Will Elegant Themes Overcome My Website Redesign Challenge?

November 15, 2018 by  
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Elegant Themes Logo

The makers of Divi Software.

Rays of Healing Light needs a software upgrade to be compatible with hand-held devices.

I’ve been doing some exploring, and Divi Software, by Elegant Themes, looks like my #1 choice for the upgrade and redesign.

So I’m excited about the Black Friday Sale – the perfect time for website redesign is in the winter months, and with the first snow headed our way tonight, I’m feeling ready to dive into Divi.

I’m looking to WIN BIG in their special sale and giveaway.

You can check it out here:  BLACK FRIDAY SALE AT DIVI

If you know me, you know I have a “techie” side along with my spiritual, mystical side.  Learning new software there’s always a “learning curve,” and I’m hoping that Divi support and videos will make it a shorter one that other products I’ve seen.

So wish me luck in the giveaway, and check out Divi for yourself if you have a website that needs upgrading.


5 Responses to “Will Elegant Themes Overcome My Website Redesign Challenge?”
  1. Cathy P says:

    Their offering looks great Nedda! Thinking of subscribing myself – thank you for the heads up. Good luck in the sale – be abundant!!

  2. Leslie says:

    Good luck Nedda. I have confidence in your ability to make it work and make it usable for those of us who aren’t so great at it. Lol

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Have fun Nedda! I can’t wait to see the new website. And enjoy the first snow of the season.



  4. Keiko says:

    Good luck Nedda <3

  5. Doug Hagens says:

    GOOD LUCK NEDDA! I look forward to seeing the new changes!