Telepathic Broadcast Part 2

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The Universe Answered.

Melissa, the Hunter

If you remember my post, “Telepathic Broadcast,” published on April 25, 2015, I asked the Universe to send me a feline hunter to live in my yard and keep the rodents under control.

Hattie had left her body, my yard was full of chipmunks, and there were mice in the house.

I thought for a long time that the universe hadn’t answered my request at all.

I was mistaken.

Melissa was born on April 24, 2015.  It has taken her a few years to mature into her role as hunter and guardian of our home.

It has also taken until just a few moment ago for me to recognize that Melissa meets all the requirements I set, even tho’ she lives inside with me and Starlight.

During last winter, she perfected her mousing skills indoors.

This spring, she perfected her chipmunk hunting skills outside.  She proudly brings one home nearly every day that she goes out.

I think of her like the Roman Goddess, Diana, and the Greek Goddess, Artemis.   According to

[Diana was] the goddess of the hunt and moon and birthing, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, though she had an independent origin in Italy.

Melissa is a formidable hunter, focused, persistent, and able to move quicker than a blink.

While some of you may not be comfortable with cats that hunt, hunting is their natural way of being in the 3-D energies in which we’ve all been living.

Melissa is reluctant to move into higher vibrations, although she is clearing up many lifetimes of old stuff.  After all, she chose to be here with me, so she must, at some level, be on a spiritual path.

But for now, I have my magnificent feline hunter, and she is quite adept at her job!

I thank Melissa for being here for a multitude of reasons.

I thank the universe for answering my request, even if it took me 3 years to recognize that my request had been answered.


5 Responses to “Telepathic Broadcast Part 2”
  1. Dorothea Lowe says:

    Nedda, I often found when I really want or need something, that I already have it, just in a different form than I expected it to appear. Did you talk to the Chipmunks? Why don’t you like to see them in your yard? I think they are cute! Of course mice are cute too, but they do make a nuisance of themselves.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Dorothea,

      I don’t mind chipmunks at all, but I do mind the mice that get into the house because they can cause a great deal of damage, such as chewing up the wiring and other things. Hattie also used to keep the mole population under control, and they make tunnels everywhere in the lawn. Some moles are fine, but a super-population of them I can do without.

      I realize that nature balances things – some year more of one animal or insect, and then the next year fewer. Still, I only fully appreciated Hattie when she left. She took very good care of this property.

  2. Julie Foster says:

    I so love to see how all of this transpired! I am now coming into a greater awareness, as I have looked back, how absolutely perfect everything has been and IS. Life is so peaceful and full of beauty when we just TRUST!

  3. Doug Hagens says:

    Melissa is a gorgeous cat! You can tell her I said so.

    • Nedda says:

      I told her, “Someone named Doug thinks you’re gorgeous.”

      She replied, “I know. I am.”

      So Melissa!