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So, Sakhara, how are you enjoying being outside?


Sakhara is very different since she began going outside.  She is calmer, and for this very calm, grounded, Earth energy kitty, that’s an amazing thing to even imagine, much less experience.  She is also eating more comfortably – less frantically.

I asked Sakhara the other day if she was eating anything outside.  “Insects,” she told me. 

“What kind?”

“Crickets.  They’re delicious.” 

Sakhara is missing many teeth.  While she still has her canines (although I always think in cats they should be called “felines”), she is missing all the little ones between them and many others on the sides, both on top and on bottom of her mouth.  So while I know she can still hunt for small animals, she would not be able to chew or consume them.

In the past, on the rare occasions I would let Sakhara go outside, she’d head right for the grass and tear off pieces and swallow them.  This caused her a great deal of digestive distress because she couldn’t cut the pieces small enough or chew them at all, and she would end up feeling terrible and then vomit.  Her digestive distress would continue, and I would feel dismayed about it all.

Of course, vomiting is one way the body cleanses.  Do you know that?  Not long ago I was rereading a very old out-of-print book I have on hatha yoga.  In one chapter on cleansing, the authors talked about eating things to cause yourself to vomit as a type of purging.  Not exactly what attracts me to yoga, but interesting to know that this can be a cleansing practice.

As I observe Sakhara now, she isn’t eating grass and isn’t vomiting at all.  Of course, she might be eating grass where I can’t or don’t oberseve her, and then vomiting outside, but she says that she isn’t, and I believe her.  I’ve never known her to lie.  Also, lots of times she isn’t out there for very long, so if she did eat grass, it would still be inside her when she came in and I would know if she were vomiting in the house.

I remembered the other day that Sakhara, who is a rather reticent personality, had told someone in one of the TWA classes that her job is to patrol around the house outside and protect the property.  Now, I wonder whether, by keeping her inside all the time, her level of frustration and stress at not being able to do her job contributed to her being sick. 

I don’t feel as though I want to ask her about it.  I just want to hold this notion in my mind for awhile and feel the resonance of its energy.  Some emotions can make us physically ill and others can heal us.  Being continuously kept from your life purpose/job could have a very deleterious effect on anyone.  So many subtle energies and experiences can influence our overall state of well-being.  

So I continue to watch and observe Sakhara as she explores outside.  She headed off across the street yesterday with Hattie (the mostly feral resident of my yard) accompanying her.  I was outside at the time watering my small vegetable and herb garden.   I had to hold myself back from interfering.  She was gone quite a while and Violet had to be comforted.  But she came back just fine, feeling really good and a bit tired.  More lessons for me.


A Lesson in Trust from Sakhara

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I’m the one having the lesson.


What do you do when one of your animals is sick (very out of balance) and she tells you she must go outside into nature to heal?

Sakhara enjoying the outdoors.

Sakhara enjoying the outdoors.

That’s the question I faced last weekend when Sakhara announced that her chronic digestive problems (unofficially not diagnosed as pancreatitis) will only be fully healed if she spends time in nature.

Being close to the earth is healing for animals – and for us as well.  Getting to touch the actual earth with your feet – feeling the energies of the Earth – the wind in your fur (hair and on your skin) – smelling the woods – the leaves rotting in the fall, the flowers of spring and summer – it’s a sensory fiesta!!!

Keeping cats inside puts them into a totally artificial environment which lacks mental and emotional stimulation, as well as appropriate motivations for exercise, excitement, and joy.   Cats are literally built to hunt.  Inside a human dwelling the occasional bug or mouse might show up, but can YOU imagine NEVER leaving your home for your entire life????? 

Of course, you can’t. 

You would think it a prison. 

And you would be right.

By definition, keeping cats inside creates hazards that we humans don’t acknowledge for the most part.  Cats can’t possibly live as healthy or interesting a life when restricted to a house or apartment.  Their entire sensory system responds to smells and movements, and being indoors all the time is BOOOOOORING. 

They get less exercise, too.  If that’s bad for humans, it’s also bad for animals.  There is just no substitute for the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of nature – the wind in your fur, the smells of each season, the scents of other animals, the trees to climb, the birds to watch (and to catch, and to eat). 

Yes, catching and eating food.  What wild cat have you ever seen building a fire and roasting their food before eating it?  Raw and freshly caught (or slightly aged) is what cats love to eat – are designed to eat – need to eat to have healthy digestive systems and bodies.

“OK,”  you may be saying, “but what about predators that eat cats?”

“Trust me,” said Sakhara.  “Trust that this is what is best for me to do.  I won’t put myself into danger.  I know I’m not fit – that you cut my nails – that I need to stay fairly near the house.  I’m not trying to get myself injured or killed.  I just need to be on the Earth – to fully feel the energies of the Earth.  Trust that this is best for me.”

So I’ve taken the leap of faith and I’m allowing Sakhara to spend part of each day outside.  She seems better – MUCH better.  She comes in after a short time and sleeps deeply, more at peace.  She seems happier, too.

Violet worries about her.  So do I.  Violet doesn’t want to go out.  She wasn’t introduced to the outside world as a kitten.  Sakhara was an indoor/outdoor cat for the first 12-18 months of her life.  Sakhara is wise about surviving outside.  Violet has been the over-protected, pampered Siamese.  I’m regretting now that I have kept her in.  I debated and debated this in my head over the years, but it just doesn’t seem normal or healthy to me for a cat to live in an artificial environment.

So Violet and I are learning that Sakhara knows what she needs.  We are learning to trust.  And Sakhara is thriving.  I started writing this blog when I began my vacation, and now, over a week later, I see a much healthier cat when I observe Sakhara. 

It’s important that we listen to what our animals tell us they need.  Big lesson for me at so many levels.


p.s.  I’ve stopped cuttin her nails.  This way, she is armed and can climb more easily and safely if she needs to.

An Unusual Healing for An Unusual Kitty, Client Perspective

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The following information is written in Jennifer’s own words with some small edits from me.  If you have been following this story, I believe you will find Jennifer’s observations quite fascinating.


Since Cleopatra was a kitten, she would go into severe “depression episodes” if there were any types of changes to her environment.  She became completely despondent, curls into a ball, her fur becomes dull, eyes, glassy, stops eating, and on several occasions will start to dry heave.

In the past couple of years, we tried flower essences and the homeopathic remedy Lycopodioum.  This combo seemed to stabilize her up until recently, when we decided to introduce Chloe, another cat, into the family. 

Having Chloe come into the house once again put Cleo into one of her episodes.  The trigger seemed to be the occasion when Chloe bullied Cleo away from her food and then ate the food herself.  Cleo immediately became completely despondent and curled herself into a ball in our spare bedroom.  [All the old symptoms were back,] and the remedies that had previously worked did ot work when I gave them to her.  So I contacted Nedda in hopes that we could help Cleopatra overcome her depression and possibly integrate Chloe into the family.

After communicating with Cleo, Nedda realized that her depression went unusally deep – that Cleo seems to “melt” into herself.  This was a geat way of putting it because that was exactly what it looked like to me.  Nedda suggested a healing for Cleo, which we scheduled for 10 a.m. the next morning.


I was preparing to leave the house just when the healing session was to begin.  Cleo was still in her spot on the bed, still in her despondent state.  At 10 a.m., I saw Emme, Cleo’s best friend and protector, jump up on the bed, put her paws around Cleo’s neck, and begin to groom her.  When Nedda told me of her own experience of the healing on the phone the next day, she said that Emme came energetically into the healing space to support Cleo as the healing session began.


I returned home in the evening to find Cleopatra greeting me at the door, something she hadn’t done all week.  I picked her up and noticed immediately the change in her eyes and fur, the first two things to go when she becomes depressed.  Her fur was back to being shiny and her eyes were bright.

Cleo wanted to go outside.  After I let her out, she started acting in an unusual way.  At first I thought it might have been becasue Chloe was also outside, but even so, up until this night, Cleo had been OK with Chloe outside the house.

Cleo’s unusual behavior that night was to refused to come back into the house.  She seemed alert, but distant.  She sat on our deck for awhile staring straight ahead.  Then she disappeared off our deck and would not come when called, which is very unusual for her late in the evening.  Finally, my husband took a flashlight and we found her at the bottom of the hill behind our house staring up at the house.  Eventually, Cleo did come back to the door on her own.  When she came insight, it was like a night-and-day change in her, as if she had been processing things while outside.

Cleo walked into the house in a very alert state and for the next hour proceeded to run and play with all her favoite toys.  When she’s really happy, she does running somersaults onto our sofa.  When I saw her do 2 of those in a row, I knew she was back to her old self!  I literally sat in amazement in the living room watching her and playing with her.  It was such a drastic change from just that morning that it took me some time to process!


Before Cleopatra’s healing, she had stopped coming into our master bedroom, a place she loves.  Chloe had then taken over the bed in that room.

The day after Cleopatra’s healing, she entered the master bedroom for the first time in over a week.   During the initial Animal Communication session, Nedda had told me that Chloe had told Cleopatra she was no longer welcome in that room.   Now Cleo had returned to that room.


Although Chloe’s presence is still upsetting for her, the changes I have seen in Cleo have held for two weeks.  Chloe is still challenging Cleo, Cleo is not regressing back into her depressed state.  She remains very alert and her eyes are shiny and bright.  Her fur is looking great.  This is huge considering the fact that Chloe has upped the ante with her and has tried to be even more domineering this last week.

It’s amazing to see that even though Cleopatra is visibly upset, she is holding her own and not regressing, not withdrawing into herself again.


Even though Cleo has made tremendous progress, [I feel that] the stress of Chloe’s presence and behavior is too much for Cleo to handle.  We [my husband and I] felt it would be best if Chloe went to live with my mother.

We are very optimistic about Cleo’s progress and hope we can continue to work with Nedda on her issues.  Nedda . . . [was guided by the beings she works with in her healing sessions to make] some observations about mercury toxicity and possible vaccination reactions that we want to investigate further.  Hopefully, with the combination of the healing and these other issues taken care of, Cleopatra’s life is going to be a much calmer, happier experience.

We thank Nedda so much for helping to connect these pieces to the puzzle [of Cleo’s unusual behavior]!


An Unusual Healing for an Unusual Kitty, Con’t.

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PART III:  How Cleo Responded.

The healing session described in Part II of this series was very intense for Cleo, and I had expected that she might sleep for a long period of time afterward.   I had mentioned to Jennifer that she should not be concerned if this is what happened.

On the day following the healing session, Jennifer called with an update.  To my amazement, Cleopatra had run and played and lept with bright eyes for the rest of the day after the healing session.  According to Jennifer, Cleopatra even went outside to play and was generally much perkier.  In addition, her tail was up and her coat remained normal.

As for Cleopatra’s reactions to Chloe, these had changed.   Whenever she saw Chloe, Cleopatra still became upset and she avoided Chloe’s presence.  However, she no longer withdrew with a dull coat and a droopy tail. 

I suggested that we wait a few days to see how things developed and then decide what to do next.

A Week Later

Jennifer reported that Cleopatra had held her own for the whole week.  She said that the differences she saw in Cleopatra were “night and day.”  While this was good news, it did not resolve the issue of integrating the cats. 

Chloe was still being very aggressive and Cleopatra was still on the defensive.  Jennifer wasn’t sure whether she should keep Chloe, with whom she felt a strong connection, or whether she should send Chloe to live with her parents.   Jennifer was really torn, as she also loves Cleo and Cleo has been with her for many years.

I suggest that Chloe be put on some flower essences that might reduce her aggressive approach to expressing her dominance and to bring out some of her maternal instincts, if possible.  Jennifer agreed to try this.

I also suggested another healing for Cleopatra to make sure she had fully integrated the spiritual aspect who had held the memories of the past life and to also allow the guides to finish up any energetic repairs that were incomplete.

Second Healing for Cleopatra

At the beginning of the healing session, it was clear that the integration of the spiritual aspect was going well.  I was shown an image of that feline energy in a deep healing sleep and a process of recovery.  In addition, the guides were able to finish the dna, brain template, and brain matrix repairs.

I also asked the question, “Who is Chloe to Cleo?” to see whether this information might help bring resolution between the two cats.  The guides told me that the being now living as Chloe was the one who had tortured and killed Cleo in the past life (described in the previous blog entry), and that resolution would only come when Cleopatra was ready and willing to forgive Chloe.  Cleopatra told me she wasn’t ready.

So the second healing completed the integration process and repairs necessary for Cleopatra to overcome her “autistic” behavior pattern.  However, it did not resolve the situation between the two cats.

Final Outcomes

Three days later, Jennifer called to say that Chloe had become even more aggressive while taking the flower essences than before she started on them.  Jennifer’s home is small, and she felt she had to stop the essences because there was no way to separate the cats.  Although once off the essences, Chloe’s aggression returned to previous levels, Jennifer decided that she did not want to put Cleopatra through anything more.  She decided to send Chloe to live with her parents.

While I have heard that some flower essences, such as those for depression or anxiety, can cause an intensification of these emotions before clearing them, I had never heard of essences used to reduce agression bringing out increased aggressive behavior.  This is certainly something I will keep in mind for future reference.

Jennifer assured me that, despite how it had all worked out, she was thrilled by the changes in Cleopatra.  Cleopatra had not had a return to her withdrawn, “autistic” like behavior, despite Chloe’s increased aggression.  She had behaved towards Chloe as any cat might who felt her territory was invaded and felt unable to handle the aggressor.

In my experience, it often takes at least 6 months to integrate new cats.  During that time, the territorial and dominance issues must play out, and if there is too much conflict, the health and well-bring of the existing family members may need to take precedence.

An Unusual Healing for an Unusual Kitty, Con’t.

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PART II:  The First Healing Session.


I began the energy healing session by calling on my guides and by asking to be a clear channel, open to all that would take place.  I then invited Cleopatra’s energy to come between my hands for the healing session.  Emme also showed up to comfort and assist her friend.



I purposely had no expectations other than that whatever took place would be for the highest good of all concerned.  I begin all healings this way because the guides I work with are expert healers and they know what needs to be done.  Sometimes they show me what they are doing.  Other times, they don’t.

My job is to hold the space and coordinate/facilitate the healing team.  While I also use certain techniques I have been taught, many times I am just holding the space and setting overall and specific intentions for healing.

It was a bit of a surprise to me when I was told that Cleo’s healing would begin with modifications to her DNA akashic layer, the etheric template for her physical body, and the akashic record in her auric field.  (When my guides tell me that they can do these things, I’ve learned to just accept it and go with whatever happens.  The results are often quite astonishing.)

Very quickly, the guides showed me that, at the most basic level, Cleopatra had experienced a past-life trauma during the period in European history known as the Reformation.  During several hundred years, the Catholic Church killed more than 3 million humans (mostly women) and some unknown number of animals in its attempt to wipe out all independent thought and indigenous spiritual systems.   The Church tortured and killed heretics, including shamanic healers and mid-wifes who were connected with nature and used herbs and other natural approaches to heal and live in harmony with the Earth Kingdoms.  These people were accused of witchcraft and heresy, and their animal compansions, called “familiars” were also tortured and killed.

According to my guides, Cleopatra had been a feline in at least one lifetime where she had been tortured, set on fire, and experienced a lingering and painful death.  A part of her spirit had been locked into the pain and trauma of that event.  This aspect needed to be released, healed, and integrated back into Cleo’s Consciousness.  I was told that we were going to do a type of soul retrieval for Cleo.

When the being came forth into our awareness, she was screaming and howling with pain and fear.   Her fur was all standing up on end; her pupils dialated.  Her fur seems clumped and burnt and part of her skin was bald and burned.

Emme and Cleo began immediately to lick (groom) the spirit, who immediately began to quiet down.  It was as though two feline mothers were healing a sick kitten.  The spirit’s fur began immediately to change back to normal.

A some point, the guides said that the first level of reintegration of the spirit was complete and that they would begin working to repair Cleo’s “brain matrix”.  The matrix for the body is an energy structure or webbing on which the physical aspects of the body are built.  This step, I was told, is necessary for the brain functioning to be restructured so that Cleo would not need to hide whenever something in her environment changed.

Other guides began working on the DNA repair.  One level of this was to eliminate damage from the vaccines that had triggered Cloe’s behavioral patterns.  Another level was to clear from the DNA the memories of the past life experience that had been brought to the surface by Cleo’s interaction with Chloe (the new cat in the family).

Eventually, I was told that the brain matrix was ready for re-activation.

Another message came through that Cleopatra needed to detox mercury from her physical body.  This would not be part of the healing and would require a different process altogether.

I was asked to do a chakra cleanse for Cleo, which is a technique I am familiar with and have done many, many times.  When we got to Cleo’s third chakra, the power center located in the area of the stomach, I was told that the chakra needed repair, and the teams who know how to do that showed up. 

When I got to Cleo’s third eye, the psychic center, Cleo asked me not to do anything there because she wasn’t ready.  I alway honor what the being receiving the healing tells me, so I stopped working with her chakras at that point.  My sense was that Cleo’s third eye had been very open and active during the lifetime when the trauma had occurred and that working with it on this day would be too much for Cleo.

The healing session took an hour, at the end of which a great many things had been accomplished.  I urged Cleo to rest for the next day or so and the session was ended.

In the next blog installment, I will share with you what Jennifer
told me about Cleo’s behavior and appearance
after the session. 

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