Love Everyone.

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No Exceptions.

Love the Whole World.Love the Whole World.

Love Everyone as God.

Separation is an illusion.  Differences are an illusion.  When you love everyone as you love yourself … well, first you must fully love yourself.

Go into your very own Heart … that sacred space that exists within your bodies, and just be present there.

Ask to experience Infinite Love … right there!!

No one dies.  We just change form.  We can continue to love everyone whether in or out of a physical body.

Open your heart.  Love yourself.  Love everyone else, too.

You are the Supreme Consciousness that created and manifested as the Universe.  There is no separation.  Separation is an illusion.

Love yourself.  Love each other.  Love your enemies.

Isn’t this the ultimate teaching from all the Saints of all religions, including Jesus, Krishna, Mother Teresa, and all the others?

Go into your Heart right this moment.

Ask to be surrounded by Infinite Love.

Love Is.

Love is the essential nature of all things,

including YOU.





Always available.

Without conditions.

Cannot be stopped.

Cannot be destroyed.

The most powerful force in the Universe.

This holiday season, the greatest gift you can give another is to see them as a perfect being of love … just as they are.

See God in Everyone,

for that’s where God lives.

This gift costs you nothing, and brings you many Blessings.

Give the gift of Love.  Hold each person in your heart and surround them with Love.

What a gift!!

Love everyone, including yourself!

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukah

Happy Kuanzaa

Happy Solstice

May you receive all the blessings of Divine Love.

May you share your Love with Everyone.


3 Responses to “Love Everyone.”
  1. Leslie says:

    It is not always easy to love ourselves. If we don’t see God in ourselves, how will we see it in others? To first see God within ourselves, we can use a mirror – every day. Just look into the mirror every day. Look at the beauty and love in your eyes. Over and over again. It may take weeks or months for some of us. Look until the presence of God in you brings tears to your eyes. Divine Love has no limits. And it’s everywhere including inside us. Why is it so hard for us to see it even within ourselves?

    • Doug Hagens says:

      Yes, seeing God within is vital. We don’t have to create anything. All we have to do is see what is. When I think of the people I love or anything, it’s always seeing the love that gets the ball rolling. So I’m always looking for things that defog my glasses. I never know what that might be. So I just respond to stuff good or bad that makes everything vibrate like hell.

  2. Doug Hagens says:

    Hello Nedda, I am always interested in what is on your mind. “Love is everyone as God” may be what I need to hear right now. I have 2 roommates now that see things quite differently. I set myself the task to see and rejoice in the freedom and peace I know exists but cannot see!!