Celebrating Rain.

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Do you remember playing in the rain?

Rain play

When did you last celebrate rain?

When I listen to the weathermen on the radio, I want to call them on the phone and tell them to stop being negative about rain.  [I have yet to find a phone number that will allow me to do this.]

Rain = Life

Rain falling.

Without rain, there is no life. 

Without rain, there is drought, starvation, uncontrollable fires, devastation.

Trees suffer.  Farms suffer.  Insects, birds, all animals suffer.

You and I suffer, too.

Today it is raining, and I’m very thankful.

Here in New England, we’re having a drought.  Oddly, at least to me, most people aren’t paying enough attention.  They’re still watering their lawns and washing their cars as if the water for doing these things and drinking and bathing were limitless.

Potentially, there is limitless water, but for right now, the streams and rivers and reservoirs and wells are all very low.

Why aren’t people paying attention?

Why do they wait for some “authority figure” such as the governor,
to tell them to stop wasting water?

Are they so disconnected from themselves and from nature
that it never even occurs to them that
there might be a problem developing here?

This morning it’s raining … a really lovely sustained rain that steadily is providing the gift of moisture in a way that the soil can absorb it.  Not enough to flood.  Enough to nourish.

I went outside in the rain.  No umbrella.  No rain coat.  Just me in a tank top and shorts and shoes.  I set up a bird bath in the back yard, long overdue, for the birds need to bathe and drink every day, not just now and then.

The rain felt really good on my body … loving and gentle and kind.

The rain makes it smell wonderful outside.

The rain cleanses and heals and nourishes.

Frog enjoying rain.

When we speak negatively about rain, as the weathermen do almost daily when it’s in the forecast, we send out the message that rain is “bad” and that we don’t want it.

How sad for us and for the water spirits and for our planet and all of life here on the Earth.

Of course, rain must be in balance with other elements of nature.

How can we restore that balance?

First, we must awaken to our true connection to the Earth.

Our true connection to the Earth means, in part, that our thoughts and feelings do influence the weather.  After all, we live in the Earth’s emotional body, which means that our emotions are expressed in the weather.

So the next time you hear a weather report that it’s going to rain, notice your reaction and adjust it appropriately.

If a big storm or hurricane is predicted, send it love to calm it and ask the Nature Spirits to assist you.

If a fire seems imminent or has already begun, send love to the fire so that it will feel nourished and won’t need to “eat” so much.  Invite Mother Earth to help restore balance.  Ask the water spirits to assist in sending rain and invite the wind spirits to help calm the fire and turn it back upon itself so it can burn itself out.

We are all out of balance these days, and so is our planet, including the atmosphere/weather.  By taking responsibility to put ourselves back into balance and then calling on Divine Love and focusing clear intention, we can make a difference.

SO …

the next time the weather report includes rain, WELCOME the rain.  Call it into your heart and invite it to help restore balance and harmony.

Then step outside into the rain and celebrate Mother Nature’s gift of water.  Give thanks.  Send heartfelt appreciation for the wonder of rain.  Celebrate rain.

Rain is love falling from the sky.

Rain is love falling from the sky.


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  1. Doug Hagens says:

    I like “Rain is love falling from the sky” !