Do you have a Soul? Can you feel the connection?

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Do you feel connected with your Soul?

How often do you communicate with your Soul?

How often do you listen for messages from your Soul?

Your Soul loves you.

Your Soul is always with you.

Your Soul wants to communicate with you.

If you feel disconnected from your Soul, you have the power to reconnect.

You can open your heart.

You can quietly listen.

You have the power to change!

Right now, as everyone is telling themselves and each other to BE SAFE, you have a glorious opportunity to reconnect and strengthen your connection with your Soul.

YOU ARE YOUR SOUL FIRST, and the person who is living this life second.

When your physical body no longer functions, YOU – your Consciousness – RETURNS TO YOUR SOUL

In fact, you’ve never been separate from your Soul unless there’s been some damage done to your spiritual connection. If you feel this has happened to you, it can be repaired and you can be reconnected. For most people the connection is still in place.

From your Soul’s perspective, the person you think of as [your name] is an extension of your soul, not a separate being at all.

Imagine, if you will, that your Soul decided to incarnate and extended some of its Consciousness, its energy, into a physical form.

Your soul puts on a body like you put on a finger puppet.

Think of your physical form, your body, as similar to a “finger puppet.”

Your Soul extended it’s Consciousness to put on a body like putting on a finger puppet.

Your Soul activated the puppet and then pretend to be this person living this life – a character in a play or movie.

Your life is a story, an adventure, and you are the HERO in that story.

When your adventure is finished, you drop your body (your body ceased to function or “dies”) and your Consciousness is drawn back into your Soul to integrate your experiences.

The TRUE YOU is your SOUL and other higher spiritual, multi-dimensional aspects of your Consciousness.

Instead of focusing on all the media messages causing fear and anxiety and worry, you can choose to use this opportunity … this very moment … to open a conversation with your Soul or even a higher aspect, such as I Am Presence.

Your Soul wrote your life plan with the assistance of your guides and teachers from the upper realms.

You can ask your Soul and your guides and your teachers for assistance. They’re very wise. They know exactly how to assist you. All you have to do is ask for help.

Earth is a “free will” zone, which means your guides and teachers cannot just jump in and resolve things for you. You have to take ownership, take responsibility. And you have to ASK for help.

They are right there, always available, waiting to assist you.

As soon as you ask, they will take action.

What can you ask for?

Anything! Everything!

  • Please help me feel safe and secure.
  • Please help me overcome fear, panic, and worry.
  • Please help me understand that life is an adventure.
  • Please help me become more adventurous, more open to change, to opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • Please help me make the best choices with regard to my financial situation: my mortgage; paying bills; choosing what to buy and when to buy it; investments; jobs.
  • Please help me strengthen my connection with you, to hear your messages more clearly.
  • Please give me bright, clear neon-sign signals in response to my requests.
  • Please help me to love myself more fully and completely.
  • Please help to step out of judgment of myself and others.
  • Please help me to be perfectly healthy with a body that is strong, vibrant, energized, and balanced, with stamina and endurance.
  • Please clear all the old limitations within me that are holding me back on my spiritual path and my life journey.
  • Please help me expand into higher Consciousness.
  • And more …. [You fill in here as many things as you would like to receive help with.]

You can trust your soul!

You can make new choices!

You can expand your Soul connection!

Every Word Matters. What Words Are You Saying? What Effect Is Each Word Having?

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Words have power.  All words.

A word can have the power to bless.  A word can have the power to curse.

A word can change a mind, heal a heart, or make someone sick.

The old adage about sticks and stones doing damage, but words being unable to hurt is false.

Every word is a sound vibration, an energy with potential to uplift someone or to push them further into darkness and despair.

Whatever  you say out loud or even think to yourself, has power.

Do you stop and consider your words before you speak?

I know of people who are being made sick by all the talk about viruses and illness.  We literally can become sick by expecting to do so, by filling up with the fear of being sick, and then our body responds according to the message we gave it.

It’s true.

If you listen to the radio or TV or read/listen online to all the warnings about Covid or Flu, you can literally make your body think it’s supposed to get sick.

Your body is 70-90% water.

Water becomes imprinted with the energy of words.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the work of Dr. Emoto who photographed the effect of written words on water.

Beautiful words create beautiful, well organized patterns.

Ugly words create distorted patterns.

If you believe you’ll get sick and are afraid of catching a disease, you’re creating a distortion in your body.

So what words are you putting into your body?

What words are you putting into the bodies of other people?

A word of assurance can help someone struggling.

A word of resentment can tear someone apart and keep them from success.

To choose our words carefully, we must do the inner work.

Each time you speak, you are releasing sound vibration into the universe.  You are creating an energy with your voice, and that energy is going out into the Universe.

Even if others can’t hear the word with their ears, they can be affected by the frequency and vibration of the words you speak or write.

So are your words benevolent?  Or malevolent?  Kind?  Or harsh?  Supportive?  Or destructive?

You know . . . I don’t know what kind of a day you’re having and you don’t know what kind of a day I’m having.

When we speak to each other, we don’t really know what the other person is going through.

So isn’t it better to be kind . . . just in case the other person is having a difficult day and would be helped by what we say instead of feeling another harsh blow?

Every word you say matters.

It can help someone grow stronger or it can make them weaker.

Do you feel more powerful when you say cruel words or when you say healing words?






A Spiritual Journey to New Earth (Gaia)

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On New earth all is green and lush.

I awoke this morning after being in 2 other realms.  It was amazing that I remember so much of this experience, as my dreams fade away quickly upon arising.   Sometimes I get bits and pieces, snatches of memory later in this day, but nothing like the detail I remember of this travel to another dimension.

This was no dream.

It was real.

I was on New Earth, Gaia, in the 5th Dimension.  I looked like a young person in my twenties or thirties, and I was with a lovely group of people around the same age, or at least appearing to be close in age.  They were  beautiful beings, all human.

We were organized into smaller groups of 6 or 7, and given projects to work on together.  I was only told what my group was assigned to do.

We faced all sorts of challenges.  Some people were having difficulty adjusting to being on New Earth, and we would assist each other by sharing our own experiences, listening in a loving way, and supporting each other emotionally through the adjustment process.

We also had the challenge of creating our project.  We had to learn to work very harmoniously, overcoming differences in viewpoint.  Our goal was to unify our thinking and feeling to create the design.  Then we had to bring it into the world with our intention and other resources.

Everyone was in harmony, wanting to work together in love, cooperation, and mutual support.  It was challenging, and also very beautiful, the way we learned to work together.

It was like learning to dance with a new group of partners.  At first the communication was a bit strained, but then it began to flow.  We were quite telepathic, and that helped us understand each other’s ideas, feelings, and perspectives.

We each had different skills and talents to contribute to our project.  Our job was to find ways to fit our different ideas together to create something incredibly beautiful.

The physical environment we were living and working in was gorgeous, with lush, green plants, and a deep blue sky with magnificent cloud formations.  The sunlight was bright and everything seemed to radiate it’s own light, too.

The buildings were round and fit naturally into the New Earth environment.  They were made of natural substances that would not hurt the environment in any way.  Each building was exquisite, with big windows and bright interiors.  There were flowers everywhere of brilliant colors.

The buildings had group areas of varying sizes:  meeting rooms, and places where we rested or ate or met to work on our projects.

Then suddenly, I was traveling down a road that led to the house were I had grown up in New York State.  I had left 5-D and was in 3-D again, but still filled with the energy of 5-D Consciousness.

Here, in 3-D, the environment was mostly brown.  The Earth was parched and the plants were all dried up and dead or dying, as if they had suddenly lost all their water, because they were still standing upright.

My mother from this life was there as a younger woman than when she had died in her 80’s.  She was happy to see me and wanted to show me around.  She seemed proud of this dried-up, dead land, and wanted show me what she had done with it.  But I saw no area where there was any new growth, no evidence of any work she had done to restore the land and the plants.

I was stunned by the contrast between the two environments, and very sad.

I woke up, got out of bed, and came downstairs.

My 5-D friends were still connected with me and began to speak to me about what I had just experienced.  They told me that they were shown similar things in their own experience as a lesson.

“A lesson in what?” I asked.

“Letting go of what’s gone.  Staying out of judgment.  Not feeling a need to ‘fix’ anything.  Allowing others to make their choices.”  they responded.

“Ah.  Learning to be compassionate,” I said to them and to myself.

I cried just a bit.  Mostly I cried because I missed being with my new family on Gaia (New Earth).  I think of them as my new family, although I can’t explain why I think of them in that way.

They reassured me that some part of my consciousness is still with them.  I can genuinely feel them around me, even now.  It’s a warm, supportive feeling of connection, and I can sense the higher vibration of their presence.

I also felt HUGE GRATITUDE and LOVE for everyone – for all of humanity still struggling to awaken; for all the Light Workers feeling challenged by the ongoing collapse of the 3-D world that we’re all experiencing/witnessing right now; for everyone who is in confusion as we go through this powerful corridor of transition, November 17, 2020 into January, 2021.

Gratitude and appreciation flows from my very open heart to everyone.  A very big THANK YOU and much LOVE to all.


Is Today a Day for a Little More Kindness in Your Life?

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Don’t wait for someone else to

start the chain of kindness.

Message of self-love: speak kindly to yourself.


Kindness denotes gentleness, tenderness, benevolence, and consideration.

Are you considerate of your needs, feelings, and viewpoint?

Do you remember to treat yourself gently, lovingly?

Do you remember to take care of your body, mind, and spirit?

Do you remember that it’s OK and even necessary at times to put yourself first?

To start a chain of kindness, you must feel full enough of energy, peace, and love to share some kindness with someone else.

You can share with others who are feeling good, but it’s so much more generous to share with someone who is feeling cranky, irritable, or grouchy.

When someone is not in a good mood, that person really needs kindness, even if he or she isn’t able to return  kindness to you.

When you feel full of love and peace, it’s easier to react kindly to someone who doesn’t feel this way and who may be giving you a hard time.

For you to start a chain of kindness, you must remember to take care of yourself.

When did you last give yourself a [enter your first name here] Day – a day devoted to replenishing your cup of energy and well-being?

One of my best friends and “life” teacher, Georgia Whitman, was a very kind and generous person. Georgia would take a “Georgia Day” every so often. It was a day when she did only exactly what she wanted, and not one bit more. Her family had to adjust. They knew the rulers, and they obeyed them because it meant that Georgia was there for them the rest of the time.

Georgia would use her Georgia Day to take care of herself. Georgia might spend the day in bed, reading, taking a walk, soaking in the bath, meditating, or basically, doing whatever felt “right” for her that day.

She might even go into silence on a Georgia Day, which meant that everyone knew not to speak with her because she wouldn’t answer. This was not rudeness. Everyone knew the “rules” of a Georgia Day.

*Design by WisdomBiscuit.

If you don’t value the importance of taking care of yourself, consider that “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” If you’re not filled to overflowing, what do you have to give freely to others?

Due to all the stress we seem to be under these days, having a special day for yourself, even if it’s just once a month (although more frequently would be better) is essential to your good health, good mood, and ability to share kindness with others.

If you have small children, you may not be able to take an entire day, although that would be fabulous if you could.  Still, half a day or several hours or even an hour of peace is very worthwhile, even if you use it to catch up on missing sleep time.  A mother I knew said she could only have a break by take long baths with the bathroom door locked.  I hope you don’t have to resort to a locked door to get a break from taking care of everyone else.

So if you find yourself short-tempered and cranky, grumpy and snarly, it’s time to be KIND to yourself.  A little kindness will go a long way.

If you’re not a single parent, this might be easier to arrange.  If you are a single parent, then you might need help from a friend or family member to achieve this.

Then, if someone you’re working with or speaking with by phone or Zoom or Skype (or some other modality)  seems to be “out of sorts,” sending a little kindness their way will help both of you to feel better.

An act of kindness is never wasted.

Six Easy Steps to Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Replacing Them with Positive Ones


© Nedda Wittels, 2020.

How do you experience your thoughts?

Are they flowing and easy and comforting?

Are they uplifting, expansive, and energizing?

Do you find yourself trapped in repetitive, dark, and disquieting thought patterns?

Do you want to believe that things can change, but you can’t seem to shut down the thoughts that keep you trapped in limited thinking?

Maybe most of your thoughts are just fine, but then you get stuck in a negative cycle, going round and round the same negative messages.

Maybe negative thoughts fly past rapidly, so that you hardly notice them.  Even so, they still have power over you, keeping you in limitation, worry, anger, anxiety, and depression.

These subtle thought messages can be very old and filled with power.

Even a mentally and emotionally healthy individual can suffer from negative thought patterns that can influence and take over when times are stressful … like right now!

The good news is that there are ways to eliminate negative thought patterns permanently.


1~ Identify negative, limiting self-talk.

Start paying attention to the words you use while speaking to yourself about yourself.

Only when you identify the message can you take steps to make changes.

If you tell yourself, “I’m so stupid” whenever you make a mistake, you are programming yourself to continue being “stupid” and to continue making more mistakes.

2- Rewrite the negative, limiting message into a powerful, positive, expansive one.

It may take a bit of effort, but you can learn to write a powerful, positive, expansive message to say to yourself whenever you make a mistake.

For example, “I’m so stupid” can become, “I’m so brilliant that I bring myself opportunities to learn how to do things better.”

That’s what mistakes are, actually.  Mistakes are opportunities to learn new ways of doing things.

So instead of chiding yourself, like an angry or disappointed parent or teacher, pat yourself on the back and give yourself praise for an opportunity to learn something new.

Whatever new message you write, make sure it feels very powerful – strong enough to overcome the old, negative message.

3- Clear all emotions that anchor the negative message in place and that block you from making the change.

For each person, those negative emotions might be slightly different, but some may be universal.

Using The Emotion Code™ created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, emotions are easily identified and released.

Some common emotions that go along with “I’m so stupid” are anger, shame, frustration, and humiliation.

No matter what emotions that message calls up for you, you can release all of them.

4- Release the negative message completely.

All beliefs, thoughts, and subtle messages are energy patterns and can be moved out of all of your energy bodies, including your physical body.  It doesn’t require brain surgery to remove a limiting belief.

Releasing the negative message can also be achieved using the same technique that you used to release the emotional blocks.

As the message releases, you may start to feel lighter, freer, more optimistic about making the change.

5- Embrace the positive message.

Implanting the new message can be done in a variety of ways.

One way is to imaging taking a tour of your physical body and saying the message aloud as you visualize it going into all your organs, glands, and body parts, including your chakras, acupuncture meridians, and energy channels in the subtle bodies.

Another way is to stroke the back of your neck and up onto the top of  your head in a upwards motion 3 times while repeating the new message aloud, saying each word with emphasis and coming from your power center.

6- Watch your life change for the better.

When you release and replace limiting beliefs, you become more open to new things.

You may start to appreciate and honor yourself more.

You may begin taking better care of yourself.

You may discover that you love yourself more.

And as you makes these changes, they are reflected back in your relationships with others and in other areas of your life as well.


You can start today, right now.
You can be different, feel better, in a just a few weeks
when you eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs.

Need help to complete these 6 steps?
Consider a Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™ session
with Nedda Wittels
certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner

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