Do Animals “Hear” Me Telepathically When I Speak to Them Out Loud?

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Do Animals “Tune in”

Even When I Don’t?


Yes, most animals in your presence will “tune in” to you telepathically when you vocalize, meaning when you speak your messages and questions to them out loud.

When you want to get an animal’s attention for any reason, if the animal is physically with you, it can help to speak the animal’s name first.

Animals who are around humans expect us to speak out loud and will quickly respond to this.

When an animal recognizes the sound of their name, they will mentally and often physically turn their attention to you to find out why you said their name.

Once you have their attention, you can continue the conversation by giving a message verbally or telepathically or both.

In general, most humans find it easier to vocalize when learning to communicate telepathically.  This is because our minds chatter so much that we often become distracted.  Vocalizing helps us stay focused.

When communicating vocally to an animal who is tuning in telepathically, it helps the animal to understand your message when your mental images and feelings align with the words of your message.

Animals who live with humans understand many of our spoken words. Still, having consistency between your thoughts, feelings, mental images, and spoken words makes it easier for the animal to understand your message.

When we take the time to explain something in detail it helps the animal get a fuller, clearing meaning of the message. For example, if you’re about to go on a trip and leave your animal friend at home, filling in the details of this experience ahead of time will do much to relieve the animal’s concerns about care while you’re gone.

In this example, some questions the animal might have that you can answer are:

  • Who will take care of me while you’re gone?
  • When are you leaving?
  • When are you returning?

Even when you’re speaking with an animal who is not physically with you, such as using a photograph or an animal’s description to make a connection, you may find that it helps you focus more effectively to speak aloud.

This applies to animal’s in spirit as well as animal’s in physical.  While the vocalization may not be heard by the animal, a stronger focus will send the communication telepathically so that the animal will “hear” you.

With practice, you can learn to connect telepathically with an animal and have entire conversations without vocalizing.  Developing this skill can be helpful if you’re on an airplane, a bus, or in another location where other people are present.



What If I Don’t Hear Words?

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Is there more than one way

to receive telepathically?


If you don’t hear words, you probably have another way of receiving that is more natural for you.

When first remembering how to communicate telepathically, you may have only 1 or 2 ways of receiving that are natural to you.  These can differ for each person.

Rather than telling yourself, “If I don’t hear words, I must not be getting anything,” try noticing how you are receive information.  You’ll soon discover that you receive telepathically some other way.

The auditory style of receiving can include words, phrases, or other sounds, like grunts, barks, purrs, tweets, and so on.  But this does not mean that all telepathic communication is auditory.

Some people are better, at first, at seeing images and pictures than at hearing messages. I’ve had students whose first style of receiving was like a movie or a slide show.   Another student saw cartoon images.

When first starting out in Animal Communication, some people receiving knowing or intuitions.  Others receive feelings.  Others have physical sensations.  Still others start out by feeling the emotional content of the message.

However you begin, that is perfect for you at that time.

One trick to learning animal communication

is to discover

your natural way of receiving telepathically.

When you accept your current style of receiving, you’ll experience a feeling of success.

As you practice, your ways of receiving will expand over time.


Are Some Animal Species Harder to Communicate with Telepathically?

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For example, are cats more difficult than dogs?

butterfly8The simple answer to this question is “no.”  However, further exploration of this subject reveals that there are situations in which the answer might appear to be “yes.”

When learning to communicate telepathically with animals, some species may seem more difficult to communicate with due to specific factors.

Some factors have to do with the individual human who is asking for the communication.

Others have to do with the individual animal.

However, it’s been my experience that there is nothing about any individual species that makes telepathic communication with them more difficult than any other species.

When I was just beginning as an Animal Communicator Professional, someone in a course I took said that cats are very hard to communicate with.  This astonished me because I had never had any difficulty communicating with felines.

FACTOR #1:  The “fear” factor.

If you’re trying to communicate with an individual from a species that frightens you,  your fear will become a barrier to your ability to receive telepathically from, potentially, all members of that species.

For example, if you’re afraid of dogs, you would be likely to have difficulty communicating with dogs.  The same would be true for horses, spiders, snakes, bees, and so on.

However, you might one day get to know and trust an individual dog and decide that this dog was an exception.  In fact, what happened was that you overcame your fear in this individual instance.

FACTOR #2:  The “prejudice” factor.

If you prejudge animals of a particular species, your beliefs and opinions them will be communicated to them.  Members of that species will, therefore, be less likely to want to communicate with you.  You might then conclude that that species was difficult to communicate with, but that would be a false conclusion.

For example, if you believe that cows are stupid, you may find it difficult to have telepathic conversations with individual cows.

FACTOR #3:  The “respect” factor.

There are animals in the wild who seem to have no interest whatsoever in being in close contact, even telepathically, with humans.  They are aware of how badly humanity has treated the planet and members of their own and other species.  They, too, have little reason to trust humans in general, and may be completely unwilling to have a conversation.

That said, it is unwise to make generalities.  It may be that there are a few individuals of any species who would be willing to communicate telepathically if approached with respect and requested to do so.

In Conclusion

In my experience, it is unhelpful to make sweeping generalizations about specific species.  Most animals, if approached with genuine respect and regard for who they are, will be willing to have a telepathic conversation with a human.  Then it’s up to us to get past our own fears.  When we can do this, we can have many wonderful conversations with animals of all species.



Can Anyone Learn Animal Communication?

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Is Animal Communication

a natural ability?



We are all naturally
telepathic from infancy. 

I know of one mother who has consciously used telepathic communication with her twin boys since they were in her womb.  She continued this after they were born, and both her boys continue to be telepathic with each other, with her, and with the family’s animal companions.

Yet, even when parents have not focused on communicating telepathically with their children, many young children who have animals in the family will speak telepathically with the animals very naturally.  This was the case with me.  We had lots of cats and dogs when I was a child, so I just naturally communicated with them.

As we grow up, we may stop using our telepathic abilities because older children or adults ridicule us for speaking about our intuitive knowings and actual conversations with animals.  For most people, this causes them to shut down and stop using telepathy with animals in a conscious way.

I, myself, was rather lucky.  When I would tell my parents what an animal had told me, they would say, “It’s just your imagination.”  That allowed me to keep using my “imagination” and to continue having conversations with animals into my adult life.  Part of me thought, “I’m just imagining it”, but another part of me kept having the conversations because it came naturally to me to do it, and it was fun!  While I was communicating, it felt very real, but I mostly didn’t share this with anyone else.

If you want to learn telepathic communication with animals, there are many workshops and teleclasses offered by Animal Communicator Professionals.  By attending these classes, you will being “remembering” how to use your natural abilities.  It’s helpful to take a class to get yourself started, although some folks are reminded of their natural ability when one of their own animal family members begins talking to them.

One gal I knew was driving down the highway one day singing with the radio.  Suddenly, she heard a male voice in her head singing along with her.  It was her horse!  She heard him quite clearly!   So she started to speak with him, and he answered her.  After that, she found it very easy to have lots of conversations with him.

So the answer is, YES, anyone who wants to learn Animal Communication can revive that already God-given ability.



What Is “Animal Communication?”

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“Animal Communication”

is a form of telepathic communication.


butterfly1ANIMAL COMMUNICATION is an expansion of  our intuition.  It allows you and an animal to communicate telepathically.

Animal Communication is very old. Native peoples all around the world have been communicating with animals for eons.

Today, many of us have been communicating telepathically with animals since childhood.  For all humans, this is a natural form of communication, just as it is natural for all animals.

Telepathy is an energetic exchange for the purpose of communicating an idea, a feeling, an emotion, information, or some other message.

Some people first experience this type of communication with their animals when they suddenly know that “something is wrong” with one of their animal companions without having seen any changes in behavior.  It may be hard to convince someone else when you have a “knowing” about something, but if you have had this experience and taken your animal friend to the veterinarian, and the veterinarian discovered that your animal was very sick, that was confirmation for you of your expanded intuitive sense.

So telepathic communication with animals is really expanded intuition.


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