One simple question.

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Your “vehicle”

Yellow Jalope

is your physical body.

Human vehicle.

Do you fuel it with fear?  Or love?

Your physical body is

a vehicle that your Soul is using to have experiences in this dimensional reality.

You are not your body.

You are Infinite Consciousness.

Your body is an expression of your Soul, perfectly designed for the life experiences your Soul has chosen.

Most of us react to our bodies from our Ego state.  Our Egos don’t like our body very much.  They constantly criticize it and treat it badly, ignoring the messages it sends us to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, play more, and exercise.

How can we expect our bodies to function optimally when we’re always putting them down or ignoring them.

How can you improve the condition of your body vehicle?

Love your body. 

Treat it kindly and compassionately.  Your body is an amazing vehicle capable of handling whatever your Soul has chosen to experience.

You and your body are a team. 

Whatever you tell your body (whatever you think, feel, and say to yourself) affects your body vehicle.

Listen to your body. 

Your body has consciousness.  Each part is capable of giving you important information that will help you on your life path.  All you need do is ask and listen for these messages.

You’ll make everything easier for yourself when you treat your body well.


You are in the drivers seat.

But which aspect of you is doing the driving?


Driving Lessons

When your Ego is driving

your vehicle is fueled with Fear.

When your I Am Presence is driving

your vehicle is fueled with Love.


You are in control.

You decide who is driving your vehicle.

Your graduate exam from the 3-D World is only one question:

Did you live your life

based on Fear or

based on Love?


4 Responses to “One simple question.”
  1. Doug Hagens says:

    My mother bought her “dream” car awhile back. She wanted a Volvo. But it had to be gold. So they painted it a wonderful gold color. Not long after she purchased the car, the steering wheel came off when she wad driving! Was this a cosmic message? She didn’t know. But she switched to Toyota.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Smart to define our body as a vehicle! Never thought of it that way. Powerful!
    Thank you, Nedda.

  3. Diana Silvan says:

    Hello, thank you. You always poste what I need!:-)
    Yesterday I had a dream: I was in my car, but driving from the back seat – what was very difficult!

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Diana,

      What a fascinating dream!

      I’ve heard that cars often reflect our issues. In other words, what’s “wrong” with your car often indicates a problem or health issue in your own life.

      I have had problems with my neck and how my head sits on my spine since a childhood car accident in which I was badly injured. One day I lay down and asked for a healing from spirit to please “get my head on straight” as I tend to tilt it.

      I fell asleep and found myself behind the wheel of my car pulled over in front of a firehouse. In the dream, I was lost and had stopped to look at a map. Suddenly, the steering wheel fell off into my lap and a whole section of smaller parts beneath it fell into my lap as well.

      As I sat there wondering what to do, a fire truck pulled in and someone came over to assist me. Then I awoke.

      I immediately knew that the spiritual healing team had taken off my head (steer wheel) to reorganize the parts beneath (cervical spinal column). My head/neck were better, although I still have issues in that area.

      So our dreams can be really powerful. Thanks for sharing yours.