Help! I’m Being Held Prisoner by 4 Feline’s From Outer Space

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Am I exaggerating just a bit?


This winter I ran 3 humidifiers in my house, and despite using mineral filters, there’s white dust everywhere, including on the bay window I put in for the cats to lie in the sun.

I haven’t cleaned the window yet this spring.

There are paw prints in the dust on the window.

Are the cats trying to improve the view?

Are they trying to tell me to clean the window?

Or are they doing “paw” art?

My fantasy:  writing this message across the window …




Would my neighbors laugh — or just think I was crazier than ever?

Violet portrait with border-65Meanwhile, as I’m having this fantasy, I’m also considering that Violet, who is sitting in my lap, has been with me for 4 lifetimes — that I know about.

I’m wondering, “Is this what it means when we say cats have 9 lives?  Are they really individual lifetimes, and are you limited to 9?”

“Humans make things up!” announces Violet, as if that ends the discussion.

I laugh.

Violet has a way of speaking her thoughts that always sends me into giggles and often gales of laughter.

She always acts insulted … or maybe she really IS insulted, but I can’t stop laughing at her terse quips.  It’s one of the things I adore about her.

… back to being a prisoner of 4 felines from outer space …

Melissa Portrait01Violet and Melissa tell me they’re from the Pleiades where there’s a planet of felinoids who look like the characters from the musical “Cats” – according to Violet.

Sakhara portrait with border_50Sakhara says she’s from Arcturus.

Starlight is from the higher dimensions, being the reincarnation of Echo, who in her last life was my horse.


If this is a prison, I take full credit for creating it.  They rarely give me a moment to myself.

This very instant, Violet is sitting on her haunches in my lap facing me as I type this.  She’s looking up into my eyes with her lovely crystalline blue beauties and purring with pleasure.  Ah, to have my full attention with no other cats around.

Violet is a velcro kitty – has to be on me, touching me, attached to me.

StarlightOops — changing of the guard. Violet jumps down to give Starlight her turn.

You see what I mean?

“No escape,” I think with a terrible German accent, as I remember Sargent Schultz from that nutty old tv show, “Hogan’s Heroes.”

Why do I want to escape?

DO I want to escape?

Just how much do I allow these cats to run the show?


I can’t even take a nap without waking up to find cats hemming me in from all sides or lying on top of me so I can’t move without first moving each of them.

Is this what it means when spirit tells us, “We’re all ONE?”

Other folks tell me they can lock up their cats in a room.  HA!  Violet would tear the door down or scratch it to pieces, and now she’d have help.  She’s also a screamer when she doesn’t get her way.  She’s very loud!

So there’s no locking them up.

Truly, they are the guards (guardians?) and I’m the prisoner.

Is this like the Stockholm Syndrome and I’ve grown to love my kidnappers?


2 Responses to “Help! I’m Being Held Prisoner by 4 Feline’s From Outer Space”
  1. Gunvi Sund says:

    Fun story Nedda.

  2. Doug Hagens says:

    I enjoy reading this, Nedda.