Just How Grateful Can You Be?

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This is the season for Gratitude.

"Thank you" written in sand.

It’s easy to be thankful, to feel gratitude, for things we receive that we recognize immediately as gifts.

Can you also be grateful for whatever comes into your life that appears in the form of a challenge?

Bunny peeking out of a hat.


A present that someone sends you, wrapped or unwrapped, that you get to open and go “Oooh” and “Aaah” easily evokes gratitude, especially when it’s unexpected and something you’ll enjoy.

It’s easy to be grateful for having a warm home, for having plenty of food, and loving companions, whether human or animal — if only you remember to appreciate the “little” things that are not so little at all.

The not-so-easy part are the gifts that come in unexpected forms with unexpected qualities that challenge you.

Such a gift may seem harsh or uncomfortable at first.

Such a gift may push your buttons, evoke fear or anxiety, anger, or even jealousy.

“What?”  you ask in astonishment.

“Was that truly a gift when so-and-so was rude to me?

Was it a gift when I discovered that my car wouldn’t start or the person who was supposed to meet me for dinner didn’t show up and didn’t call?

How can it be a gift when someone bullies me or gossips about me?”

We may not recognize it as a gift, at first, when we are treated badly or when something happens that pushes our buttons, .

We may be so caught up in our emotional response that all we can do in that moment is feel our denser emotions surging.

Only in retrospect may we recognize that the experience is an opportunity for gratitude.

Every experience is an opportunity for gratitude.

Stop and consider.   Somewhere inside each situation a gift awaits you.  And not only one gift, but perhaps even two or three . . . or more.

These are what I call Seeds of Equivalent Benefit.

These “seeds” are gifts that may need time to grow.  They may be hidden, at first, so tiny that your eyes cannot see them, but their presence is certain.

  • Perhaps the gift is to discover who your real friends are.
  • Perhaps the gift encourages you to find your inner courage and to step forward into that courage in a new and more powerful way.
  • Perhaps the gift is an opportunity for you to put aside something that you are strongly attached to in order to discover the freedom of non-attachment.
  • Perhaps the gift is to learn to trust that the Universe (God, Goddess, All That Is) is right there taking care of you, if only you open yourself to receive these blessings.

These are only a few of the true gifts of life’s challenges.

When we open our hearts through gratitude to receive them, we begin to find joy and peace within ourselves, as well as our inner strengths.

To discover hidden gifts, stop the chatter in your head about how terrible the situation is or was, and open yourself and your heart to gratitude.

When you say,

I Am Grateful  for the gifts I’m about to receive.

I trust that gifts hidden in this situation are about to appear.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

With the expression of gratitude you are watering and nourishing each Seed of Equivalent Benefit.

Gratitude shines the Light of your Soul upon each seed like the sun shines on a garden.

When you do that, the seeds immediately begin to sprout.

As long as you remain grateful for them and remain open to receiving them, they will appear in your life.

Some will manifest sooner than others, but all will bear fruit.

Once you receive them, you will find yourself naturally feeling even more gratitude.

Seeds of Equivalent Benefit flowering.




So, just how grateful can you be?

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of gratitude.

Be grateful for all that has not yet appeared.

Be grateful for all the challenges, too.

Do not ask for anything specific.

Just express gratitude every day and then observe what happens.

You may be AMAZED!

A Love Letter

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From My Heart to Your Heart,

From my heart to your heart.

May we recognize the Divine Love’s presence.

May we see each other as One.

My Dear One,

Is there someone in your life, a friend or relative, whom you find it difficult to love?

Perhaps this person was unkind to you, even bullied or abused you in the past.

When you think about this person, love is not what you feel. You may feel anger, rage, even hatred.  You may have other strong uncomfortable feelings that come up as well.

What is holding you stuck in these old feelings?

How can you release them and move into a space of love?

After all, when you feel these feelings, the other person isn’t feeling them.

It’s YOU who are being held in the chains of old pains and old emotions.

One of my mother’s sisters died recently. Even tho’ I’ve know for years and years that she hurt me deeply when I was a child, I was not motivated to address my feelings about her.  Instead, I’ve just avoided her for decades.

Now, she’s in spirit and I find that I cannot remember even one kind or generous thing that she did for me or anyone else. My heart is full of pain, not love.

This woman was a bully. I have clear memories of her bullying her husband. “Honey, drop dead!” she would say to this gentle soul.

She bullied her eldest son into believing he was stupid, even though he was of average intelligence.  Can you imagine how this affected his life?

She bullied her daughter into becoming a chain smoker.

She bullied her two other sons until one of them moved 3,000 miles away just to feel free of her.

She bullied me, too, even though I wasn’t her own child.

Every time she visited us or we visited her family, she was horrible to me.  I used to hide in my bedroom when she came to our home until my mother would drag me out to greet her and her family.

So now she’s in spirit, and I struggle to find some way to forgive her so that I no longer am burdened by my feelings.

At first, my ego kicked in, and I became mean.

I began imagining her Life Review in the spirit realm.

“Well, well,” I said to her in spirit.  “Finally you will finally learn how much you have hurt others.  You will feel their pain yourself.  Good.  Long overdue!”

These thoughts carried no compassion at all.

Observing myself behaving this way, I was determined to make a change in how I felt.  But what could I do?

When I find I cannot feel love for someone, I know that the problem is mine and that the limitation is inside me.

If I just blame the other person, nothing will change.

If I own up to my feelings and ask for higher guidance to heal myself, to forgive myself for having this person in my life, I will eventually become free.

When I remember that I’m the one who must change, then I’m ready to step forward and make those changes.

I remembered that people who are bullies and abusrs have been bullied and abused as children themselves.

They are IN PAIN!

Children Learn What They Live.

When children are bullied and abused, they often become bullies and abusers, especially as adults.

When children are bullied, they are small and they feel even smaller.   They feel they have no power, and often that is the reality of their situation.

When they grow up and become physically bigger and stronger, they rationalize that it’s their turn to wield the power.

Some of them actually go into a trance state when they abuse others – the same trance state that they used in childhood to escape the abuse they were receiving.

Remembering these things and asking my I Am Presence to help me release my negative feelings about my aunt shifted me completely.

Within 24 hours, I could think about her and feel compassion.  I could say to myself, “She must have been in terrible pain all her life to treat others so badly, especially the people she loved the most:  her husband and children.”

I now feel free from my old resentments towards my aunt, and I wish her well.

When I am completely free of all my old, dense emotional patterns, I’ll be able to love everyone.

Some of the masters say that this is the greatest spiritual practice:

Love Everyone.

To “Love Everyone” I must find a way to love myself fully, without judgment or limitation, without guilt or remorse.

When I shifted my perspective, I became able to see this lesson as a gift from my departed aunt.

It allowed me to feel forgiveness and love for her.

So this is my Love Letter.

I’m sending this Love Letter to my aunt in spirit and to myself, here on Earth.

I’m also sending Love to you and everyone else still finding their way through the jungles of Third Dimensional Density.

There IS Light at the end of the Path.

And most importantly,

there is Love all along the Way.


We see what we believe. Everyone is our reflection.

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Lord Krishna meditating.

Lord Krishna in Meditation

The Mahabharata is an ancient Hindu historical text filled with spiritual teachings.

In the Mahabharata there are many stories.

In one story, Lord Krishna, a Divine incarnation of the Christ Consciousness, is speaking with a gathering of men.

One leader, Prince Duryodhana, has become an expert in finding fault in others.

Krishna asks Duryodhana to point out to him one man in the group who is virtuous.

Duryodhana replies that no one there is virtuous, that all are deceitful and not to be trusted.

Krisha immediately turns to Yudhisthira, another leader who has cultivated the Divine virtues in himself.

He asks Yudhisthira to point out one man in the group who is wicked through and through.

Yudhisthira replies that everyone present is of good will.

As I read this story today, I experienced this insight:

We see what we believe we will see.

Everyone here is a reflection of me.

Each man, Duryodhana and Yudhisthira, saw what he expected to see in others, and that was because each man had a perception filter based on his own expectations and beliefs.

When I contemplated this story with my higher guidance, I was given this experience.  As you read it, you might pause and take a moment to envision each step.

Imagine walking down a street and everyone you see is you – has your face, your body, your clothing.  Everyone looks like you and acts like you, and feels like you.

If you smile and wave with an open heart, each one will smile and wave back.

If you have a grumpy look on your face and your heart is closed, so will all the other Yous out there.

If you embrace them out of pure love for yourself, they will embrace you back.

I said, “That’s not always true.”

I was told,

If you imagine that this will not happen, it’s because each person you meet may be expressing a different aspect of You in a particular moment.

This is why you must cleanse and purify yourself deep inside.

As you remove hatred, anger, judgment, greed, and other impurities, you begin to have clearer and clearer vision, deeper and deeper understanding, truer and truer awareness of the Divine within yourself and within everyone else.

The reflection becomes more and more beautiful, more and more radiant.  You glow with the Divine Light that emanates from within you, and then it is easier to see the Divine Light radiating within everyone else.

“Namaste” could be said to mean “I see the Divine Light in you because it reflects the Divine Light within me.  It is One Light in both of us.”


Are You Living in the 5th Dimension Now?

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The 5th Dimension is here right now.

How can you tell if

you’re already living in it?


The 5th Dimension and the 3rd Dimension are currently co-existing, overlapping, and yet separate.

You and I and everyone else are moving up and back between these two planes of reality.

Have you noticed?

Can you tell when you are in the 5th dimension and when you’re in 3-D?

A Matter of Consciousness.

Where you focus your attention is what you experience and what you energize.

As part of the humanity’s group consciousness, you may not feel that you have much control over your experiences, but you definitely get to experience whatever you focus on.

So . . . take a moment and consider.

What have you been focusing on in this now moment?

  • the negative –OR– the positive?
  • how stressed out you feel –OR– how to create inner peace?
  • paying attention to things that the media is thrusting into your mind –OR– things you want to energize?
  • where you’ve been –OR– where you are in this NOW moment?
  • how far you still need to go –OR– where you are right NOW?
  • winning an argument –OR– creating a win/win solution?
  • struggling to solve problems by yourself –OR– asking for guidance and support from your Divine Self to resolve problems?
  • noticing how messed up things appear to be –OR– seeing Divine Perfection in everything just as it is right now?

These are a few differences between 3-D living and 5-D living.

This is by no means a complete list.

These are all differences in CONSCIOUSNESS.

Since the dimension you’re living in is controlled by your Consciousness, it’s important to support your Consciousness to be in 5-D more and more all the time.

Doing some kind of spiritual practice helps.  That doesn’t have to be meditation, but it does have to be something that recognizes that you are SPIRIT FIRST and physicality second.

Our Ego selves need to be re-educated to living 5th dimensionally, too.

You’ve probably come across the idea before that you have to LOVE YOURSELF WITHOUT RESERVATION  to restore yourself to living as your I AM Presence.

What do you do each day to


A big step out of 3-D into 5-D is to STEP OUT OF JUDGMENT.

As long as you are judging yourself and others, blaming yourself and others, and pointing fingers, you are stuck in 3-D in those relationships.

The relationship can be with yourself, family members, friends, business associates, the political arena, and lots of other relationships, too.

Most of us were taught to believe we are small, relatively insignificant, and that life is about struggle and hard work.

The opposite it true.  We — our Soul and Higher Self and I AM Presence — are actually huge – nearly infinite – actually infinite!

Everything we do — without exception — influences others and contributes to our overall state of CONSCIOUSNESS.

The words you say to yourself and others directly affect the water in your body, and your body is 70-90% water.

The words you say to yourself and others also directly affects the state of your DNA.  You can damage your own DNA by saying hateful things to yourself.  You can heal your DNA by saying loving things to yourself.

Living in 5-D is Living Abundantly.

Most of us believe in scarcity instead of abundance, and our beliefs limit our experiences.

The flow of abundance.

Flow of Abundance.

You can change this.  You can choose to believe in Abundance as a way of life.  You can envision Abundance flowing from all directions.

Imagine yourself standing in a flow of abundance.

Envision the flow as the rushing waters of a river or as an energetic flow of Divine Love streaming around you from Mother/Father Source.

You are standing in this flow.

Everything you could ever need or want or choose to experience is coming towards you and will arrive at the perfect time.

All that’s required is that you remember this Truth and hold the vision for yourself daily.

Is taking a time each day to remember your True State of Consciousness on your “to do” list?

If you make it a priority to be connected each day, this is another way you’re living in the 5th Dimension.

  • It’s about expanding your awareness to include your True Self.

  • It’s about CHOOSING TO FEEL CONNECTED to your Soul and Higher Self (your God Self or I Am Presence).

  • It’s about valuing this connection more than any other connection.

So . . . are you living in the 5th Dimension now even part of the time?

No matter your answer, you can expand your experience of 5-D living by expanding your CONSCIOUS FOCUS on some of the ways I’ve described.

See you in the Fifth Dimension!

Are You Tired of Fighting?

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You can stop fighting now.

Stop fighting yourself and others.

Stop fighting yourself and others.

I’ve been noticing more and more in the media the word “fight” being used everywhere.

Politicians say, “I will fight for you” or a cause that you might care about.

Fund raising commercials say, “Fight xxxx” – fill in your favorite illness.

Drug companies say, “Fight xxxx with yyyy” – fill in your favorite drug and symptom.

Sports teams say, “Fight, fight fight, fight, fight.”

When our government wants to create fear, it urges us to “fight” and labels everything a “war.”

We’ve had “wars” on poverty, on diseases, on drugs, on terrorism, and most sports are a substitute for going to war.

What have these wars created?

Freedom from the desire to numb yourself with drugs or other addictive behaviors?

Abundance for everyone?

Healthy people?

A good sense of sportsmanship?

The ability to peacefully resolve conflicts?

A world of peace?

I’ve been asking myself lately,

Are you and I being programmed to fight?

“Why do the media fill our heads with such aggressive language?  Why does everything have to be a fight?”

IMAGINE,” said John Lennon.  And so I, too, invite you to imagine a world without having to “fight” for everything.

IMAGINE a world where everyone is respectful of everyone else and no longer blames others for what they don’t like about themselves or for what they don’t like about their own lives.


IMAGINE a world where politicians call for cooperation and no longer use the word “fight” to promote themselves.  Politicians could say, “If you elect me, I’ll do my best to bring peaceful cooperation and problem solving to all of the issues facing us.  I promise to work with all others elected to solve problems, to get things done, and I will urge my colleagues to do the same.”


IMAGINE a world where people are so content and joyful that they don’t need to drug themselves to bury their emotional pain and dissatisfaction.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.  I’m tired of fighting.  I’m tired of struggling.  I want things to flow easily and gently in my life.

I am now choosing to stop the internal struggles and internal battles.  You can make the same choice, or not.  It’s entirely up to you.

There are ways to stop the fighting, and the first step is to make the choice.

Once you’ve made the choice to stop the internal battle, you will be shown methods and techniques to help you succeed.

Once you’ve made the choice to find peaceful, cooperative solutions in your daily living, they will appear in your life.

  • You will be guided to them.

  • You will be open to them.

  • You will notice them when they show up.

IMAGINE them coming to you.  See them easily and quickly arriving … the perfect solutions to whatever challenges you are facing.

IMAGINE a world in which each human chooses from his or her own heart to work together to create joyful, creative, loving solutions.  This is a powerful step to creating a world where everyone has food, shelter, and opportunities for personal creativity and spiritual well-being.  This is the world we were meant to live in.

CONSIDER THE HUMAN BODY as a model for peaceful cooperation.

Our physical bodies are a cooperative effort of all our cells and organs.

  • What would it be like if your heart said, “I won’t pump any blood today for the kidneys because they insulted me.”


  • What if your colon said, “I’m tired of cleaning up this garbage without any appreciation.  I’m going to fight to hold onto it.”


  • What if your bone marrow said, “I’m fed up with all the bickering, so I’m not going to produce any blood cells today.”


The body works, stays healthy, and supports our experience on the Earth because all parts cooperate with each other.  If they started bickering and arguing and disrespecting each other, our bodies would sicken and die.

In the same way, humanity is a single being, a single consciousness.  When we connect at that level, cooperation comes more easily and we can accomplish great things.

But today what we seem to be doing is fighting with each other.  As a result of all that fighting, the oceans are dying and the food is all poisoned to some degree (yes, even the organic stuff has chem trail poisons landing on it).

In addition, hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of humans are homeless, starving, and see no way out of their situation.  This is true inside the United States, although the official media won’t tell you about it.  Do you know about the citizens of this country living under interstate overpasses?  They are not counted among the unemployed.  They are not counted at all.

So it’s time to stop fighting and start appreciating and cooperating with each other.  We have to begin caring about each other.


  1. Am I ready to stop fighting?
  2. What am I fighting inside myself?  Is there a battle raging there?
  3. What am I fighting outside myself?  Am I still trying to win an argument with someone from yesterday?  Last week?  Ten years ago?
  4. How can I make peace within myself?  What parts of myself need me to love them, forgive them, hold them gently and help them feel accepted and safe.
  5. How can I make peace with others outside myself?  Can I forgive them for past grievances?  Even when someone is already out of body, forgiveness can heal you and still give them an opportunity to change.

You don’t have to make all the changes all at once.

All you need do is begin.

Stop fighting yourself.  Become more loving towards yourself.  Be compassionate with yourself.

You can’t change anyone but yourself.  As you change yourself, you interact differently with others.

The energy exchange between you and another will be different.

And then the other person will receive an opportunity to interact with you differently.

Don’t wait for someone else to begin.

Begin with you.

Stop fighting now.

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