Our Animals Are Constantly Giving Us Gifts

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What Gifts Are You Receiving?

Melissa Playing.

Melissa Playing.

I used to think that when my animals were “bugging” me to get my attention, it was because they wanted or needed attention.

Then I realized that they were trying to get me away from my computer or whatever else I was doing because I was the one who needed a break and some loving attention.

I used to think that when my animals snuggled under the covers at night, they were trying to keep themselves warm.

Then I realized that they were also doing their best to keep me warm and help me feel connected with them.

I used to think that when the name of one of my animals popped into my head, I was experiencing something in the external world that made me think of that animal.

Then I realized that I was thinking about the animal because she was thinking about me and speaking to me telepathically.

These realizations made me laugh at myself. 

I had to expand my perceptions and

my interpretations of them to

fully grasp the gifts I was receiving.

Melissa wrestling a towel.

It’s fun to wrestle a towel.

Our animals are constantly giving us gifts.

We are in true partnership with our animals. They do their best to assist us to come into balance and harmony.

Every time we feed them, we are also feeding ourselves.

Every time we cuddle with them, we are receiving their love.

When they jump into our laps to be brushed or have their back scratched, they are giving us an opportunity to share in their pleasure.

They remind us daily how important it is to have a connection with nature.

For some of us, our animal companions are central to maintaining a connection with the natural world.

Having this connection is critical for us.

So many people seem to have forgotten about nature.  They think and act as if nature exists only for humans to take from, to manipulate, and to hold our trash.

Our lives are out of balance.

Our relationships are out of balance.

Our bodies are out of balance.

Our spirits, our Souls, are also out of balance.

How can we begin to restore balance?

Here’s one way to get started.

Melissa posing.

Melissa posing.

  • Look deeply into your animal companion’s eyes.
  • Regardless of species, recognize that this is an intelligent, loving being.
  • Be fully present with your animal companion.
  • Observe your animal companion.
    • Notice what he is doing.
    • Watch her breathe.
    • Watch him sleep.
    • Watch her play.
    • Watch him meditate.
  • Whatever the animal is doing, watch without judgment, without trying to figure anything out.
    • Can you FEEL what your animal is feeling?
  • After about 10 minutes, notice your own breath.
    • How are you breathing?
    • Is your breathe synchronized with your animal’s?
    • Notice how you feel emotionally?
    • Has anything changed within you?

If you do this exercise a few times, you may begin to feel a stronger connection with your animal.

You may also discover that some of what you thought you “knew” about them is exactly the opposite of what is true.

Then you can say, “I used to think . . . but now I know . . .” and have a little laugh at yourself.

Then you can more fully appreciate all the subtle and precious gifts they gift you.


2 Responses to “Our Animals Are Constantly Giving Us Gifts”
  1. Thank you for this most inspiring writing. I have never looked at my pets like this. You have truely opened my eyes and heart to my pets. Thank you and God’s blessing upon you. Please continue to write these wonderful, touching, heart felt words.

  2. Betty Lewis says:

    Great insight! LOL