9 Wild Turkeys – A Spiritual Message?

November 15, 2017 by  
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Wild Turkey

This morning, 9 wild turkeys

came through my back yard.

Needless to say, Melissa and Starlight were both fascinated.

The huge birds meandered along finding a bit of food here and there among the autumn leaves that have yet to be gathered up.

In Native American Medicine Cards, turkey represents gifts, both giving and receiving. The turkey is associated with spirituality and honoring the Earth Mother by living in harmony with her.

Turkey represents the idea that no one wins unless everyone wins, an idea that we must adopt if we are to save our environment from complete and utter destruction.

The appearance of a wild turkey can also mean “shared blessings.”  It is a time to notice how much we are willing to share and how much we cling to a fear of scarcity.

The number nine.


In numerology, the number 9 indicates completion and is a powerful spiritual number.

It may indicate reaching a stage in life where you are walking alone, seeking wisdom, strength, and courage to complete one or all of your cycles of life upon Earth.

It can signify being on a spiritual path, which is certainly true for me.

Even my street address number is a 9, and the entire address adds up to a 9 as well.

I’m definitely living in the right place.

Nine Turkeys

So combining the turkey and the 9, can one glean a significance?

When I invite my I Am Presence to speak, I received this message.

These 9 turkeys didn’t come for you alone.  They came for you to share, as you are doing with this message.

For your personal benefit, the turkeys reflect an opening of your heart to give more and to receive more.  The 9 symbolizes the flow of abundance around you.

Giving and receiving must exist together.  If everyone gives and is reluctant to receive, giving would be in vain.

If everyone just wants to receive and no one wants to give, then all will starve from lack.

Those who receive are giving a gift of receiving graciously with appreciation and gratitude to the one giving.

In this way, there is complete harmony and balance.

Each must take her turn in both roles.

So be open to receive the flow of abundance in your life, and be generous in your giving, and you will live in harmony.

I also asked Spirit of Turkey for a message:

Sharing is a way to increase the joy, the beauty, and the love in the world.

Share without expectation.  Receive without judgment.

Then all will be in balance.



6 Responses to “9 Wild Turkeys – A Spiritual Message?”
  1. i am fascinated and obsessed with turkeys this past year. There are so many of them in the Marblehead, mass area.. i h ave witnessed adults raising 25 babies.. i have posted your article on my facebook page. I am going “turkey free” this year-like lastyear-not eating for dinner

    They are the most hated and misunderstood birds. thank you for this beautiful message.
    ps as i was typing this i felt a nudge on my heel- thought it was my cat- but no one here in room. at least no one in physical form…i wonder who was saying hello….

  2. Doug Hagens says:

    Thank you for a wonderful message!

  3. Barbara Curtis says:

    Thank you for the beautiful article!
    They are amazing birds. I have watched turkeys cross the road- they look both ways and then go across only when no cars are coming! Though they seem awkward on land, I am told they can fly gracefully through a forest.

  4. Navah says:

    I love wild Turkeys; I find their group blueprints ancient and full of wisdom.

    I recently saw a video on Facebook: showing 15 wild Turkeys circling a dead cat in the road. They walked in a perfect circle around him numerous times. I immediately was hit by a profound revelation of their deep sense of honor and respect for the Spirit of this blessed cat. I felt they were helping him ascend after leaving the body. It was quite an amazing ritual to watch. The Spirits of the animal kingdom are always revealing insights to us.

    Thank you for posting this Nedda and for all of your wonderful blogs.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful and timely message dear Nedda and Turkeys. It comes a week before Thanksgiving in which turkeys play another important role.

    With Love and Thanks,


  6. Dorothea Lowe says:

    That was a really nice article, thank you!

    “Go about your life with love and thanksgiving.
    If you can do that, I think you will find that the
    Law of Plenty does work. I think you will
    find yourself the richest of people.
    May the blessings be!”
    ~Harold Klemp
    ~Mahanta Transcripts, Book 11