Resurrection Energies and Ascension

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It Doesn’t Matter in What

Religion You Were Raised.


Humanity Is Awakening


the Kristed One.

The Kristos or Christ Consciousnes, is a level of consciousness, not an individual person.

We are each invited to integrate the Kristos into our bodies, and here in 2016 is the perfect time for us to remember why.

The Kristos is Divine Love associated with the male chi.  So in the yin and yang of things, it’s the male aspect of Divine Love.

We can all integrate and ground the Kristos energies through our bodies and into each and every cell and strand of DNA.

This will assist our ascension process and help all of humanity to awaken and remember it’s true place in the Universe.

The Kristos was never meant for just one person.

We are the one we have been waiting for.



To be resurrected means to be restored to Life – not just life in a 3-D body, but LIFE on a grand scale of spiritual attainment.

For those ascending, it means being restored to an expanded level of consciousness as we recognize our Oneness with All That Is.

That is being truly alive!

Those who are choosing ascension at this critical time in human history are being resurrected, i.e., we are remembering the Truth of who we are.

Our bodies are changing in every possible way as they are being prepared to hold more and more Divine Love.

The Kristos is swirling through our cells and awakening the DNA that has been asleep for eons.

We are One with the Divine.

We are God in this Body.

We are the Kristos.

Cosmic Evolution

The energies of resurrection are active right now and are supporting your personal resurrection.

You are rising into a new consciousness, a new frequency.

Set the intention to integrate and hold this energy forevermore.

Celebrate your rebirth, your personal resurrection.

Welcome the Kristos – the Christed energies – into your bodies as you align with your I Am Presence.

You may even feel yourself shifting.

Sense the Divine Presence that is You.

Sense your ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.




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  1. Helena Diana says:

    Hello, thank you very much. Published in the right time :-).