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TWA_OPG – Conversation with Wild Deer

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Speaking with a Wild Deer


Wild doe grazing.

Hi.  My name is Nedda.  I’m the lady who lives in the dark blue house with the funny looking tall poll structure.  Are you the doe who was in my yard yesterday?  Yes.

Did you come at 2 different times yesterday?  Yes.

Is there a name I can call you?  “Rosie” is ok.

You are very beautiful.  Yes, I am.

Rosie, do you know how often you come into my area to feed?  About once per moon cycle.  I might come for several days in a row.  There are some good herbs here.

About 4 or 5 moon cycles ago, there were a group of 3 deer who came through my yard.  In fact, many deer passed through.  Was something different happening then?  There are many deer trails and many groups of deer – small groups of 2 or 3.  They are family groups? Yes.

Where is your family?  I am alone.  Did members of your family die/leave their bodies?  Yes.  How do you feel about that?  A bit sad, but also I just accept it.  Life here and life there [in spirit] is all just life – different experiences.

Rosie, how can I tell if you are the deer in the photo I took?  The image you are sending feels like me – my energy.  That’s all there is – all I can tell you.

I have some human students learning how to communicate this way with animals.  Would you be willing to speak with them like this?  Answer their questions?  Yes, I guess so.  Is that all [I’d have to do]?  Yes.  OK.  When?  Sometime during the next few weeks.  OK.  [A feeling of agreement.]

Rosie, tell me about your life – whatever you’d like to share with me.  I’ve had one baby, but he’s gone now – on his own.  He was strong and smart and handsome.

How many seasons/years old are you?  I’ve seen 3 springs.  We don’t often think about this type of question/subject.  Were you born in the spring?  Yes.  So 3 springs means, in human terms, that you are about 2 years old?  [I send her a mental construct of  “spring+born –> spring #2 –> spring #3.”]  Yes.

What do you like to eat?  Green things – many different kinds.  It’s sometimes [winter image] hard to find enough food.  There are many of us in winter who struggle to get enough to eat.

Have you lived other lifetimes as a deer?  Yes.  There were times when there were big herds and more space [sense/image/subtle knowing of fewer humans and a sense of open spaces, but also of huge forests].

Thank you, Rosie.  Bye.

TWA_OPG – Interview with Moose & Magdalen

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Moose’s Bio and Viewpoint


Moose looking cute.

Magdalen brought Moose home in March of this year, 2010, from another family. Magdalen already knew Moose because she is a professional dog walker and Moose was one of the dogs she walked.

Moose had been living with a married couple with twin 7-year old boys named Max and Zack. Zack suffered from seizures and some learning disabilities which made it difficult for him to be gentle enough with Moose. Although Moose was very tolerant of the treatment he was receiving, the family was concerned for him and decided it was time for him to have another home.

So Moose, Magdalen, and the 3 cats, Max, Dottie, and Gracie, all live in an apartment in Manhattan.


Moose is fed dry food only. For treats he gets carrots and some banana. He likes bananas very much. When I asked about food he wished he was getting, the conversation went like this:

Moose, how do you like your food? It’s great. I get plenty to eat. I like to eat. I’d like to try more human stuff. Smells better than what I get. He likes deli meats. – likes Pastrami.

Magdalen:  I don’t eat Pastrami.

That’s really sad. It’s excellent.

Where did you taste Pastrami? At my former home.

Did they actually feed you Pastrami? A taste now and then. It was a treat. It was the best!! With mustard. And sometimes a bit of pickle.

Magdalen says she never gives him any deli meats. He never gets human food except for bananas and carrots.

It would be nice, on occasion, to have some human meat. Just a taste or two.

Moose and the Cats

According to Magdalen, Moose gets along with all the cats. Dottie and Gracie are both rather feral, although Dottie is more feral than Gracie. Dottie runs around Moose – sort of ignores him; may even be afraid of him. Gracie is interested and tries to get close, but if he moves even 1 paw, she freaks out and runs away. He never chases them. Moose loves to watch the girls play.

Moose and Max are buddies. Max is king of the house, but Max defers to Moose being the “dog king.” Max likes to be on Magdalen’s lap. When he climbs onto Magdalen, Moose starts to cry. Moose wants Magdalen’s attention instead of letting her give attention to Max. Magdalen tells him it’s Max’s turn. Later on Moose gets a complete body rub from head to toe from Magdalen.

Moose’s Dog Friends

Pepper is a female Mexican Chihuahua who looks likes Miniature Doberman Pincer with huge ears. She’s mostly black; has a faun colored face with white. Pepper comes charging into the apartment to visit and then she jumps onto Moose’s back and he lets her jump on and off him. She’s very excitable and Moose is very patient with her. They go for walks together in Central Park.

Do you have any dog friends? Yes, Pepper – she’s funny. She gets all excited and can’t stand or sit still. It’s exhausting watching her. I’m happy not to move and to let her do all the running around. When we walk together, I get tired watching her.

Moose and Walks

Moose goes outside 6 times a day to “do his business” and 3 of those trips are for 30 minute walks.

Each morning we eat and then go out for quick walk. Then come back and I hang out while Magdalen get’s ready for work.

What do you do for fun each day? Eating; taking walks.  I like the excitement of the city. I like to see all the people going by, the cars making noise, other dogs. It’s just a very exciting place.

Magdalen says you like other dogs to sniff you? Yeah. And I like to sniff them.

When you sniff, what kind of info do you get? Smell tells me who they are, what’ve been eating; sometimes where they’ve been, like if they’ve been in the park. Also tells me about their personality.

That’s in their smell? No it’s in how they react to being sniffed.

Do you like it better to sniff dogs you know or don’t know? I just like to sniff dogs. I like to sniff everything. My sense of smell is truly awesome. Very strong. Better than humans. I can smell better than Magdalen. How?  Because I know what Magdalen is thinking and I know she’s can’t smell like I can.

She can’t?  Yes. When she greets people, she doesn’t sniff them. So I know she’s not smelling them. Either she’s being foolish to miss this important information or she can’t smell so good.

Humans use their eyes to tell who someone is. M- the nose is better. Less chance of making a mistake.  Once when Sakhara came back from surgery at the vets, Violet, my other cat, insisted I had brought back the wrong cat.  It took her a week to decide I had the correct cat, after Sakhara’s body had gotten rid of all the anesthia, antibiotics and other chemical odors.   Moose is amazed. He says he can’t believe that someone’s scent can change like that. True story, MooseHe’s incredulous.

Moose, when Max goes to the vet and spends time in a glass enclosed oxygen tank to help his breathing – asthma – after he comes home, Magdalen says you don’t think he smell right. Moose says, “Yes, but I still recognize him. He smells like himself by changed a bit. I still can smell the Max smell, even if it is fainter.”

How do you get along with Max?  I love Max. He’s my good buddy. But I don’t like him to get all of Magdalen’s attention. Sometimes we share Magdalen.

Does Max lick your face? Yes, [big smile] – it tickles. I like it.

Do you play with Max? No, I don’t really play much anymore. I’m too big and I’m too old. But I let others play with me. – Pepper – who jumps on and off; Max who climbs up and down. The girls (Max’s daughters) – they could run up and down me, too, but I have to be like a statue – I can’t even twitch or itch or move an ear. I’ve been here a while now and they still are scared of me. I want them to like me. I won’t hurt anyone. I feel sad that they’re scared of me.

What are your favorite places to go on walks? The park. I like going down streets where I smell food being cooked. I like to see people eating. I hope to find treats dropped on the sidewalk.

Other topics

Moose describes himself: I’m cool. I’m laid back. I’m relaxed. Nothing bothers me (whipers – except Max getting all the attention) – otherwise, I’m totally relaxed and happy and peaceful. I wish the two female cats would figure this out. I really want to be friends with them.

Anything missing from your life? Wants to see movies about dogs. Really enjoys that. Likes to watch TV with Magdalen and Max, but betst of all when there are dogs on. Also like swatching other animals. “Animal Planet”? Yes – lots of animals. Magdalen says he does watch.

Magdalen wants him to watch Soap Operas.

Soap operas are boring. Can’t understand what Magdalen sees in those.

Do you miss having children around? No. Too much work. It was hard to be patient with them. They were a lot of work.

Do you miss Ellen and Jamie (the boys’ parents)? Yes. But they were so busy with the boys. I get much more attention here from Magdalen. I wouldn’t want to go back.

Are you going to be able to talk to people (in the OPG)? Yes, but they have to be patient with me because I think slowly and I speak slowly. I’m not dumb.

I don’t think you’re dumb.

People are in too much of a hurry all the time. I like to take my time. (except for eating). But in all other ways. I want people to be patient with me.

Moose, when you sleep, do you dream? Not sure.

Do you daydream? What’s that? That’s when you are sitting quietly and having an imaginary experience. Like you might be imaging that you’re riding in a car.

Why would you do that (imagine riding in a car)? Well, some people like to do that. Some dogs like to do that.

Not me. I’m here where I am. Why would I imagine being somewhere else?Moose feels very grounded as he says this.

Some people might ask you how they can improve their ability to ask questions and/or to receive answers telepathically. Can you give them advice? Yes. I’ll just tell them 2 things: 1) Be patient 2) Listen carefully.

Anything else you want me to know about you? I’m a cutie. Yes, you are.  Magdalen and her friend karen both tell him he’s a cutie on a regular basis.>

TWA_OPG – September Bonus #2

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The Pinchot Sycamore, Simsbury, CT USA


Great Grandfather Sycamore - the largest tree in Connecticut.

It’s difficult to get an idea of how large Great Grandfather really is.
This first picture shows the entire tree (I hope).

Great Grandfather close up.

If 10 adults stood at the base and held their arms out and held hands,
they might just be able to reach around the entire base.

When the park was founded in 1946, the circumferance was measured at 23 feet, 7 inches.

Great Grandfather and a little boy.

I don’t know who this boy is, but while I was taking photos,
he came and stood next to the tree so his parents could photograph him. 

I took this picture to show you contrast between the tree’s size and the boy.
My guess is the boy is about 6 or 7 years old. 

Great Grandfather - another close up.

When I sit under this tree, the energy is so powerful that
after 30 minutes I feel drunk and have to leave. 


Use any of these photos to connect with his energy and have a conversation.  You can ask about his life, his perspective on humans, history, trees in general, or whatever you like.  He knows many things about the planet and the “standing ones” – as Native Americans refer to the tree people.

TWA_OPG – September Practice Animal

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Moose is a 6 year old Bulldog who lives with Magdalen and 3 cats in a New York City apartment.  He came to live with Magdalen in March of this year, 2010.  His feline companions are:

  • Max (our May practice animal), a neutered male, black and white domestic short haired (DSH) feline, father of the two females;
  • Gracie, DSH, all black, FS, age 7, full sister to Dottie;
  • Dottie, DSH, black and white, FS, age 7, full sister to Gracie.

PLEASE NOTE – when you start talking with Moose

  • Max is likely to pop in.  He did it several times during my interview with Moose in preparation for Moose’s participation, and as many of you may recall, he’s something of a prankster.
  • Moose requests that you be patient with him.  He says, “I think slowly and I speak slowly.  I’m not dumb.”  If you experience long silences in your conversation check in with Moose’s energy.  If he is still there with you, which I expect he will be, let him know it’s OK for him to take his time responding.

Questions for Moose:

1. Where were you living before you came to live with Magdalen, Max, and the girls?

2. How do you like living here?

3. Had you ever been with cats before coming to live here?

a. How do you get along with Max, Dottie, and Gracie? (ask for each cat individually)
b. How do they behave around you? (ask for each cat individually)
c. With which cat do you have the best, most special relationship?
d. What do you think about cats? How do you feel about these cats?
e. How do you feel about sharing Magdalen’s attention with 3 cats?

4. How do you feel about children?

5. What do you get to eat?

a. What’s your favorite treat?
b. Is there any special food you like to eat that Magdalen doesn’t give you?

6. Who are your doggie friends?

a. What do they look like?
b. Names?
c. What kinds of things do you get to do with them?

7. How often does Magdalen take you for walks?

a. Do you have a favorite place to take walks?
b. What do you like about taking walks?
c. Is there anything you don’t like about walks?

8. Tell me what you do on a typical day?

a. What do you do for fun?
b. What do you do for exercise?

9. When dogs sniff each other, what kind of information are you getting?

a. Which of your senses is the most powerful?
b. Which is the least powerful?
c. How does this affect how you experience the world?
d. When Max goes to the vet to get treatment for his asthma, how does he smell when he comes home?

10. When you compare dog behavior with human behavior, what do you notice about humans? About dogs?

a. How are humans and dogs similar?
b. How are humans and dogs different?

11. Do you play with the cats? With other dogs?

12. How would you describe your personality?

13. Is there anything missing from your life?

14. What do you daydream about or dream about at night?

15. What advice would you give me about learning to communicate telepathically with animals?

16. What advice would you give me about living life in general?

17. Is there anything you want me to know about you that I haven’t asked?

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