The Inimitable Violet

Still Going Strong.

Violet, a beautiful soul.Beautiful Soul.

And I thought she was leaving?


Those of you who have been following this saga for awhile probably remember last year when Violet seemed to be departing the earth plane.  She had been diagnosed with early stage renal (kidney) failure and she did seem to be ready to go.

! ! ! SURPRISE ! ! ! 

Violet is still here and thriving despite kidneys that only partially work!  What an amazing gal!

Last October, Violet welcomed Melissa (you’ll be reading more about Melissa soon, I promise) into our home intending to turn over to the new kitten what Violet considers to be her main job responsibility, i.e, supervising me.

Does this mean Violet doesn’t think Melissa is ready yet to take on the task?

VIOLET:  You ARE a lot of work, you know.

NEDDA:  Really??  So now it takes 2 of you?

VIOLET:  Melissa has some growing into the job to do.

MELISSA:  No.  I don’t.  [Typical teenager!]

Melissa wants to play with Violet.Melissa wants to play with Violet.
Violet looking to see where Melissa is hiding.Violet looking to see
where Melissa is hiding.

Truthfully, I’m grateful for each and every day that Violet is here.

What I find astonishing is that she seems to be getting stronger and stronger!

To what do I attribute Violet’s new-found energies?  What is keeping this elder cat young?

  1. Homeopathy – a constitutional remedy can do absolute wonders to keep a cat in balance.
  2. Energy healing and massages.
  3. A raw food diet.
  4. My insistence that she take electrolytes daily.
  5. Pure stubbornness on her part.
  6. Melissa’s exercise program for Violet.

Melissa — Violet’s personal trainer?

Melissa is like a personal exercise coach for Violet.  And it’s working.

Violet may move slowly around the house at times, but …  there are times when she runs!  She jumps on the sofa.  She actually even runs up the stairs sometimes.  And she does it all with “catitude.”

Here’s how the exercise program works:

Violet gets up and starts walking across the living room, heading for the litter boxes which are down a short hallway.  Melissa follows.

Violet decides she wants privacy, and heads back through the living room and up the stairs where there’s another litter box.  Melissa follows and tries to bite or actually does bite Violet’s rear legs.

Violet screams her annoyance, and mutters and growls under her breath, and moves faster.

This has no effect on Melissa whatsoever.

Violet practically runs up the stairs.

I sometimes try to grab Melissa, which is actually impossible, as she’s lightening fast.

Does Violet actually get to use the litter box?  Definitely.  But this way Melissa has provided Violet with additional exercise.


Melissa and Violet cuddled up together.Melissa and Violet
cuddled up together,
December 2015.

Violet loves Melissa and genuinely has accepted her into the family.

They sleep together almost daily.

Good job, Melissa, and thank you.

MELISSA:  “I love you, Violet.”

VIOLET:  “I love you, too, Melissa.”


6 Responses to “The Inimitable Violet”
  1. Doug Hagens says:

    What a happy story.

  2. Gunvi Sund says:

    Hello, I spoke to a male cat the other day and he seemed to have another cat as his spiritual guide. It surprised me, but anything is possible I guess.
    Have you ever had that experience? Today I again tried to communicate with the cat but I got his spiritual guide cat instead. She is very feminine and when I look in to her eyes I see planets and solar systems. She has a motherly atitude towads the male cat.
    Thank you Gunvi

  3. nancy says:

    i have a cat that has renal disease for over a year now, he is on holistic supplements and acupuncture along with sub Q fluids. latest bun and cretonne blood levels are back in normal range. Preditor is about years old and hopefully will be here many more years. He is a wonderful cat loves people, other cats, dogs and rabbits. When he looks at you, you can see how much he loves and adores you though his beautiful eyes. I found him one night he was hit by a car and left there to die in front of my house. He had a broken hock, which was fixed and since then he has been an indoor only cat and has a screened room to go into for fresh outside air. He is such a joy and I am glad he came into my life.

  4. tina says:

    I was so happy to see violet was still alive I love reading about her and animal communication. I have a Siamese named SUGAR who is the light of my life/world. Please keep posting.

  5. Hellen says:

    I had almost the same experience with my elder cat who at 10 years. lost her companion in a very unexpected and horrible way, he had constant seizures, just weeks before we moved. After a few rounds of FET ( flower essence therapies ) she still appeared to be wasting away, her mouth looked very red and had bad breath – I felt imminent kidney disease was approaching. 8 months later I brought in a new kitten – at first I thought I made a HUGE mistake for an older cat- they didn’t tell me he is high energy over-the-top with a strong male-dominant streak.

    But despite her annoyance ( I doubt they ever will cuddle together ) she is actually jumping, running and playing a bit – on her terms of course…after-all she is a Calico lady. She looks vibrant and engaged with life again.

    And she has made it very clear to me, that absolutely – he is to stay with us. The growling, hisses and other mannerisms are just to let him know who is boss – and that this is just part of cat culture I need to get used to. Including her sometimes looking like poor little me, there is a HUGE male there preventing me from going out into the hallway. I missed out for 10 years, that she loves being a drama-queen…lol

  6. Karen Durochia says:


    What a wonderful story. They are both so beautiful. I loved hearing the stories about the 2 new kittens starting their own company. I laughed out loud many times and it made my day. Violet is exceptionally beautiful inside and out. Keep up the good work and the wonderful stories.

    Love and laughter,