Who Am I?

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Who   Are   You?

I Am Infinite Intelligence

  • Image Credit: Huffington Post.

I Am Infinite Intelligence

experiencing this level of density.

I Am One with the Universe.

*Image Credit:  NASA, ESA, et al.

At the same time,  I Am Infinite Consciousness.


When I forget who I Am,

I feel separate, small, lost, lonely, abandoned.


My Real Self Is Infinite. My small self forgets.

My Real Self Is Infinite.
My small self forgets.

When I remember who I Am, I remember that

I Am ONE with everyone and everything.


We Are All One.

We Are All One and We Are All One and We Are All One.

*Image Credit:  theplaceofhealing.com

Nothing exists that is not Infinite Intelligence.

Nothing is separate from Infinite Intelligence.

Divine Love

I Am Divine Love.

I Am That I Am.

I Am That – the indescribable infinite.



4 Responses to “Who Am I?”
  1. Gail Graham says:

    Beautiful thoughts, profound insights, thank you Nedda

  2. Liz says:


    And thank you Nedda.



  3. ZoomaPood says:

    Hi Nedda, interesting you should blog about this now as the subject keeps popping up for me in various ways. It is something I forget from time to time.

  4. Doug Hagens says:


    I am thinking as if I were the indescribable infinite… That we all are. That we are exactly as we should be. That the world is exactly as it should be. It’s not necessary to do anything because everything is fine the way it is.. This makes sense to me when I think of those I dearly love. I would not change them. I would not fix them. I like them anyway they come. Just the way they are. So being the indescribable infinite I would love myself the same way.