; smells may seem stronger.  You may see, hear, and sense things other do not.

  31. A feeling of overwhelm because everything seems to come at you “all at once.”  This is actually happening, as time is accelerated.   You are being challenged to live in the “now” moment, to do whatever is the priority and to ignore everything else until it becomes the priority.

  32. A sudden interest in reading about, hearing about, and having spiritual experiences, as well as exploring books on these subjects, listening to channelers, traveling to sacred sites, and trying out other “new age” tools, such as tarot, crystals, communicating with animals, nature spirits, and angels, and astrology, to name just a few.

The reasons why you are experiencing these “symptoms” are many, and will be explored in a later discussion.

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–Ascension FAQs.


15 Responses to “What Are the Signs of Spiritual Awakening?”
  1. Alex says:

    Dear Nedda
    Many thanks – this is most helpful. I have taken on other peoples energies/frequencies for years and years and it has been the bain of my life thinking ‘oh my goodness’ and now ‘So and so is angry with me or not speaking to me etc. Now I know that’s its mostly nothing to do with me but their own personal stuff I am picking up at another level. I have also felt like I am becoming a recluse as I am finding a little challenging to almost feel like I have one foot in 3D as it is now and the other foot in a greater understanding of the bigger picture. It’s quite hard to be with so many lovely people (I have a number of friends) but finding it challenging to integrate my world of present understanding to what seems to be a concrete block surrounding so many around me. I love them all but would rather stay away and commune with nature and do what interests me. A lot of ‘my friend’ also think I’m on a mission to having the men in white coats come and fetch me 🙂 They do let me know that they think spirituality and naturopathy and veganism (I was vegetarian but have now progressed to veganism with the assistance of a naturopath whom has been a vegan for 40 years and is in tip top health) is extreme and a waste of time. Their opinions and comments used to hurt but now I know whom I am , I have allowance and compassion for them and myself. I do become bored with superficial conversations and am only interested in learning and discovering. So yep…I am finding this all so challenging at present and I feel a lot of underlying anxiety because of it. So My gratitude to you for putting things into perspective. I am intending that my knowledge base and personal journey will become more and easier.


    • Nedda says:

      Dear Alex,

      Thank you for sharing so much of your personal journey. Each person is making his or her choice about whether or not to awaken, and it is appropriate to allow them to do so without judgment. If it means leaving them behind, that may be necessary. Some will awaken later and you’ll be able to reconnect at a new level with them. Others may choose not to awaken at all at this time. All is in perfect Divine order.


  2. Doug Hagens says:

    Nedda, I’m doing Number 27 now. I feel like I’m walking through mud. Ordinary things don’t have immediat4e solutions or any solutions at all. I find myself accepting tentative solutions. Taking my time helps. Being in the NOW helps.

    So why so much now? I believe it’s I AM Presence knocking on my door. The mind interprets this as the unknown and this scares it. it doesn’t know what to make of it, when all I need do is open the door some and let some light in!

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Doug,

      Be patient and loving with yourself and your Ego. Wrap yourself and your Ego in Love. As the fear dissolves, invite your I Am Presence to guide you through this. As for specific assistance and for help in general. Then be open to whatever comes – images, words, sensations. If the message is unclear, as for clarity. It will come.

      • Doug Hagens says:

        I am putting Ego in my “tent” with all those I love. Immediately I feel good!

  3. AnneMarie says:

    I recognise myself in so many of these, have been like that from my youth and the sensitivity gets ‘worse’ with growing older…
    I sometimes wonder if I am not from another planet!

    • Nedda says:

      Well, you could be. Many of us are from other star systems, such as Sirius or the Pleiades, but there are other possibilities, too.

  4. Mary Simonton says:

    Thank you Nedda; happy to see that I am still on the path to Awakening,as I am experiencing much of the list. thought I had fallen off the tracks. I do spend alot of time alone, less overwhelming, and I was really being bullied, which was causing trauma experience. I am happy to be in Nature,feel like I am in paradise. If I am out in the world, and feelings of anxiety of depression take hold, coming home it quickly shifts into ease. Grateful for your e-mails and all that you share. warmest regards Mary S.

  5. Kim says:

    I am relieved to find a reason for experiencing many of the symptoms you described. The amount of things I can get done in a day is just a fraction of what I routinely accomplished a year or so ago. I have been so concerned about my lack of energy and poor memory that I have been trying all kinds of supplements in the hope of “rebooting” my system. I misplace things so often that I now ask myself “where WOULD I put it instead of where DID I put it” It is hard to find the energy to do all the things expected of me that just don’t seem as important to me anymore.

    • Doug Hagens says:

      I can relate to what you are experiencing, Kim!! I reboot by visiting the ocean everyday. I don’t have to do anything, think anything or feel anything — just be there, maybe 15 minutes. It clears my head like being in a long long shower.

  6. Doug Hagens says:

    This is a new one. It was the cozy feeling of being in a tent I always liked that feeling! Especially with wind and the pitter patter of rain on the tent. Now I felt everyone I loved to be inside the tent with me. This is what soul must be like I thought! Then suddenly the elements moved inside the tent. They were not outside but inside. Not so comfy. Not so protected. But feeling of open spaces and eyes open. The pitter patter of rain sounded much different.

    • Nedda says:

      The Native Americans say that the animals and plants and all of life are our sisters and our brothers. They mean this literally. Even the rain is a relative, as is the wind, the earth, and so on. We’re all part of one big family.

      • Doug Hagens says:

        Yes, it makes sense. It was a member of my family making itself known inside my tent!

  7. Karen says:


    Sometimes it is very scary when you are so accurate with my feelings. This is very true this time. Thanks for sharing the insight of what I am going through right now.


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Karen,

      Since we’re all human and we’re all going through this process together, it isn’t really so surprising that we experience the same things.

      In the past, we’ve thought of ourselves as separate from each other and we’ve emphasized the differences.

      Now, as part of our Spiritual awakening, we’re remembering that we’re really all connected, all One Consciousness. This, too, is part of our awakening.