Ascension: a Life Review While Living?

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Reviewing Your Life.

To do a life review, you have to be willing to look back at your life with LOVE.A “life review” requires you look back at your life with LOVE.

There has been much documentation of the “Life Review” in books about NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and books about past life and between life regressions.

When you die, your spirit lives on and travels to a place where you get to review the life in physical that just ended.  There are a number of reasons for the review.  One reason is to allow you to decide how much of your Soul’s personal goals were met.  Another is to help you integrate what you learned.  A third is to assist the Soul in making appropriate plans for the next lifetime on Earth or elsewhere.

Overall, in a life review you are asked to determine how much you lived from a place of Love vs. how much you lived from Fear.

During the current age, spiritual ascension requires that we stay in our physical body and take it with us into higher frequencies of Light and Love.  So why are some of us having experiences that are akin to a “life review” while in our physical bodies?

I asked my I Am Presence and personal Ascension Team to assist in answering these questions.  All questions and answers are about a life review while still in a body preparing for ascension.

  • Why am I having memories of past experiences from this lifetime suddenly pop up in my mind as strongly as if I were reliving them now?

The Ascension process requires that you do a full house-cleaning of old unresolved mental and emotional debris that has accumulated in your bodies.  These memories are “popping up,” as you say, so that you can heal and release them.

  • What causes them to appear in my mind?

As you vibrate more quickly, their frequencies cannot accelerate, so they become more noticeable and you are more aware of them.

  • Many of these memories bring up sadness, guilt, shame, anger, fear, and other denser emotional states that are uncomfortable.

Exactly!  Those emotional states are signals that there are energies around the events that require healing and letting go of attachment to the events, the people, the places, and the experiences themselves.

  • What is the best way to heal and let go of these experiences?

There are a number of steps you can take.  You may not need to do every step each time, but your I Am and Ascension Team are here to help you and will do so when you request assistance.  Here are some of the steps:

  1. Allow yourself to remember and re-experience the memory.  Do not run away from it, as it will only keep on returning until you’re ready to face it.
  2. Notice the emotions embedded in this experience.   Recognize that you can choose to feel differently about each experience, no matter how strongly the emotions may seem to be.
  3. Start with FORGIVENESS.  Forgive yourself and everyone else involved in each and every memory.  If you can only partially forgive yourself and others, the memory will recur until forgiveness is complete.
  4. If you have difficulty forgiving yourself, ask your I Am and Ascension Team to show you the gifts hidden within this experience – the “gold nuggets” as you often call them.
  5. Feel GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION for the whole experience, for the gifts within it, and for each person/Soul in your life who helped make it possible for you to have the experience and receive the gifts inherent within it.
  6. Send Divine Love from your Heart to the Hearts of all involved.
  • How will I know when I’ve succeeded in clearing my life of emotional and mental attachments to a particular past event?

It will stop showing up in your consciousness.  When these events come to mind, it’s as though they’ve come out of nowhere at all – things you haven’t thought about in years and years.  You’ll just stop thinking about them because they won’t have any emotional charge for you.

  • Sometimes I feel as though I’ve fully forgiven myself and others for an earlier experience, but it keeps coming back.  Why does that happen?

Some experiences are part of larger patterns.  Think of these patterns like a multi-dimensional jig-saw puzzle.  Each piece represents an event that is part of a larger pattern of beliefs and emotional habits.  So even when you feel you’ve cleared a specific experience, it may be connected to others that you haven’t fully healed.  Or it may be coming back to mind because it’s connected with subtler aspects of the patterns that remain unresolved.

  • Sometimes these “life reviews” seem endless.  Please comment.

[Laughter]  There is an end, to be sure.  It’s just that as you go vibrationally higher and higher, you’re also going deeper and deeper.  You can’t go up without going down.

So if you find yourself thinking about experiences that you haven’t thought about in years and if you’re not sure why or what to do about them, check back with this blog post and use some of the tips given here to help you release and move on during your Ascension.

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–Ascension FAQs.


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  1. Doug Hagens says:


    Another Out Of The Blue visited me a few minutes ago! The year was 1983. I wanted to buy my first house. But I didn’t have enough money for the down payment. Then it hit me all at once it was going to happen because it must happen. So I just waited. And it happened. I was given an unsolicited job offer that payed exactly what I needed

  2. Doug Hagens says:


    This blog made me think of something out of the blue. I was 50 years ago. My mind was elsewhere much of the time, on things cosmic and terribly important. My coworker wanted to know what I was thinking about. “Deep things,” I replied. They retorted “like wells”? and suggested I needed a girl friend. I didn’t understand at the time. Doug