Heart Centered Living: Challenge #2




Among the emotions that hold us back from staying connected to our Heart, FEAR is the biggest challenge. In this category, people mentioned FEAR more times than any other limiting emotion. People also included being judgmental, feeling resentment, feeling unworthy, and just getting “upset.”

How does FEAR hold us back? Possibly because FEAR has powerful physical consequences. It sets off adrenaline, which puts us into “fight or flight” mode. “Fight or flight” reduces or eliminates our ability to remember that we have choices about how to handle any situation. Instead, we come out fighting, or run away, or just freeze (playing possum).

I remember once I had a conversation with one of my sisters and when I hung up the phone, I couldn’t move. I literally sat in the same chair for several hours, totally frozen with FEAR. My mind was numb and my body was immobilized. Eventually, I was able to get up and start my body going, and later on I was able to understand what had happened to me and take some steps towards resolving the situation. But in that moment, I couldn’t do anything but sit.

This is an extreme example of what most of us experience on a daily basis. Often we feel FEAR to varying degrees and may not even recognize it. We stumble through our life wondering why we aren’t making the choices that will bring us happiness. We assign other feelings to our emotional state, but underneath it all, we are afraid.

We may be afraid of what others will say, afraid that we will be rejected, afraid we will lose our friends, our loved ones, our family, our homes, and many other things. So instead, we end up losing ourselves. We disconnect from our self-awareness and instead we choose to do what we believe we need to do to survive, to not be rejected, and to reach out for the things we think we want. In actuality, this often doesn’t work out as we expect, but because we are afraid we remain FEAR-based in making our choices and in our habits.

Many times, we don’t even realize that FEAR underlies other limiting emotions. Take anger, for example. Why do we become angry? We may say it’s because someone else did something, and that made us angry. But actually, we become angry to hide the feeling of FEAR that comes up when we don’t get what we want or when someone threatens us or whatever. If we can learn to manage FEAR some other way, it will help free us from all sorts of limiting emotional patterns.

Over the next few days, you might choose to start noticing what you are feeling and how FEAR might be underlying your feeling.  Also, take note of how you react when you are FEARful. How does FEAR control your behaviors? What do you do when you are afraid?

Perhaps you express FEAR by giving away your power to another – by doing what that person wants you to do, even when that action doesn’t feel “right” to you. Notice how FEAR keeps you from acting in a Loving way, a Heart-felt way. If you have a chance, jot down the times you give your power away due to FEAR. This is the first step in taking back your power from your FEAR – learning to recognize how you handle things when you are afraid.

It’s time for all of us to take back our power from FEAR – to stop making decisions based on FEAR – to start living from LOVE instead. When you love yourself as you would love a small child who is afraid, without judgment and with compassion, your FEAR begins to fade away and you find your true strengths. Your Heart Center holds the key to this transformation.

If you are interested in learning ways to free yourself of old messages and limiting beliefs, you might want to listen to the free teleclass on “Heart Centered Living: A Transformative Process.”  It’s available right at the top of the page.


Heart Centered Living: Challenge #3

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It’s true that we each have limiting beliefs and old mental recordings in our heads on how to live our lives and how to make decisions. After all, we grew up in a society that still values reason and logic over emotion. Since emotion is associated with the Heart, many of us have avoided making decisions from the Heart because we’ve been taught that decisions should not be based on emotion. Many of us were told that making a decision based on what we feel in our Heart is just plain “wrong.”

As a child, I was taught that the only way to make decision was to use logic. When I tried to follow that “rule,” I discovered that my life wasn’t working out for me at all. Not only was I unhappy, but I or my horse, Echo, actually received physical injuries. It was a though the Universe was having to use a 2-by-4 to get my attention that I had taken a wrong turn.

These experiences taught me that I had to learn to live another way – a way that was aligned with my Higher Guidance and my True Path. I was being redirected to my Heart Center. I had to learn a different way to live and find ways to eliminate the old mental tape recordings of messages that kept me from living in my Heart Center.

Over the next few days, I suggest you start noticing the tape recordings in your head that play whenever you think about making a decision based on your Heart. Just notice them. Jot them down if you have a chance, and share them with me if you’d like.

The first step in turning them off is recognizing them when you hear them playing in your head. When you recognize and make note of them, you have already taken the first steps on the path to greater empowerment and greater connection with your Heart Center.

If you are interested in learning ways to free yourself of old messages and limiting beliefs, you might want to attend the free teleclass on “Heart Centered Living: A Transformative Process.”   This link will take you to a page with more details and where you can sign up for the class.


Heart Centered Living – Why not?

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What keeps YOU from Living in Your Heart?


The other day, I sent an email to my community asking this very question and challenging people to reply with 3 things that keep them from living in their Heart.

The answers I received were both enlightening to me.  Some people sent a  list of short phrases, while others wrote pages about themselves.  I plan to organize these into categories so I can better understand what you are all experiencing, and use this information to help me develope a new program I will be offering this fall.

Clearly, this is an important subject for us to be considering at this time, since the Heart Center is the doorway to spiritual growth and empowerment.  It is the place of alchemy – of tranformation from lower dimensional frequncies to higher dimensional frequencies.

In fact, this topic is so important that I will be giving a free teleclass on the subject of Heart Centered Living (HCL) on Saturday, October 3, 10-11 a.m. Eastern Time.  If you are interested in attending, please put yourself on the mailing list so you can receive the telephone number and access code for the call.

So, as we journey together in this Ascension process, I ask you this question:

What are the top 3 challenges for you
in staying connected to your Heart?

Please let me know, as we are all on this path together and we can all learn from each other.


Compassion: Caring Without Attachment

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One of the most powerful emotions of the Heart is compassion.  Compassion is often thought of as an emotion that only a Divine being is capable of feeling and expressing.  For example, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) is called the Chinese Goddess of Compassion.  There are also statues expressing the energies of the Compassionate Buddha.

Does this mean that you and I are incapable of experiencing compassion from within?  Must we receive it from a Divine source?  Or are we a Divine Being also capable of feeling and expressing compassion?

The truth is that we are each capable of compassion.  But just what exactly is this quality?

One dictionary defines compassion as “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.” 

I would agree that compassion involves sympathy, but it also includes empathy.  Sympathy means to have a similar feeling as another – to vibrationally resonate with what someone is feeling.  Empathy, on the other hand, means to actually share the feeling that another is experiencing.

The magic of compassion is that it enables us to share what another is feeling without being in judgment about it.  It also enables us to help another without being attached to the outcome of their situation.

How does compassion allow us to do this? 

Compassion is a very high spiritual vibration or energy.  To truly be compassionate, one must also allow the other to make their own decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions.  Compassion does not mean that we try to fix someone else or someone else’s life.  We might offer to be helpful.  We might respond when asked for assistance.  We might offer suggestions and support.  But we must always allow the other to choose for him/herself.

Compassion works through Divine Love.  Divine Love – Love Without Conditions – means that we can love someone without requiring anything of that person.  We hold the individual in our heart regardless of what they say, what they do, what they feel, and what they choose to experience.

When we can do this, we can also compassionately sympathize and empathize with them and with their situation.  But it does not mean that we become compelled to try to fix the situation.  Compassion does not resonate with rescuing.  (Check for an upcoming blog on the subject of “rescuing.”)

When we are compassionate, we can be fully present for the person in this moment.  We can listen to their words and their emotions without having to take any action.  Because we are fully present with them in the current moment of their pain, sorrow, or whatever the person is feeling, we provide a space that allows the individual to feel and possibly express their feelings. 

As the person expresses their feelings in the presence of compassion, the individual often begins to let some of the feeling go and a sense of relief arises.  Someone has heard them.  Someone cares about how they feel.  Someone is not judging them, and thus is giving them the space to just be in the moment, to just be whoever they are in that moment.

Often people feel very isolated.  Some people truly are isolated.  They may be street people or they may just live alone.  Today, we can be alone in a crowd.  We can feel isolated at a party.  Just making eye contact and giving someone a smile can be an expression of compassion when the eye contact and the smile are connected with the Heart energy of compassion.

Today, you might ask yourself these questions: 

  • How can I be more compassionate towards the people I know?
  • How can I express compassion for someone I don’t know personally?
  • How can I make compassion a part of my daily life?

Of course, you can also be compassionate towards yourself, but that’s another discussion for another day.


Gratitude, Giving, and Receiving

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You’ve probably read or heard that gratitude is a key to successful manifestion of what we are choosing for our lives.  I’ve heard this, too.  We’ve also all been told that it is better to give than to receive, although I’ve often thought this a foolish remark.  After all, if everyone is giving and no one receiving, how could that work????

Yesterday, while doing a section of a program by Coco Fossland, www.WorldChangingBusiness.com, I learned something new.  On the recording I was listening to, Coco was explaining how, if we want to manifest our dreams, we have to be open to receiving them, and that receiving is just as important as giving.  Here are some of the insights she shared.

  • “When we receive, we give the other person the gift of abundance.”
  • “When we receive, we get to have what we want.”
  • “When we receive, we allow others to shine their light.”
  • “When we receive, we remember the abundance of the universe.”
  • “If you are not open to receiving, all the giving you do will not create what you are trying to manifest.  It just won’t work.”

So today, I suggest you take a good look at your beliefs around giving and receiving.  Where in your body are you blocked from receiving the things and experiences you are choosing for your life?  What can you do to open yourself to receive?

When you allow yourself to receive, you will have much more in your life to feel gratitude towards.  Increased receiving = increased opportunities for giving = increased opportunities for gratitude.  The result, overall, is increased abundance for everyone.  Wouldn’t that be truly wonderful?



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