Melissa’s Latest Escapade.

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When a cat gets outside,

The beautiful Melissa.

I don’t run for the camera…

Sorry, everyone, but a hole in the sliding screen door and the sight of Melissa standing proudly atop one of the feral cat feeding stations did not inspire me to grab a camera.

I was much more interested in enticing Melissa back into my arms.

Fortunately, I stayed calm, kept my “cool”, and opened the sliding door.

“Come on in, Melissa,” I invited her.

Melissa, bless her heart, came right in.


Duct tape is amazing stuff.

Duct tape on screen door.

Duct tape comes in designer patterns.

Duct tape patterns

And you can make jewelry with duct tape.

Bracelets from duct tape.

Some folks make duct tape clothing.

Duct tape suit.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the duct tape repair to the door  because my morning was already out of control.

I kept moving and didn’t get to check the screen door until 90 minutes later.  Someone had been working on removing the duct tape.

Sorry.  You only get 2 guesses who that was, although I don’t have any proof so I’m guessing myself.

I quickly called my amazing contractor friend, Dave, who loves cats. The door needed fixing and Dave had a solution to prevent further excursions.

Dave showed up the the same day and took the screen away to refurbish it.  He brought it back the next day (yesterday).

Can you see the large round circles

in the bottom area?

Screen door with plastic barrier.

This allows the cats to have a breeze

without destroying the screen.

Screen door with plastic barrier enlarged

Now Starlight, Melissa, and the others can still watch the squirrels, birds, and chipmonks, and the screen is protected.

Dave offered to have the plastic go half-way up the door, but I really don’t have a Great Dane so I opted for 24 inches in height.

We’re experimenting.  I’m focusing on Melissa accepting the barrier as is.  I’m not focusing on what I don’t want Melissa to do.  I have zero intention of giving her any ideas.  Blessed be!


2 Responses to “Melissa’s Latest Escapade.”
  1. Hellen says:

    Catio’s are a great way for our feline friends to get more of that outdoor connection, yet keep them safe from predators in rural areas, or mishaps in cityscapes.

    You can even build your own, especially with a contractor friend. The wire mesh is coyote proof, and they have amaaaazing examples of intricate out-door screened runs with tunnels that wrap around the roofs of houses and apartments.

    I got an inexpensive “playpen” with 2 ‘shelves’ for my 2nd. floor apartment balcony, which my 1 year old frequently uses. He was a wild child, and is noticeably calmer now that he gets his dose of being “in the trees” We have a large apple-tree over the side.

    Our new 9 month kitty was a stray, so he doesn’t really want to go out. And my 12-year old was used to an apt without balcony for 10 years, so she doesn’t want to stay out for longer than a few minutes…too many strange noises and activity.

    His first comment/perception after being outside – (and needed small doses at first even tho he was extremely eager to get ‘out there) was “There’s no walls out there”…lol

    • Nedda says:

      Dear Hellen,

      Catio’s are a brilliant idea. Will definitely consider whether or not this is possible for my girls, and will pass it on to others. Thanks so much for sharing this.