Ascension: a Life Review While Living?

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Reviewing Your Life.

To do a life review, you have to be willing to look back at your life with LOVE.A “life review” requires you look back at your life with LOVE.

There has been much documentation of the “Life Review” in books about NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and books about past life and between life regressions.

When you die, your spirit lives on and travels to a place where you get to review the life in physical that just ended.  There are a number of reasons for the review.  One reason is to allow you to decide how much of your Soul’s personal goals were met.  Another is to help you integrate what you learned.  A third is to assist the Soul in making appropriate plans for the next lifetime on Earth or elsewhere.

Overall, in a life review you are asked to determine how much you lived from a place of Love vs. how much you lived from Fear.

During the current age, spiritual ascension requires that we stay in our physical body and take it with us into higher frequencies of Light and Love.  So why are some of us having experiences that are akin to a “life review” while in our physical bodies?

I asked my I Am Presence and personal Ascension Team to assist in answering these questions.  All questions and answers are about a life review while still in a body preparing for ascension.

  • Why am I having memories of past experiences from this lifetime suddenly pop up in my mind as strongly as if I were reliving them now?

The Ascension process requires that you do a full house-cleaning of old unresolved mental and emotional debris that has accumulated in your bodies.  These memories are “popping up,” as you say, so that you can heal and release them.

  • What causes them to appear in my mind?

As you vibrate more quickly, their frequencies cannot accelerate, so they become more noticeable and you are more aware of them.

  • Many of these memories bring up sadness, guilt, shame, anger, fear, and other denser emotional states that are uncomfortable.

Exactly!  Those emotional states are signals that there are energies around the events that require healing and letting go of attachment to the events, the people, the places, and the experiences themselves.

  • What is the best way to heal and let go of these experiences?

There are a number of steps you can take.  You may not need to do every step each time, but your I Am and Ascension Team are here to help you and will do so when you request assistance.  Here are some of the steps:

  1. Allow yourself to remember and re-experience the memory.  Do not run away from it, as it will only keep on returning until you’re ready to face it.
  2. Notice the emotions embedded in this experience.   Recognize that you can choose to feel differently about each experience, no matter how strongly the emotions may seem to be.
  3. Start with FORGIVENESS.  Forgive yourself and everyone else involved in each and every memory.  If you can only partially forgive yourself and others, the memory will recur until forgiveness is complete.
  4. If you have difficulty forgiving yourself, ask your I Am and Ascension Team to show you the gifts hidden within this experience – the “gold nuggets” as you often call them.
  5. Feel GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION for the whole experience, for the gifts within it, and for each person/Soul in your life who helped make it possible for you to have the experience and receive the gifts inherent within it.
  6. Send Divine Love from your Heart to the Hearts of all involved.
  • How will I know when I’ve succeeded in clearing my life of emotional and mental attachments to a particular past event?

It will stop showing up in your consciousness.  When these events come to mind, it’s as though they’ve come out of nowhere at all – things you haven’t thought about in years and years.  You’ll just stop thinking about them because they won’t have any emotional charge for you.

  • Sometimes I feel as though I’ve fully forgiven myself and others for an earlier experience, but it keeps coming back.  Why does that happen?

Some experiences are part of larger patterns.  Think of these patterns like a multi-dimensional jig-saw puzzle.  Each piece represents an event that is part of a larger pattern of beliefs and emotional habits.  So even when you feel you’ve cleared a specific experience, it may be connected to others that you haven’t fully healed.  Or it may be coming back to mind because it’s connected with subtler aspects of the patterns that remain unresolved.

  • Sometimes these “life reviews” seem endless.  Please comment.

[Laughter]  There is an end, to be sure.  It’s just that as you go vibrationally higher and higher, you’re also going deeper and deeper.  You can’t go up without going down.

So if you find yourself thinking about experiences that you haven’t thought about in years and if you’re not sure why or what to do about them, check back with this blog post and use some of the tips given here to help you release and move on during your Ascension.

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–Ascension FAQs.

Why Is Ascension So Uncomfortable?

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Everything is changing all at once!

cosmicevolutionFrom Homo Sapiens to Home Luminous.

Limiting Emotions and Beliefs

As you integrate the higher frequencies of Love and Light, everything inside you that vibrates at lower frequencies must shift into higher frequencies, too.

Some things, however, cannot tolerate the higher frequencies.

For example, hate, anger, shame, and other “negative” or lower vibrational emotional patterns, simply cannot shift higher.

What cannot shift higher must be healed and released.  There are no exceptions to this.   Until you address each bit of it, you will feel discomfort, which is designed to get your attention.

Understand that we’re not making a direct leap from frequency “A” to frequency “Z.”  If we tried to do that, our bodies would burst into flame and disintegrate.  We’re doing this in stages, so each influx of higher energies takes us up another level, and we must, once again, clean up our inner “house.”

Here’s how it works.

Many emotions from our past are locked into our cells and physical organs. meaning that those cells and emotions vibrate at those frequencies.

To shift those cells and body parts higher vibrationally, we must  heal and/or release them,

Step 1:  Acknowledge the discomfort and discover what you’re feelng.  What we do not acknowledge we cannot fully heal or release.

Step 2:  Release what is ready to be released.

Step 3:  Heal what needs to be healed.

Step 4:  Release what is ready to be released.

Step 5:  Heal what needs to be healed.

Continue this process as long as necessary with each issue or emotional pattern.

You can clear ALL old emotional patterns

with the right support and assistance.

This process also applies to limiting beliefs.

Any belief you have that creates a barrier to change will cause you emotional and/or physical discomfort.

If you believe you are

  • unworthy,
  • unlovable,
  • not good enough,
  • a loser,
  • stupid,
  • [fill in the blank], or
  • anything less than God in this body,

this belief will hold you back until you acknowledge it, heal it, love yourself, forgive yourself, and open yourself to new, more expansive possibilities of what is true about you.

You can change limiting beliefs into expansive ones

with the right support and assistance.

Resistance of any kind causes pain.

Whatever you resist … persists.

Whatever you try to run away from follows you around because what you hold inside yourself remains there until you acknowledge, heal it, and release it.

Only when you find your courage to face all the accumulated 3-D debris inside you will you move out of pain and into possibilities.

DNA activation.

What scientists have been calling “junk” DNA is not junk at all.

You have more DNA than the 2 strands inside the nucleus of each cell.

The DNA in the cytoplasm of each cell is being activated by the higher energetic frequencies.

We have as many as 12 strands of DNA in each cell.

There is also DNA in our other energy bodies, and that DNA is also being activated.

The results of these activations are changes to all parts of all of our bodies, to the relationships among our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and to our Consciousness.

Your Consciousness isn’t located in just one organ (the brain) or just one body part (the head).  Your Consciousness is everywhere in all your 7 bodies — physical, emotional, mental, astral, causal (etheric), ketheric, and celestial — and in every cell and every strand of your DNA, too!

Shifting from Carbon-base to Silicon-base.

To carry more Light and Love, we are changing chemically, too.  Our physical bodies are shifting from being carbon-based to being silicon-based.  When this happens, you will literally glow.  You will be homo luminous.

What does this mean?  Well, computer chips are made of silicon,  and they hold a lot more information.  Silicon chips can also process more information faster, too.  No, we’re not becoming machines, but the shift to silicon will make it possible for humanity to function a much higher levels of consciousness.

We’ll be able to take in, understand, process, and store more information EVERYWHERE in all parts of our bodies.

WOW!!  Isn’t that amazing?

And – at the very same time – all the toxins and chemicals and GMO’s and other junk that has collected in our body has to be eliminated.

We have to start eating more nutritious foods and providing our body with everything it needs to complete this transformation.

This may require dietary changes, detoxification programs, and whatever else your body may request to assist it.

Bottom Line

We are changing in every way imaginable, at all levels.  This is bound to create all sorts of symptoms.  But it’s also an opportunity that doesn’t come around in every lifetime, or even in every 100 lifetimes.

For our consciousness to change, we are required to pay attention to the process and to participate in it.

All the symptoms are signals that the shift is really happening.  Be loving and gentle with yourself, and that will make it somewhat easier.

–Ascension FAQs.

What Are the Signs of Spiritual Awakening?

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Here are 32 Typical Signs.

Humanity Is AwakeningAre you experiencing any of these signs?

While each person first experiences Spiritual Awakening in their own unique way, there are definite patterns that all of us experience as we go through this process.

If you see yourself in this list of characteristics, you can be quite certain that you are awakening.  Over time, you may experience more and more of these characteristics.

Rest assured that you’re not crazy,  that everything on this list is OK and “normal” for one who is awakening.

There may be some characteristics I didn’t think of, so if you are experiencing anything that doesn’t appear here, please share them in a comment on this post.

  1. Being in public places where many people congregate may feel overwhelming because you’re more tuned into the emotional states of others and of groups.

  2. Being in nature and being quiet may call to you strongly.  Some people want to meditate frequently.

  3. Seeking win/win situations and seeing the larger picture in situations may be more important to you than being “right”, making someone else “wrong”, or seeking revenge.

  4. Having more intuitive insights and starting to receive “downloads” of information.  You sometimes just “know” that something is true or the best thing for you.  You might even see flashes of light inside your head as synapses connect in new ways.

  5. Becoming more accepting of yourself as you are and of others as they are; feeling less of a need to be “perfect.” 

  6. Wanting to love yourself more and have more love in your life.

  7. Becoming turned off by the main stream media and television; less able to tolerate violence in movies, in the news, and anywhere else.

  8. Becoming less attached to material objects and more loving towards all living things, including people, animals, plants, and the earth.

  9. Feeling an increased sense of integrity and an intolerance for organizations and people who fall short in integrity.

  10. Finding it more and more difficult to lie to yourself and others.  Having less tolerance for lies in general and a desire to speak your truth and to have others tell the truth.

  11. Finding it easier to sense when someone else is lying to you.  This can be one-on-one and/or on the radio or TV.

  12. Wanting to be healthy and looking for alternative healing systems to supplement and/or replace allopathic (western) medicine.  You may be more interested in taking nutritional supplements, homeopathy, chiropractic, energetic healing systems.

  13. Starting to listen to your body more and to be response to the signals it gives you about what it needs and wants.

  14. Looking to change your diet, to eat healthier foods, and to know what’s in them, such as GMO’s, additives, preservatives, and so on.

  15. Becoming more compassionate towards others who are being trampled by the system:  the poor, the hungry, the forgotten people who disappear off the news media, and so seem to remain hidden in our society.

  16. Becoming better listeners as our hearts open to more love; discovering how to be present for others without feeling a need to fix their situation for them.

  17. Wanting to take back our personal power from all the people and organizations to whom we’ve given it away.

  18. Seeking balance, harmony, peace, and abundance in our lives, and knowing that we deserve to live in that state.

  19. Having a clearer sense of what resonates for us and being willing to go with what resonates and leave behind what no longer resonates for you.

  20. Feelings of loneliness as you discover that most people still don’t have a clue or an interest in what you’re experiencing.

  21. Discovering that many people won’t understand what you’re experiencing, and that trying to tell someone who is still asleep about it will evoke anger and sometimes even bullying.

  22. Remembering all the feelings you’ve been sitting on for much of your life because others didn’t find them acceptable and taking steps to get in touch with those feelings and emotions.

  23. Spending time online searching for information about what’s really going on on this planet; digging deeper than the information presented by the media, politicians, corporations, and official scientific viewpoints.

  24. Being more creative, inspired, and insightful; becoming more open to possibilities.

  25. Recognizing that you create your own reality and becoming more willing to accept responsibility for all you experience.

  26. Becoming bored with superficial conversations and activities, while seeking to entertain yourself by doing what feel closest to your heart and brings you the most joy.

  27. Having a more and more difficulty doing things that are linear (3rd dimensional), such as compiling taxes or other financial information, filling out forms, paying bills on time, dealing with technology, and so on.

  28. Dealing with time seems confusing, as time seems to go either very quickly or very slowly – it seems to stretch and collapse like a rubber band; many ordinary things seem to take hours longer than they used to take and it may feel like you’re moving in slow motion; or time seems to disappear in a blink.

  29. Difficulty remembering things.  This has nothing to do with the aging process and everything to do with rewiring of our neurological system, including our brains.  It also has to do with time being accelerated and everything coming at us faster and closer together.

  30. Increased sensitivity to everything:  sounds make seem louder; smells may seem stronger.  You may see, hear, and sense things other do not.

  31. A feeling of overwhelm because everything seems to come at you “all at once.”  This is actually happening, as time is accelerated.   You are being challenged to live in the “now” moment, to do whatever is the priority and to ignore everything else until it becomes the priority.

  32. A sudden interest in reading about, hearing about, and having spiritual experiences, as well as exploring books on these subjects, listening to channelers, traveling to sacred sites, and trying out other “new age” tools, such as tarot, crystals, communicating with animals, nature spirits, and angels, and astrology, to name just a few.

The reasons why you are experiencing these “symptoms” are many, and will be explored in a later discussion.

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–Ascension FAQs.

What Is Spiritual Ascension?

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A Shift in Consciousness.

Humanity Is AwakeningHumanity Is Awakening

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is awareness.  Your ability to step back and observe yourself is a sign that you are a conscious being.  You can be aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while you’re experiencing them, and on reflection as well.

A shift in consciousness means that your awareness expands so that you not only can observe yourself in the moment and on reflection, but you become aware of many other things happening around you that you previously had not noticed and might even have denied existed.

Consciousness exists in your mind and extends beyond your mind.  Furthermore, your mind does not live in your brain.  Your mind exists everywhere in all your bodies.

When your consciousness expands, you’re able to make connections, have insights, and both receive information and integrate information differently from before.

When we talk about Third Dimensional Consciousness, we refer to life in a world based on duality:  female and male, up and down, left and right, and so on.

The shift in Consciousness that’s taking place right now is a movement from Third Dimensional duality consciousness to Fifth Dimensional unity consciousness.

For example, you can look at a coin and see

  • the two side of a coin as opposites (heads and tails).


  • the whole coin as the unity it expresses of all that it is. 

This shift in Consciousness affects all areas and all aspects of our lives.

Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual ascension has had different meanings in different eras.

IN THE PAST – to ascend meant that, if you had achieved a certainly level of consciousness at the time of your death, your spirit/soul “graduated” to another level in the afterlife.

TODAY – to ascend means that you will bring your physical body into a higher vibrational level and higher consciousness while still here on the Earth.  You do not need to experience physical death to ascend.

When you awaken, you cannot go back to sleep.

When you awaken, everything you thought you knew and understood no longer seems true.

When you awaken, more and more of your old beliefs and ways of looking at the world no longer fit you, as if you had outgrown an old set of clothing.

When you awaken, you begin to question things you took for granted.

When you awaken, you change, for you are transforming in multiple ways at every level of your being.

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–Ascension FAQs.