Alternative Healing

Many alternative healing systems originally developed for humans are being used successfully with animals.  Listen to programs on:

Energy Healing

Energy Portraits




Tellington TTouch

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  Georgina Cyr, June, 2012

"Iridology for Animals"


Cathy Wells, November, 2011

"Animal Communication and Tellington TTouch:
A Multi-Dimensional Perspective"


Leiah Bowden, September, 2011

"Lightspeak Energy Portraits:
Manifesting the Multidimensional Aspects of Your Animals."


Irene Bras - van Leeuwen, April, 2011

"The Sky is NOT the Limit: Energy Healing for Animals"


Carla Meeske, May, 2010

"Enhancing Animal Communication With Shamanism"


Donna Lozito, August, 2010

"Energy, Animal Communication, and Homeopathy"


Jacquelin Smith, September, 2009

"Soul Recovery: The Shamanic Healing Process of
Soul Retrieval for Animals"


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