Ascension Preparation – Shamballa: Land of the Masters

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We Are Already Masters –
We Just Have to Remember That We are Masters!

In our teleclass today, we visited the Healing Institute in the sacred city of Shamballa, met one of the Administrative Healing Specialists, and received color healing treatments that use a system gifted to humanity by our Arcturian cousins.

A prism breaks visible light into colors.

When I facilitate healing sessions, I am sometimes guided to request special color healing for the individual or animal.  Sometimes I am guided to place the energies of the individual in one of the special color healing Solariums, which are organized by color frequencies.  The individual receives the color healing for 24 hours or more, depending on what the Color Healing Specialists recommend.

There are many other healing systems available at the Healing Institute.  This is also the healing center where the Masters Medical Assistance Program (MAP) has its headquarters.  For more information about MAP, see Machaelle Small Wright’s book, MAP:  The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program.  (NOTE:  The “white” in this title refers to the use of white light, meaning the full spectrum of available colors, and has nothing to do with racial issues or anything else.)

Please share any experiences you had in our meditation and ask any additional questions by responding to this blog post.  Thank you.


Ascension Preparation – Grounding . . .

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You Have to Descend Before You Ascend

Please add your comments and questions, and
share your experiences of learning how to be grounded.

In our discussion yesterday, I suggested various ways you can learn to ground your energy.   In this post, I want to expand on that a bit more.

First, anyone who does Tai Chi, or a martial art, or hatha yoga (the authentic kind, not the westernized version) learns techniques for grounding.  If any of these activities appeal to you, I urge you to try them out.

In Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith, Ph. D., there are in depth discussions of each of the primary chakras.  At the end of each chapter are a variety of techniques for working with that individual chakras’s energy.  These include a meditation, yoga postures, and other activities.

I would also like to suggest the following for your consideration:

1. What kind of shoes do you wear?

High heels, like the bound feet of women in ancient China, were never designed to keep women grounded.  Finding very comfortable shoes that help you connect to the Earth might be an important starting place for some people to consider.

Shoes made of natural fibers or mostly natural fibers are more grounding that plastic shoes.

If you enjoy going barefoot, that’s my personal favorite.

Develop some good foot care habits.  Massage your feet or find a professional who is very good at doing that.  Use oils or lotions on them.  LOVE THEM!! and they will love you back. 🙂

2. What types of materials are your clothes made from?

All synthetics have energy frequencies that are unnatural.  Those frequencies can “rev you up” and keep your body from relaxing.  (Hmmm. .. makes me wonder what would happen if people labeled with ADD and ADHD wore only natural fibers???)

If you want to be more connected to Mother Earth, look for natural fibers.  You have to be careful because there is much attempt to confuse us about what is natural and what isn’t.  You have to read labels.  You have to check out what the material is called to be sure it really is made from something other than plastic.

For example, virgin wool is natural; virgin acrylic is a plastic.  So are polyesters, including “polar fleece,” which never met a sheep’s body at any time.  (“Fleece” is the term that usually refers to wool from a sheep.)

Cottons and wools and hemp are all natural, but look out for labels purposely designed to confuse you.  When in doubt, check on the internet.

3.  What are you eating?

We could spend hours and hours on this subject.

For now, I would share with you that the more natural a diet you eat, the better for your overall health.  The government is in cahoots with the controllers, so labels are allowed to be purposely misleading.  You have to READ everything and learn what is good for you, what really “natural” or “all natural” or even, God help us all, “organic” really mean.

Avoid processed foods as much as possible.  Learn the joys of cooking and sharing home made means and snacks with family and friends.  There is a reason why the kitchen used to be the center of the home (instead of the TV set).

Foods that are more “grounding” are foods that grow inside the earth or close to the earth.  These are winter squash, potatoes, carrots, turnips, and so forth.

Protein is also very grounding, especially red meats, fowl, and dairy.  And if you are vegetarian or vegan, you can still be more grounded with proteins from beans and tofu.

The big exception to all this is – our favorite food group –


But remember it should be dark chocolate with the lowest sugar content you can learn to enjoy.

4.  Are you resting and sleeping enough?

If your body is exhausted, it is stressed.  If you are sleep deprived, you are stressed.

Learning to love and care for you body will help you and your body stay grounded.


Ascension Preparation – Remembering Your Divinity

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I would like to share with you again some of the key points from our teleclass last night.  Please share your comments and experiences, and ask additional questions in response to this post.


Brian Gratten, The Mahatma I and II,

“What science calls energy,
Religions call God.
ALL is Energy.
ALL is God.
The Essence of God is LOVE.”


What does it mean to spiritually ascend?

  1. Spiritual Ascension means moving from darkness (ignorance) to light (spiritual knowledge and wisdom).
  2. Spiritual Ascension means raising your vibrational frequencies from low frequency, slow energy waves to higher frequency, faster energy waves.
  3. Spiritual Ascension means moving from a world based on duality (male/female; up/down; black/white; good/bad, and so on,) to a world based on Unity Consciousness – the ONENESS of all things.
  4. Spiritual Ascension means acknowledging your Divinity and aligning yourself through intention with your highest vibrational Divine Aspect, or I Am Presence.
  5. Spiritual Ascension means learning about and understanding Divine Laws so that you consciously choose and manifest what you will experience, instead of choosing and manifesting unconsciously.
  6. Spiritual Ascension means taking responsibility for all that you manifest.
  7. Spiritual Ascension means choosing to live from your Heart Center, from Divine, Unconditional, Limitless, Eternal, Endless Love in all areas of your life.  This includes Loving yourself completely so that you can learn to love others completely, too.  Loving yourself means accepting every aspect of yourself, even the parts that right now you might not think are worthy or beautiful or good.
  8. Spiritual Ascension means moving from a life based on “Service to Self” into a life based on “Service to Others.”

The important thing to remember is this:

there is still time for each of us choosing Ascension to “clean up our act.”

We are fully supported by our I Am Presence, our personal guides and teachers from the higher planes, the Ascended Masters, the angelic and archangelic realms, and beings of Light from many other parts of our galaxy, our universe, and the cosmos.

What we are doing on planet Earth at this time has never been done before.

Because of that, there are multitudes of beings who are here to watch and others who are here to assist us.

Remember –

To receive help you must ASK because you have FREE WILL
and it violates higher law
for any being of light to give assistance that has not be requested.


If you need assistance, I offer a variety of services may be just what you are looking for.  Please visit the Ascension Preparation Participant’s Page to take advantage of the Ascension Services Specials.

Ascension Preparation – Aligning and Integrating Chakras . . .

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in the Age of Ascension

If you haven’t yet registered for the FREE
Ascension Preparation teleseries
that began  January 27, 2011


I want to thank everyone who was on the call last Thursday evening for the 1st teleclass on Ascension Preparation.  I hope you all had a good time and also learned some new things.

I have been receiving feedback from folks who were on the live call, and I’d like to share this message with you all:

Dear Nedda,

Thank you for the teleclass tonight and the link. I’m looking forward to the next class.

Both of my dogs were with me during the class tonight and they were so quiet that I forgot they were there until you started the chakra cleansing meditation.

When you reached the 3rd eye I kept hearing a fast loud thump, thump, thump and realized it was Docker’s tail hitting the floor as fast as it could go. Then it would stop until the light was brought down to the next chakra, then the tail would thump, thump, thump again, slow till the light hit the next chakra then it would start again. He did this all the way to the root chakra. It was so funny and unlike him! After you reached the root chakra, he was done! He came over and jumped in my lap and kissed me all over my face. Again, not like him..he’s never been a lap dog. LOL..I was trying to get him off so I could continue the meditation, never mind that he weighs about 80 lbs!

Afterward I asked if he liked the meditation and heard “I like it, I like it, I like it”. So…again, thanks from both of us!

Sharon S.

Isn’t it amazing how the animals know and understand about Ascension?  They also can feel energy shifts – have you noticed?  If you had doubts before, I hope this note from Sharon confirms it for you.

If you experienced anything unusual during the teleclass or afterward, please share it by commenting on this blog.  Thanks.

I am so honored to have connected energetically with you all and to know that so many people are waking up.  I was dancing around my kitchen on Friday morning filled with the joy of knowing that humanity is really shifting.  So thank you, each and every one of you, for joining this program.

Namaste (the God in me honors the God in you),

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