Delusions of Spring

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Melissa, “I’m so bored!”

While Starlight sleeps, Melissa yawns and complains that the weather has been too cold.

It may be different where you live, but here in Connecticut, we’re having a very strange winter.

Melissa, who loves to be outside and really needs to be outside for a short time each day, developed instant cabin fever as soon as it got below 45 degree Fahrenheit last fall.

Then we got the really cold temperatures, where daytime highs were 15 degrees, night-time lows were single digits, and wind chills were sometimes 25 degrees below zero fahrenheit.

This type of cold lasted for at least 3 weeks, maybe a bit longer.

Now things have warmed up some.  We’re actually at 40 degrees the day I write this, and Melissa and Starlight have become super active.

They want to be on the unheated, completely enclosed porch.  They go out there and come back inside quickly, and go in and out as often as I’ll allow it.  Often it turns into an exciting game.

They go onto the porch and then chase each other back inside.  The  chase continues around the house with great excitement, especially if I stand ready at the door to let them go up and back a few times.

Feline view from back door.

Back yard in winter.

When I open the sliding door to the back yard to fill the bird feeders, they want to charge right out there.

In frustration, the two members of Mischief, Inc. will sometimes knocking things off tables and run around to get my attention.  “Why can’t we go out?” they demand.

Melissa encountered snow for the first time one day when I gave in and let her go outside.

She was very annoyed that each step put cold, wet, snow between her delicate toes.  She would shake out one foot, put it down, shake out the next, and keep doing this at every step.  She finally gave up and came back onto the porch.

The day I let them both go outside there was still snow on the ground, although melting.  Melissa tried to jump over the icy spots near the steps, only to discover that it’s still cold and wet wherever she lands.

On the slightly warmer days, I wonder, “Are we all having delusions of spring?”  After all, if the temperature gets above 32 degrees, that must mean spring is coming, right?  Or is February about to land on us and show us all what fools we are?

It’s been so dark this winter, I’ve had to use a lamp designed to assist people with SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) to keep me energized.  Dark grey, cloudy skies, and very short hours of daylight seemed endless.

When I turn the lamp on, it’s like the actual Sun is in my office.  I’m supposed to turn it off after 20 minutes, but some days I leave it on for an hour.

So yes, everyone at my house is allowing herself to fantasize about long, bright, warm spring days.


Cuddled up for a nap.

Melissa is wishing Starlight would wake up to play with her.

Are you also longing for spring?  The day the temperature rose to 60 degrees, there was a bear in the street.  A huge brown bear.  It’s energy looked confused.  What was it doing awake?

Are you and your animals having unusually intense cabin fever?

How are you and they coping with this long, dark, intensely cold winter that offers sudden fits of spring-like weather?

Have you noticed any wild animals acting strangely?

Melissa Hears the Call of the Wild

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Melissa, the Escape Artist

Melissa looking out a window.

Even as a kitten, Melissa would climb up to look out high windows.

A few days ago, July 6, 2017, Melissa opened the sliding door on the porch and “escaped” from the house.  She was gone for 40 minutes or so.

Melissa has escaped from the house more times than all my other cats put together, and she’s only been with me a year and a half.  On the previous occasions, I caught up with her quickly and she let me pick her up and return her to the house.

This time was different.

This time changed our lives dramatically.

I had been extremely busy caring for 2 elderly cats with some health issues and 2 energetic young felines who also need lots of attention – play time and exercise, not to mention cuddling and going outside in harnesses with leads.

While I did the best I could to see that she got everything she needed, Melissa kept breaking out of the house.  I can’t remember all her escapes, but here are a few that come to mind.

  • She got out the cellar hatchway entrance because I forgot she was in the basement when I opened it.
  • She got out a hole in the sliding screen by enlarging a hole at the bottom made by a chipmunk before I discovered the hole.
  • She got out the sliding screen door one time when I didn’t realize she was right behind me and I opened it.  (She’s fast – quick as a blink – and small – and strong minded.)
  • After I had a plastic piece (with holes for wind) put into the bottom of the sliding screen door so chipmunks and Melissa could no longer tear holes in the screen, Melissa put her paws into the holes and pulled the screen door open.
  • The plastic piece was replaced with one that has much smaller holes.  So Melissa started sitting on top of the very thin plastic piece (about 24 inches high and less than 1/4 inch wide) hanging by her claws and if the screen door was unlocked, Melissa would find a way to pull the door open.

Melissa is famous for jumping up to the top of doors and hanging from curtain rods.  Frankly, I think she’d be very successfully as one of the Flying Wallendas acrobatic group or in the Cirque du Soleil.

Wallendas with bicycle and chair.

Some of the Wallendas

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil

I tried keeping the sliding glass door closed most of the way, but when it got to be summer the glass door really needed to be open most of the time for ventilation.

I also began locking the sliding screen door so Melissa could no longer pull it open.

A few weeks later, Melissa escaped and ran away.

As I spoke to a friend on the kitchen phone, Melissa was yelling and demanding attention.  She had been doing this for hours, but I had a lot to do and so she was enormously frustrated.  She was also very angry about life in general.

While on the call, I put her on the porch and closed the door between the porch and the kitchen so she couldn’t get in and I could hear myself and my friend.

Twenty minutes later, as I hung up the phone I noticed how very quiet it was.  No sound of Melissa.

I immediately opened the kitchen door to the porch to let her into the house.


Melissa had made a hole in the screen above the plastic barrier and left.

Melissa wasn’t anywhere in the yard.

I was heartbroken.  I felt she had run away from home.  She had been so angry and so frustrated.

After a good cry, I went out and started calling her.  She knows her name, but didn’t always come or respond when called.

I also tried to reach her telepathically, but was unsuccessful.  I couldn’t even sense her energy, as I do when I connect telepathically.  Clearly, she didn’t want to speak with me at that moment.

No sign of her visually.

The sun was bright and the leaves on the trees made the woods behind my house quite dark.  With Melissa’s dark coloring, it would be difficult to see her at all unless she wanted to be seen.

I sat down on the back steps, had another good cry, and began to reconcile myself to the possibility that she wasn’t going to come back.

Melissa brought a lot of past life anger into this life, and her current life seemed to be exacerbating it.  I allowed myself to consider that she might be gone for good.

I sat on the back steps facing the woods for some time.  At one point I thought I saw her profile in among the shadows of the trees, but it could have been an illusion.

A Tonkinese silhouette seemed to appear once or twice on a downed tree trunk, but instantly disappeared.

Was I imagining it?

I allowed myself to hope just a tiny bit that Melissa was still around the yard, even if hidden.

Melissa weighs only 7.5 pounds.  She can be quite invisible, even if she isn’t dimensional shifting.  (Yes, some cats can dimensional shift like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.)

I finally came back inside the house, leaving the sliding doors wide open while closing the kitchen door so Starlight couldn’t get out.  Starlight didn’t seem at all worried, which was interesting, but not helpful.

I telepathically broadcast to Melissa that I loved her and hoped she’d return.  I asked her to please announce herself if and when she wanted to come into the house.

Another 20 minutes went by.

Then I heard Melissa loudly demanding entry at the kitchen door.

Thrilled, I let her in.

Melissa was now a changed cat.

After being outside for 40 minutes Melissa was

peaceful, serene, happy, and quiet. 

She was more affectionate, too.

Melissa sat down to groom herself, had some water, and settled contently into a cat bed for a nap.

She wasn’t even hungry, and this was a time of day when she usually wanted a meal.  She never did say whether she had hunted successfully, but I suspected she had.

What did this all mean?

I observed Melissa with some amazement.  My thoughts rambled.

“Maybe, she really can’t be totally confined as a house cat and be happy.

“Maybe she truly needs to go outside at least some of the time to be happy.

“What’s the point,” I asked myself, “of a long unhappy life of total confinement?

“How can I condemn her to a miserable existence as an inside cat? 

“Would I want that kind of life for myself . . . a long, but unhappy life feeling like I was imprisoned?

“Who’s to say that a short life is worse than a long one?

“Do I keep her a prisoner because of my fears for her in the outside world?

Hattie in her feeding station.


“Hattie (semi-feral cat) lived to be 16 years old as a completely outside cat, so it’s possible to have a long life in the outdoors.

“How can I be so cruel as to force Melissa to live an unhappy life of confinement when she is ecstatic after she goes outside?

“She doesn’t have to live outside.  She can go out a bit each day for awhile – maybe a half hour or an hour would be enough.

“She hates the harness.  Clearly that isn’t working for her because she keeps finding ways to escape. 

“She may need to run free to get enough exercise and to live as cats were designed to live.

“Isn’t there more value in a short, happy life, instead of a long miserable one? 

“Is it fair to allow my fears for her safety to rule her existence?”

“On the other hand . . .

“Melissa is smart clever and quick.

“Melissa is small enough to squeeze into tight places where a predator can’t fit.

“Melissa can and does jump up high and down without fear, so she can probably find ways to survive.

“Melissa sharpens her hind claws, so that should help her manage trees just fine.”

“On the other hand . . .

“Lack of fear IS a problem.  Are her instincts strong enough for her to be afraid at the right times and then know to do to survive?

“Melissa doesn’t have anyone to teach her – no mother cat or siblings or even a friend like Hattie who knows how to survive outside.

“And … Melissa is still a mental teenager, who doesn’t listen to anyone.  So maybe it doesn’t matter that there isn’t a teacher around.  Maybe I need to trust her instincts.

“Can she figure out how to take care of herself on her own?”

I’m sure many people with cats in their family struggle with this issue.  We’re all so programmed to be in fear about everything that happens, fear for ourselves and fear for our animals.

Surely there’s another way to approach a situation like this besides going into fear!

When I tuned into Melissa about her expedition into the woods, here’s what I felt:

She needs the outside world with all its stimulating excitement, opportunities to run madly long distances, and to sit in the grass, and to ground with the earth.

She needs to explore.

She loves the wind in her fur, the cacophony of smells, the constant movement of things, and the nearly infinite number and variety of sounds.

The artificial environment of an inside world is just too boring – too stultifying for her even with Starlight for a playmate.

There’s just no way I can make up for what’s naturally outside.  Her feline senses have been well designed and crave the stimulation the out of doors offers.

I wrestled with this issue long and hard, and I thought about the older cats and what they had taught me.

Photo of Sakhara.Sakhara had spent the first years of her life before she came to me going outside.  She told me later in her life that being confined to the house affected her mental and physical health negatively.

When I started letting her go outside a few years ago, she and Hattie became friends.  Hattie gave her and Violet a tour of the woods right behind the house. 

Sakhara never went out of the yard and wooded area where I could see her. 

She was supremely happy and peaceful after each time she went out.

Cats cleans their digestive system by eating grass and vomiting, so going outside is important for health in that regard as well.  Sakhara had a lot of digestive issues, and eating grass really helped her.


Magnificent VioletViolet had wanted to go out as a kitten, but never broke out of the house to get there. 

She adapted well to being indoors, although she told someone in an Animal Communication workshop that she was “going to court” when she was a kitten because I would let her outside.

When I began letting Sakhara out in the yard, Violet went, too.  She mostly sat on the stoop in the sun or walked around the yard.


Starlight is a true innocent with no experience being a cat. 

Starlight, as her name implies, is not easily grounded.  Being outside in the yard helps her ground.

 She goes out in a harness with a lead. 

She eats grass, chases my lunge whip as a very long snake, and generally like to sniff things.

Will Starlight tolerate Melissa going out loose and accept that she, herself, does not?

A turning point – an experiment begins.

If I want Melissa to be a happy cat, I have to make some changes in her lifestyle.

Melissa is a jungle kitty who is miserable unless she gets outside to run around, explore, climb trees, and hunt.

If this is what it takes to make her happy and keep her fit, then so be it.

I will love her with an open hand and an open heart.

I will move out of fear and into love without restrictions or conditions of any kind.

I will no longer try to turn Melissa into something she isn’t.

I will honor her choices, while at the same time do my best to teach her what I’ve learned from Hattie about being safe outside.

I will supervise, as best I can, when she’s out there, and encourage her to learn what she needs to learn to be safe.

I will do my best to limit the hours of her excursions to broad daylight, and times I can be on the alert.

Night, dawn, and dusk are when predators hunt, so she won’t be allowed out during those times.

If she lives a short life, I will accept that without blaming myself or feeling guilty.

I will know that she was supremely happy and lived the life she chose.

The “call of the wild” was answered, and the experiment began.


Our Animals Are Constantly Giving Us Gifts

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What Gifts Are You Receiving?

Melissa Playing.

Melissa Playing.

I used to think that when my animals were “bugging” me to get my attention, it was because they wanted or needed attention.

Then I realized that they were trying to get me away from my computer or whatever else I was doing because I was the one who needed a break and some loving attention.

I used to think that when my animals snuggled under the covers at night, they were trying to keep themselves warm.

Then I realized that they were also doing their best to keep me warm and help me feel connected with them.

I used to think that when the name of one of my animals popped into my head, I was experiencing something in the external world that made me think of that animal.

Then I realized that I was thinking about the animal because she was thinking about me and speaking to me telepathically.

These realizations made me laugh at myself. 

I had to expand my perceptions and

my interpretations of them to

fully grasp the gifts I was receiving.

Melissa wrestling a towel.

It’s fun to wrestle a towel.

Our animals are constantly giving us gifts.

We are in true partnership with our animals. They do their best to assist us to come into balance and harmony.

Every time we feed them, we are also feeding ourselves.

Every time we cuddle with them, we are receiving their love.

When they jump into our laps to be brushed or have their back scratched, they are giving us an opportunity to share in their pleasure.

They remind us daily how important it is to have a connection with nature.

For some of us, our animal companions are central to maintaining a connection with the natural world.

Having this connection is critical for us.

So many people seem to have forgotten about nature.  They think and act as if nature exists only for humans to take from, to manipulate, and to hold our trash.

Our lives are out of balance.

Our relationships are out of balance.

Our bodies are out of balance.

Our spirits, our Souls, are also out of balance.

How can we begin to restore balance?

Here’s one way to get started.

Melissa posing.

Melissa posing.

  • Look deeply into your animal companion’s eyes.
  • Regardless of species, recognize that this is an intelligent, loving being.
  • Be fully present with your animal companion.
  • Observe your animal companion.
    • Notice what he is doing.
    • Watch her breathe.
    • Watch him sleep.
    • Watch her play.
    • Watch him meditate.
  • Whatever the animal is doing, watch without judgment, without trying to figure anything out.
    • Can you FEEL what your animal is feeling?
  • After about 10 minutes, notice your own breath.
    • How are you breathing?
    • Is your breathe synchronized with your animal’s?
    • Notice how you feel emotionally?
    • Has anything changed within you?

If you do this exercise a few times, you may begin to feel a stronger connection with your animal.

You may also discover that some of what you thought you “knew” about them is exactly the opposite of what is true.

Then you can say, “I used to think . . . but now I know . . .” and have a little laugh at yourself.

Then you can more fully appreciate all the subtle and precious gifts they gift you.

Do animals feel pain and emotions?

The UK Parliament Says “No.”

Zebra Reflection in Water

What does this mirror within us?

This limiting belief that animals feel no pain or emotions still seems to linger on.

Those of us who are empathic and who are awake and aware KNOW  that animals feel pain just as we do, and that they experience emotions just as strongly and deeply as we do.

I received an email about this situation from someone who lives in the UK.  With her permission, I’m sharing our conversation.  She wrote:

Dear Nedda

Allow me to ask you:

How can I help to balance this incredible situation wisely: The UK Government has just voted that animals feel no pain or emotion.

I am beyond words and feel sick. As do many people.

(Also by the way in response for being called ‘human  animals’! Insult both to animals and to real humans. The latter species seems absent in our government anyway.)

I would like to move my soul out of the shock I am in right now, that something like this is possible in 2017 in this country.

What do the animals say that can help me to become helpful in this hellish time?

I am so tired, also, of hearing it will soon be over, as the new era has started. Having heard that for 20 + years … I do know there is truth in it, but right now the insanities around us feel very overwhelming.

Rays of Healing Light please for the extinction-zone species, the farm and the wild animals, all treated with such incredible ignorance and disrespect..

Thank you for hearing me and listening with me.

Looking forward to hear from you


I was so moved by the email that I felt I had to respond immediately.

So often I have felt the same way, i.e, that things are moving too slowly; that the horrors of abuse and mistreatment and ignorance about who the animals (and humans) truly are has gone on far too long.

I have wrestled with this myself, and have finally learned how I want to handle my feelings and the situation from the highest possible level of consciousness that I am ready to embrace.

So I wrote,

Dear Shulamith,

Thank you for your question.

The animals teach us the powers of love and forgiveness.  Those who cannot recognize feeling and intelligence in animals are also lacking in love for themselves.  They are disconnected from the natural world and do not understand that that is a major reason for their own person unhappiness.

So what can we do? 

We can pray for others to awaken, to open their hearts and feel all that there is to feel about themselves, and to love themselves fully.  We can encourage them to begin to fully appreciate this amazing Earth on which we live, to put aside technology and to focus on nature as a friend and partner instead of an enemy and object to be possessed and used. 

And most powerfully of all, we can forgive ourselves for any of the ways in which we may have contributed to the current malaise of cruelty and abuse on this planet – towards each other, towards animals, towards plants, and towards the Earth kingdoms and Nature.

We can also hold the light in our own hearts.  We can become totally forgiving and loving without judgment of ourselves and others.  Some may be choosing to remain in darkness believing there is no other way to live.  By focusing on changing ourselves we become a model for others, who will feel our energy as we move through the world.  This will help many awaken.

We can also send love to the entire animal kingdom daily, and help those whom we can help to be free and to heal from the accumulated pain of mistreatment.

The world is changing, but the changes are happening at grass-roots levels.  The media don’t talk about those changes because they don’t want us to know that they are occurring.  I and other Light Workers are seeing more and more evidence, but we have to go to alternative sources to discover these changes occurring.  There are plenty of these online if you search for them.


I hope that by sharing this conversation, it will remind you, too, that things are changing, if more slowly than we would like them to.

Yesterday morning, I turned on the radio and discovered a local station playing Arlo Guthrie singing the entire “Alice’s Restaurant.”  It brought tears to my eyes when Arlo says to the audience who was asked to sing along with his chorus “that was terrible.  You have to sing louder to end the war.”

The war he was talking about was the US action in Vietnam over 40 years ago.  Yes, that war did end, but the truth is that war never seems to end on this planet.  The powers that be keep it going, moving it from one location on the planet to another.

There always is an excuse for war.  We are always at war somewhere now because . . .

the external wars are a reflection of

the wars going on inside ourselves.


We are at war within ourselves,

with each other,

with the animals,

the plants,

and all the nature kingdoms.

This holiday season, I invite you to go inside and find a spot in your heart where is there no war going on at all.  A place of peace.

If you have difficulty finding that peaceful spot inside yourself, then that may be why there is no true or lasting peace on this planet.

The place of peace does exist inside you.

It’s up to you to find it, nurture it, and begin to live from there.

Changes must come from within, for whatever is within us is reflected back to us from the mirror that is the world outside.

We each have the responsibility to do what is necessary to create inner peace within ourselves.

Only then will the reflection in the outer world change.

You can’t change a reflection by changing the mirror.


How Do You Express Gratitude to Your Animals?

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Gratitude helps us learn to

live together

in peace and harmony.

Do you ever take the time to tell your animals how much you appreciate them?

There are many ways to let them know how you feel.

They do understand everything you say because they are all telepathic.

Remember . . . even something an animal does that might seem annoying has one or more gifts within it that we can appreciate.


  • I’m so grateful that you’re here in my life.
  • I love to look at you and watch the way you move.
  • I love your eyes and the way you look at me.
  • When I look in your eyes, my heart opens.
  • You are so beautiful to me.
  • Your body is so perfect for you; it is the Divine expression of your Soul.
  • You are so special to me.
  • You teach me so many wonderful things.
  • Thank you for your wisdom, your kindness, your energy, and your very presence
  • When you don’t feel well or are grumpy, I appreciate the honesty of how you communicate that to me.
  • Thank you for helping me to learn to communicate with you telepathically.
  • Even when I don’t fully get or understand your message, you generously keep on trying to teach me.
  • You have such a generous and noble heart that I’m learning to be more open-hearted just by being with you.
  • You make me laugh, and that is so wonderful and healing.
  • I love you whether you are happy, sad, mad, or scared, and I’ll do all I can to protect you, care for you, and keep you safe.
  • You are precious to me, and I’m so grateful that you are here with me.  Thank you.


many cats


  • I love your gorgeous toes, powerful claws, your soft fur, your elegant tail.
  • It makes me smile and feel good inside.when I watch you play.
  • I love when you give me whisker-kisses, when you knead your paws on my body, and the sound of your healing purr.
  • Thank you for using the litter box on a regular basis and for letting me know when something is wrong.
  • Thank you for catching mice and for letting them know that they need to move out of the house.
  • I am grateful to you for showing me your excellent hunting skills and for keeping the mouse out of my bed while you play with it.
  • Thank you for jumping into closets and drawers to show me things that need to be sorted and reorganized.
  • I appreciate your independent nature that mixes so beautifully with you expressions of love.
  • I’m so glad you’re here with me.  Thank you.


Many dogs in a row.

  • I love your beautiful body, your soft fur, and the way you look at me with adoration.
  • I’m so happy when you jump in my lap or cuddle up with me in bed or on the floor.
  • I so appreciate it when you come when I call you.
  • Thank you so much for letting me know when you need to go out to relieve yourself.
  • Thank you for barking to let me know that someone has arrived or that you need me to pay attention to something.
  • The sound of your bark is music to my ears.
  • You have been an excellent partner for showing and other competitions.  Even when we don’t win 1st place, I appreciate the effort you make to please me.
  • I’m so glad you’re here with me.  Thank you.


many pet birds


  • I love your beautiful feathers, your beak, and legs, your talons, and especially your wings.
  • You are so beautiful to me that I want to hug you whenever I see you.  Since I cannot hug you as strongly as I want to, I send you energy hugs of love and joy.
  • Thank you for your affectionate kisses.
  • It makes me feel so good every time I hear you sing with your lovely voice.
  • Thank you especially for giving up a life of free-flight to be here with me, living in a cage indoors.  What generosity!  You are teaching me just by being here, and I am so grateful.
  • I’m so glad you’re here with me.  Thank you.



  • I love to watch you swim in your fish tank.  It gives me a sense of peace that is very precious to me and that helps me cope with challenges in my life.
  • You are so beautiful.  The way you move through the water is an elegant dance that fascinates me and takes me away from the busy life I lead.
  • Your colors are perfect for you and bring me great pleasure.
  • I’m so glad you’re here with me.
  • I am grateful to you for being willing to live in a fish tank that’s much smaller than the wild world from which you came.  Your generosity amazes me.  Thank you.


3 horses

  • You are amazing!  Thank you for your enormous generosity and willingness to carry me on your back, even when you may be tired or in pain.
  • Thank you for allowing me to sit in your heart chakra where you can feel all that is going on inside my body and my emotions, and for serving me in this special way that only a horse can do.
  • Thank you for allowing your free spirit to be harnessed by humans so I can have the pleasure of your company.
  • I appreciate all the efforts you make to take care of me when I drive or ride you.
  • Thank you for letting me know when something frightens you or when you don’t want to be schooled or ridden or participate in a competition.
  • Thank you for always doing the very best you can even when I wish you could do better.
  • I am so grateful to you for being with me.  Your presence fills my heart with joy and love even when all I can do is groom you and look at you with adoration.
  • I love so much to see you run with your mane and tail flying and the joy on your face when you buck and spin and express your freedom.
  • Your sense of humor doesn’t always match mine.  Still, I love that you have the ability to laugh and to make me laugh.
  • Thank you so much for being in my life, for all that you teach me, and for putting up with inexpert riding skills.
  • Riding you makes me feel united with the universe, and for that I can never thank you enough.


There are so many different species who live with humans these days.

You might have pet reptiles, such as snakes or iguana, or a pet tarantula, or bunnies.  There’s a long list of possibilities.

What do you tell them of your appreciation?

To share, please comment on this post.  There are probably some very individual things your animals do for which you are grateful, and I’d love to read about them.

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