Do you have a Soul? Can you feel the connection?

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Do you feel connected with your Soul?

How often do you communicate with your Soul?

How often do you listen for messages from your Soul?

Your Soul loves you.

Your Soul is always with you.

Your Soul wants to communicate with you.

If you feel disconnected from your Soul, you have the power to reconnect.

You can open your heart.

You can quietly listen.

You have the power to change!

Right now, as everyone is telling themselves and each other to BE SAFE, you have a glorious opportunity to reconnect and strengthen your connection with your Soul.

YOU ARE YOUR SOUL FIRST, and the person who is living this life second.

When your physical body no longer functions, YOU – your Consciousness – RETURNS TO YOUR SOUL

In fact, you’ve never been separate from your Soul unless there’s been some damage done to your spiritual connection. If you feel this has happened to you, it can be repaired and you can be reconnected. For most people the connection is still in place.

From your Soul’s perspective, the person you think of as [your name] is an extension of your soul, not a separate being at all.

Imagine, if you will, that your Soul decided to incarnate and extended some of its Consciousness, its energy, into a physical form.

Your soul puts on a body like you put on a finger puppet.

Think of your physical form, your body, as similar to a “finger puppet.”

Your Soul extended it’s Consciousness to put on a body like putting on a finger puppet.

Your Soul activated the puppet and then pretend to be this person living this life – a character in a play or movie.

Your life is a story, an adventure, and you are the HERO in that story.

When your adventure is finished, you drop your body (your body ceased to function or “dies”) and your Consciousness is drawn back into your Soul to integrate your experiences.

The TRUE YOU is your SOUL and other higher spiritual, multi-dimensional aspects of your Consciousness.

Instead of focusing on all the media messages causing fear and anxiety and worry, you can choose to use this opportunity … this very moment … to open a conversation with your Soul or even a higher aspect, such as I Am Presence.

Your Soul wrote your life plan with the assistance of your guides and teachers from the upper realms.

You can ask your Soul and your guides and your teachers for assistance. They’re very wise. They know exactly how to assist you. All you have to do is ask for help.

Earth is a “free will” zone, which means your guides and teachers cannot just jump in and resolve things for you. You have to take ownership, take responsibility. And you have to ASK for help.

They are right there, always available, waiting to assist you.

As soon as you ask, they will take action.

What can you ask for?

Anything! Everything!

  • Please help me feel safe and secure.
  • Please help me overcome fear, panic, and worry.
  • Please help me understand that life is an adventure.
  • Please help me become more adventurous, more open to change, to opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • Please help me make the best choices with regard to my financial situation: my mortgage; paying bills; choosing what to buy and when to buy it; investments; jobs.
  • Please help me strengthen my connection with you, to hear your messages more clearly.
  • Please give me bright, clear neon-sign signals in response to my requests.
  • Please help me to love myself more fully and completely.
  • Please help to step out of judgment of myself and others.
  • Please help me to be perfectly healthy with a body that is strong, vibrant, energized, and balanced, with stamina and endurance.
  • Please clear all the old limitations within me that are holding me back on my spiritual path and my life journey.
  • Please help me expand into higher Consciousness.
  • And more …. [You fill in here as many things as you would like to receive help with.]

You can trust your soul!

You can make new choices!

You can expand your Soul connection!

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