Spiritual Awakening

Animals, Spirituality, and Ascension

Mother Earth, humanity, and the animals are all spiritual beings experiencing a dramatic transformation into higher consciousness.

The animals remember who they are and have much to teach us about spiritual ascension.

In these talks, you'll find tips for helping yourself and your animals through these exciting transformational times.

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Irene Bras-van Leeuwen, October, 2012

"Animals and the Development of Human Consciousness"

Nedda Wittels, September, 2012

"Animals and the Shift of the Ages: Ready - Set - Go!"


Billie Dean, February, 2012

"Surviving the Changes: Forward to Basics for the New Era"


Barbara Goodfriend, January, 2012

"Earth Changes and Your Animal Companions"


Billie Dean, June, 2011

"Ascension Messages From Animals, Nature, and the Fae"


Jacquelin Smith, February, 2011

"Star Origins of Animals: Talks With Animal Souls"


Nedda Wittels, September, 2010

"Spiritual Ascension and Animal Communication"


Nedda Wittels, December, 2009

"Animal Teachings on Heart Centered Living"


Lynn McKenzie, September, 2009

"Exploring Your Soul's Divine Mission Through Your Animal Companions"


Carol Schultz, September, 2009

"Through the Eyes of Love:
Animal Reflections on Becoming and Being Human"



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