Death, Grieving, and Reincarnation

The End of Life
Isn't Really the End of Life

It's been said that "nobody dies."  The soul and spirit continue for animals as well as for humans, and often return to the Earth plane in new forms.

We do experience loss, and grieving is natural, necessary, and important for our health and well-being.

More often than we may realize, someone we know from the soul plane comes back into our lives in the physical world to be with us again.  This is called reincarnation.

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Gail Graham, Ph.D., Author, October, 2015

An interview with Gail Graham discussing her book,
"Will Your Dog Reincarnate?"


Georgina Cyr, July, 2011

"Animal Journeys: End of Life and Beyond"


Teresa Wagner, April, 2010

"Legacies of Love: Finding the Grace in Grief"


Paloma Baertschi-Herrera, November, 2009

"Animals and the Final Journey"


Anita Curtis, September 2009

"Reincarnation: The Universe's Recycling Plan"


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