We see what we believe. Everyone is our reflection.

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Lord Krishna meditating.

Lord Krishna in Meditation

The Mahabharata is an ancient Hindu historical text filled with spiritual teachings.

In the Mahabharata there are many stories.

In one story, Lord Krishna, a Divine incarnation of the Christ Consciousness, is speaking with a gathering of men.

One leader, Prince Duryodhana, has become an expert in finding fault in others.

Krishna asks Duryodhana to point out to him one man in the group who is virtuous.

Duryodhana replies that no one there is virtuous, that all are deceitful and not to be trusted.

Krisha immediately turns to Yudhisthira, another leader who has cultivated the Divine virtues in himself.

He asks Yudhisthira to point out one man in the group who is wicked through and through.

Yudhisthira replies that everyone present is of good will.

As I read this story today, I experienced this insight:

We see what we believe we will see.

Everyone here is a reflection of me.

Each man, Duryodhana and Yudhisthira, saw what he expected to see in others, and that was because each man had a perception filter based on his own expectations and beliefs.

When I contemplated this story with my higher guidance, I was given this experience.  As you read it, you might pause and take a moment to envision each step.

Imagine walking down a street and everyone you see is you – has your face, your body, your clothing.  Everyone looks like you and acts like you, and feels like you.

If you smile and wave with an open heart, each one will smile and wave back.

If you have a grumpy look on your face and your heart is closed, so will all the other Yous out there.

If you embrace them out of pure love for yourself, they will embrace you back.

I said, “That’s not always true.”

I was told,

If you imagine that this will not happen, it’s because each person you meet may be expressing a different aspect of You in a particular moment.

This is why you must cleanse and purify yourself deep inside.

As you remove hatred, anger, judgment, greed, and other impurities, you begin to have clearer and clearer vision, deeper and deeper understanding, truer and truer awareness of the Divine within yourself and within everyone else.

The reflection becomes more and more beautiful, more and more radiant.  You glow with the Divine Light that emanates from within you, and then it is easier to see the Divine Light radiating within everyone else.

“Namaste” could be said to mean “I see the Divine Light in you because it reflects the Divine Light within me.  It is One Light in both of us.”



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  1. Kathleen Gilbert says:

    A very timely message for me. I love it – Thanks

  2. Thank you Nedda!