Getting in TTouch™ With Your Cat

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Book Review by Nedda Wittels

Commentary by Violet and Sakhara


This November,  2011, just after the electricity was turned back on at my home in Connecticut, Cathy Wells spoke at the Animal Communicator Forum about Tellington TTouch™, a system based on Moshe Feldenkrais’ techniques for healing from neurological injuries.  [Cathy’s Talk] The timing was perfect for me personally, because Cathy reminded me how powerful TTouch™ is for animals.

I had first taught myself  the basic techniques of TTouch™ many years ago when Echo, my horse companion, had some special needs that nothing else was able address.  Why I never made the connection between TTouch™ and cats eludes me.  However, listening to Cathy’s program made me realize that both my feline companions, Violet and Sakhara, would greatly benefit from  this powerful system.

Cathy recommended the book by Linda Tellington-Jones called “Getting in TTouch with Your Cat.”  (If you have dogs, there is a similar book specifically for dogs.)  I am delighted to say that it proved to be exactly what I needed to help my two furry, purry gals.

What’s terrific about this book?

  • Easy to read.
  • Clear instructions on the various touches.
  • Excellent and beautiful photos demonstrating the touches.
  • Well organized.
  • Good indexing to help you find what you need in specific situations.
  • Suggestions on how to accustom your feline companion to TTouch™.

What’s missing from this book?

Unfortunately, a very basic and key piece of information is not included:

  • Instructions on how to choose the correct pressure for applying the Touch.

Despite this key missing piece, I do recommend this book to anyone who loves cats and wants to assist them.  It can help them be more comfortable in their physical body and to cope with the many challenges of life.  I dare say, from Cathy’s talk, that it would be a huge benefit to use with feral cats as well, as it includes methods for helping a cat accept touch in general.


Violet relaxing.

“I don’t like to admit it, but the nearly 2 weeks we had no heat were very stressful for me.  Nedda worked hard to take care of all of us and to keep me warm enough.  Still, that first night the sound of crashing, crying trees was so painful and the house and ground shook.  I know Nedda was up most of that night and I tried to help her stay calm, but it was a challenge for all of us.

“By the time we got the lights and warmth back into the house, I was exhausted and very tense.  I just couldn’t seem to completely let my body go and relax.  One day, Nedda started doing these weird circles on my body.  At first I didn’t like them, but then quite suddenly, my muscles started going limp on their own.

“It was like magic because I felt myself unwind.  I could stretch again.  I felt like running and jumping again.  And I did all these things.  My body relaxed at last.  Of course, by this time I was exhausted and I did get sick, but I’m sure I healed faster with these funny circles on my body.”



“I really enjoyed the time we had no lights.  It was cooler in the house and I love the cool air.  It makes me feel energized.  So I was fine during the time Nedda slept on the sofa, although it was kind of crowded for the 3 of us.

“When Nedda started doing circle movements on my body, it felt a bit weird, but basically ok.  I relaxed into it right away.  For me it was just a different way to be stroked.

“For me, the TTouch stuff helps me when I detox.  When I make energetic shifts, my digestive system does a lot of the cleansing work.  I just have to throw up the junk my body wants to get rid of.  Sometimes I need help to get rid of it.  I need to eat stuff to make me vomit.  But by then I feel really yucky.

“When I have these detoxing times, I’ve noticed that Nedda does funny things with my body.  She calls it a “belly lift” and she uses that along with the circles all over my body.  It really helps a lot to make me feel better faster.”

I can’t imagine a better testimonial than hearing from the cats themselves.


p.s.  If you don’t know how to adjust the “touch” pressure, contact Cathy Wells in Vermont.  802-985-2304

The Secret History of Consciousness

Ancient Keys to Our Future Survival

by Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD.

When we align ourselves with higher guidance and make the commitment to live from there, we are drawn to whatever is important for us to experience in our lives.  So when I found myself looking at this book on, I was curious – about the book, of course – but also because I wondered, “With all I’ve read and explored, is there still a ‘secret’ for me to uncover in this book?”  So I took a peek inside the book and something – perhaps the autobiographical information – called to me.

As I read about Dr. Meg’s personal journey into the infinite and how she came to be taught and continues to be taught by masters from many levels of the universe and beyond, I knew I had chosen wisely.  Here is someone who has been blazing a trail for me and others to follow.  Her descriptions are simple – easy to understand and to visualize.  Her experiences are dazzling.  And her information is both basic and advanced, all at the same time.

Beyond this, it is difficult for me to describe the vast perspective that is presented just because – well – it’s VAST.

If you are remembering who you really are, please know that all the infinite knowledge of God Consciousness is available.  You can recall it in small nibbles, big bites, and you can also open yourself like the mouth of a baby bird to be filled up with as much as you can handle in any given moment.

If you are considering how to stay in that space of openness and receptivity, this book will help by shifting how to think/feel about who you are in a very concrete way.

In addition to helping you shift your consciousness and to maintain it at a new, expanded level, reading this book will also help you understand in detail how the universe is totally supporting this process, how you are an integral, harmonic whole with the universe and everyone else, and how the part you choose to play in this is affecting you and the whole.

In simpler terms – just read the book.

PLEASE . . .  read the book.

I urge you to. . .  read the book.

And I eagerly await what you will share on this blog in your comments when you have  . . . read the book. 🙂


Star Origins and Wisdom Of Animals

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by Jacquelin Smith

If ever there was a book that I have spent my life waiting to read, I do believe this is the one.

Jacquelin Smith is a fellow Animal Communicator professional who has spent years and years (over 30) communicating not only with animals, but with beings from other dimensions, other galaxies, other universes – many of whom were experiencing life on Earth in animal bodies at the same time.

Does this sound like Science Fiction to you?

For myself, having learned to read by reading science fiction books and short stories, and having communicated telepathically with animals my whole life, this book is confirmation of my own life experience.  And – at the very same time – it is an expansive experience for me.

By reading the messages from so many different beings and learning about their origins, my mind noticeably shifts to a more expansive state.  Bits of pieces of the puzzle of this universe are put into place in my thinking and conceptualizations.  More of the mystery of life – in the universe and on Earth and beyond – begins to fill in and form a deeper understanding.

Consider this statement from Jellyfish:

“There are multidimensional worlds and realms within the oceans.  Humans see things from a particular perspective because of the way your physical eyes function.  if you look into the oceans using intuitive vision you will see what we see and feel.” (p. 95)

Immediately, I begin imagining (intuiting) what it must be like to float in the depths of the ocean and experience multidimensionally.   I can’t put it into words what I experience, except I feel as if I am floating peacefully and very expanded, and seeing/sensing an overlay of life forms moving freely in all directions.  It’s not dark there at all, although I am deep below the ocean’s surface.  There is a diffuse light that makes everything quite visible in my mind’s eye.

Jellyfish also talks about Chakras:

“Humans often view their chakra systems as linear from head to toe or toe to head and somewhat above and below and around their physical bodies.  This is fine but I am here to let you know the chakra systems are not linear.  Yet this way of viewing it helps the hum an brain to perceive the energy centers.”

Jacquelin:  “Yes, I understand what you are communicating.  I was told by a star being that the chakra energies connect us to other planets and stars in the universe.  is this true?

“Yes.  And when you view the multidimensional selves and include these chakra systems as well, you are a galaxy unto yourself.  You are more than a constellation (smile).  You think of yourself as a constellation, but it is beyond a basic constellation.  This is true for all beings.

“As the many multidimensional chakra centers are activated, know that this connects you to yourself in superconscious ways.  The multiple chakra energies connect you, as well as all other beings, to Earth, your solar system and the cosmic consciousness.” (p.98)

I knew that we were multidimensional.  I knew that our chakras went out at least as far as the edge of our auric field.  I knew that they also continued into other dimensions.  Jellyfish has also taught me, because I can feel it when I read the description, that I am connected through my chakras to the Sun, the planets, the whole galaxy.  Humans are indeed cosmic beings.

Jacquelin Smith has written a very powerful book with great care, love, and intelligence interwoven with mind-expanding ideas and experiences.

Namaste (the God in me honors the God in you),


Wouldn’t you like to read more messages from these and other star beings?  Click on the image for a quick trip to Amazon to purchase your very own copy.


Jacquelin will be talking about the ideas and information from Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals as the February speaker at the Animal Communicator Forum on Wednesday, February 16 at 2 p.m. EST.   To attend the live call, subscribe to the Mailing List on that website.  To listen to the recording of her program, please become a site member by creating a login for yourself.

Ascending With Your Physical Body

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You Can Avoid Physical Death:
Physical Body Ascension to the New Earth

by Robert E. Pettit, Phd.



In the past, spiritual ascension required leaving our physical body.  It required lifetime after lifetime of work to clear ourselves of lower vibrational patterns and to shift us into high consciousness.  Each time we reached a new level, we would leave our physical body behind and have to reincarnate yet again to move to the next.

Today, this is no longer the case.  During this narrow window of time, 1987 to 2012 or so, we have the opportunity to fully ascend – and to take our physical forms with us.

Robert Pettit, in this compendium of information about what is happening on planet Earth and what is possible for each and all of us based on our personal choice, has written a book that is both inspiring and highly accurate. 

Because we are accelerating so fast, any book becomes a bit out of date before it is even published.  Still, You Can Avoid Physical Death is a valuable guide and is full of important and powerful information.

Fortunately, Pettit provides an excellent bibliography of books and websites where you can continue to learn and also find some of the most recent information on ascension and what is happening now.

For someone like myself, who has been working towards my personal ascension for years and yars, You Can Avoid Physical Death is a refreshing reminder of many important ideas and techniques that are helpful along this path.

For someone who is just waking up, You Can Avoid Physical Death is a valuable resource.  I encourage you to “check it out” and use personal discernment to decide if this book is for you. 



I’m “Busting Loose From the Money Game”

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If you haven’t read this book yet and you are interested in spiritual growth, taking back your power, and developing a new relationship with money, run – don’t walk – to and check it out. 

I’m following the rules of how to break loose. 

  • I’m APPRECIATING myself and everything happening to me today, including a $350 bill to replace the alternator in my car. 
  • I’m EXPANDING myself so that I remember that all experiences I have were created by me and contain my power. 
  • I’m filling myself with JOY by being as playful as I can in all that I do – like actually WALKING back from the auto service place where I left my car this morning.

By the way, on my way home, I found a fantastic empty plastic bucket – the best kind I know of – that will replace some old broken ones I use in gardening, and a completely perfect steak knife someone had thrown onto the road.  The Universe is supporting me with these little gifts.  Really interesting – a neighbor was passing as I walked and stopped to offer me a ride, but her dog refused to let me in the car.  “Hank” kept growling, protecting his person, and clearly telling me that I was NOT to open the car door.  Walking is good for me.  It really isn’t more than 1.5 miles and it’s a gorgeous day here in New England today – a perfect day for a little outdoor exercise.  If I hadn’t walked, I wouldn’t have received the gifts.

So I’m TRUSTING and I’m BUSTING loose.  While it may be a bit scary at times, I am so energized.  Even finding a new blog site is part of the gift I am giving MYSELF for breaking out of the game.



WANT TO HEAR Robert Scheinfeld on BlogTalk Radio?? 

Thursday, April 22nd @ 8 p.m. CST – Robert Scheinfeld “Busting Loose From The Money Game” on the H.E.A.L. (Highly Evolved Actualized Living) series of interviews with Dan Hanneman.  Join this FREE event by going to and listen in to all the interviews (archived recordings available). This is going to be one of the most magnificent evolutionary events of the year!!

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