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Nedda Wittels, June, 2013:

"Animal Joy"


Nedda Wittels, April, 2013:

"Animal Communication: Soul to Soul"


Pea Horsley, November, 2012

"Animal Communication: Develop Your Ability with Practice"


Nedda Wittels, May, 2012

"Animal Communication: Learning to Listen

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Nedda Wittels, October, 2011

"6 Common Blocks to Learning Animal Communication and
How to Overcome Them."


Nedda Wittels, January, 2010

"Overcoming Obstacles to Learning Animal Communication"


Charlotte Szivak, March, 2010

"What Are Your Animals Saying to You?"


Nancy Windheart, July, 2010

"Animal Communication for Shelter and Rescue Workers


Penelope Jensen, October, 2010

"The Divine Triangle: Unconditional Love, Source, and Animal Communication"


Morgine Jurdan, December, 2010

"Celebrating Your Animal Friends."


Penelope Smith, September 2009

"The Telepathic Journey:  Opening to the Whole"

Penelope Smith, Anima Mundi Incorporated, New River, Arizona  USA.

You can purchase this recording and other insightful and powerful
books, CDís, and programs with Penelope Smith at www.animaltalk.net.


Kristin Thompson, September 2009

"Ten Tools for Living in Communication With Animals"


Kim Ogden-Avrutik, September 2009,

"If You Have Questions About Animals . . .
Ask the Animals Themselves."


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