Violet, the Teacher – A Reincarnation Adventure

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Training the Kitten Begins



Violet and Sakhara had been working together energetically and telepathically with Starlight from nearly the first day of her birth.  They had been in cahoots, making plans and having conversations that excluded me, which is fine, although I was curious about all these deliberations.

Violet started showing up outside Starlight’s door on Wednesday of the first week each time I visited the kitten (which was 4 times each day).  She had integrated her chiropractic adjustment, and seemed ready to go to work with Starlight.  She would just sit outside the room quietly and would come downstairs with me after I left.

“Did you get the job of official teacher?” I asked that Wednesday morning.  She affirmed that this was the case.  “Let me know when you are ready to interact with her,” I requested.

A day or so later, I attempted to create a “see and sniff” situation between Violet and Starlight.  Starlight was eager (to put it mildly) to interact with Violet.  I had an old window screen in the basement.  I imagined that by holding it in place with some bricks on the floor the two cats could visit, but Starlight insisted on climbing the screen, with great ease, I might add.  I needed a better plan.

I could remain inside the room with Starlight to try to keep her from climbing over the top, but that would interfere with the Starlight – Violet connection, and I knew I had to stay out of their interactions.

It was psychologically important that I be on Violet’s side of the screen to support Violet’s efforts and not appear to be taking “sides” with Starlight.

I tried hanging a cloth over the upper portion of the doorway using self-sticking velcro, but I didn’t have enough to keep the determined kitten from pushing her way through.

Nothing I came up was working.

I turned to Violet and asked, “What do you think.  Are you ready to interact with her?”

Violet said,  “Yes.”

So I took a deep breath, used the screen to block off the staircase, and let Starlight come running out of her room.  I just sat on the floor near Violet and watched to see what was going to happen between them.

Starlight would come up to Violet, asking her to play and trying to sniff noses.  Violet would yowl and try to cuff  Starlight.  “Cuffing” is a feline way of disciplining a kitten.  It’s done with claws sheathed, as the purpose is not to injure, but to discipline.

Starlight, however, is faster than lightening.  For all of Violet’s efforts, she couldn’t connect with Starlight’s body – not even once!!  Violet had a very frustrating time of it.

I remained on the floor in the hall between my bedroom and Starlight’s room, and watched Starlight and Violet do an amazing dance up and back between the two rooms and into my bedroom.

Violet did a lot of screaming and swatting the air when Starlight approached her.

Starlight would back up, hunch up her back as if frightened, but also playfully, and then come immediately back at Violet again and again, face-to-face or from behind in a kind of “tag” game.

The game went up and back between the two rooms, as Starlight charged up to Violet, who would scream and swat to no avail.  Violet kept trying to get Starlight to back off, but nothing she did had any effect on Starlight.

Violet avoided going into Starlight’s room when Starlight ran in there, but would follow Starlight into my bedroom (which is definitely Violet’s territory, as she sleeps with me nearly every night).

Meanwhile, Starlight was having fun exploring my bedroom, where she had never been before.

After about 20 minutes of this, Violet was tiring.  Starlight, for her part, wasn’t getting tired at all.  She was more and more excited by all this play that she had been missing.

With Violet’s agreement, I decided it was time to stop.  The next time Starlight ran back into her room, I quickly went in and shut the door.

Starlight was disappointed – she could have gone on much longer, but I had other things to do and Violet needed a break.

After we both went downstairs, Violet agreed to repeat this interaction twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Each time we finished, Violet would come downstairs and go to sleep, quite worn out.  Starlight would protest at the door  and then would play by herself with some of her toys.

Each time I separated them, Starlight would say to me,

“I LOVE Violet.  I just LOVE her!”

And, indeed, Starlight DOES love Violet very much.  And Violet needs as much loving as she can get, and this is turning out to be a great gift of healing for Violet, who never really had a feline to play with in this life.    Sakhara was more like a mother to Violet, and mother cats often just watch their babies play.  So I’ve been Violet’s primary playmate until now, when Starlight is teaching Violet how to play with her.

These games went on for 2-3 days, and then the weather turned suddenly cold and the whole arrangement had to be altered.  More about that next time.

Read about Starlight’s life purpose as she describes it.

Starlight’s First Days Home – A Reincarnation Adventure

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If I Only Had A Feline Tongue . . .


Starlight in her first week home.

I only slept 4 hours that first night because I was concerned that Starlight wasn’t used to being alone.  She was used to being with her extended family of  mother, father, 5 aunts, siblings, and cousins.  I didn’t want her to be afraid or lonely.  I also needed to make sure all her internal plumbing was working as she had not relaxed enough to use her litter box the entire previous day of travel.

So I popped up at 4 a.m. and went for a visit.  Starlight was so happy to see me.  She had urinated a puddle as large as herself – don’t ask me where she had held all that water.  I could feel it in my body that she was desperate for a mother’s tongue to reassure her, and I swear, had my tongue had that rough feline surface, I would have licked her immediately.  Instead, I cuddled and pet her as much as I could, and and encouraged her to eat.

As soon as the local stores opened that morning, I headed out to find a soft brush that could substitute for a cat tongue.   I was successful, and if you could have seen and felt the energetic transformation that a tongue substitute provided, you would have been as amazed and gratified as Starlight and I both were.

Starlight’s Baby Brush

The brush I found is a type used for a human infants born with hair.  It’s sturdy and soft all at once.  Starlight loves it and chews on the bristles, too.  By using very short strokes, like a cat tongue, I was able to give Starlight the sensation she craved for comfort and security.

Starlight’s total confidence was restored and her demeanor completely changed in an instant.  In addition, I became “mom.”  Now we start and end each day with a good brushing.

As Starlight began to explore the room in which she was staying, her talent for disappearing and getting “stuck” in places continued to reveal itself.  This was because Starlight was so tiny and inquisitive.   This included behind a large mirror that was very heavy and could slip and fall down on her, as well as into boxes of stuff that were piled up waiting for me to sort through them someday.  Thanks to Starlight, the entire room was reorganized, with the help of a strong friend named Dave.

Starlight was so tiny she fit into one hand (when she wasn’t wiggling) and kept finding places to get into where I didn’t want her to be.

Dave stopped by and we stuffed newspaper into the holes around the baseboard radiator pipes so that Starlight couldn’t get into the walls.  After her first night getting caught in the baseboards, I wasn’t about to let her out of the room until I knew how to seal off all the radiators in the house.  Meanwhile, her room finally was safe for her, and I could relax.

Violet Teaches Starlight

It soon became clear to me that Violet had been chosen to train Starlight.   This decision was made by Violet and Sakhara – no one had consulted me at all. But that didn’t matter.  I had left all this to my two adult cats and they had worked out all the details.

Remember that Violet had been in an accident and wasn’t in the best of moods when Starlight arrived home on Saturday.  First thing Monday morning I called the chiropractic veterinarian and grabbed the first opening they had for a session.  On Tuesday morning, Violet’s head and jaw were released from a very painful jam. Afterwards, Violet slept most of the day.

That same evening, Violet began sitting in the hall at the top of the stairs right outside Starlight’s room whenever I was with Starlight.  She would patiently wait for me outside and never tried to go into the room when I entered or exited.  She was completely quiet, tuning in telepathically and being totally present.

Starlight, meanwhile, seemed aware that Violet was outside, but didn’t challenge my efforts to keep the two separated.  I gave Starlight new toys each day and played with her, brushed her, and cuddled her.  Her nails were needle sharp, so we had our first ail clipping lessons.  Starlight didn’t mind the clippers, but had so much energy it was a project to get her to sit still long enough for me to find each claw, never mind cut it.  Fortunately, I had learned techniques for doing this with Violet, and over a period of 2 days we managed to get each claw-tip on her front feet clipped.

Starlight is a very vocal kitten.  She has a large vocabulary of Siamese cat sounds, and in her awe and excitement would comment on everything.  When I would leave her alone, promising to be back in a few hours, Starlight would protest loudly.

On Thursday, as I headed down the stairs amid cries of protest from Starlight, Violet stayed behind.   As I reach the kitchen, I heard a loud yowl from Violet accompanied by a telepathic shout . . . “WILL YOU SHUT UP!!”

Silence from Starlight.

I thanked Violet profusely as she arrived downstairs.

Violet and Starlight - two happy faces.

Violet and Starlight – two happy faces.

Spiritual Musings – A Reincarnation Adventure

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How Is It That I Can Speak with

Both Echo and Starlight?

Echo loved to run.

So here I sat on the floor with a baby kitten in my arms last Saturday night, September 30, 2012, trying to comfort her and reassure her that she was completely safe and totally loved.  And all around me, I could feel Echo, as if wrapping both of us in Divine Love and in her own amazing consciousness.

Truthfully, I had been surprised during the previous week to discover that I could speak telepathically with Echo, even though she had reincarnated into a feline body.

“What’s going on here?” I asked my Self.  “How is it possible I can speak with both of them?”

Starlight at 9 weeks old.

When I sensed Echo’s energy it was clearly her, but not quite as strong a presence as it had been before Starlight was born.  Echo explained that this was due to her focus being on Starlight.  This meant that when she spoke to me, she was making a smaller amount of her consciousness/energy available for the conversation.  But this did not diminish the purity of the connection or my ability to receive what Echo wanted to convey.  Hmmm.

When I first spoke to Starlight, that was also quite easy.  Starlight has a powerful, yet magnificently light energy – a very high frequency pattern, and she comes in very clearly.  She was still at the cattery when I first made contact, and there was no hesitation on her part to speak with me.  Echo and Violet and Sakhara, all of whom had been working with her, had explained to Starlight that she and I would be together and that this was part of her Life Path.  It was as if she already knew me.

I also could feel that she is definitely Echo.  When I say I “feel” this, what I mean is that I recognize Echo’s energy when I connect with Starlight.  She is from/part of Echo – no doubt about it.

So I asked Echo to explain all this, and I’m asking her now, as I write this, to share her perspective and help us humans, who have been living behind the veils of forgetfulness, to understand.


I am Echo . . . and I am Starlight.  Starlight is an extension of my consciousness wearing a feline body on the Earth plane. 

I am also Nedda.  We are both extensions of the same Soul consciousness at a higher frequency range than I am currently experiencing in the higher realms.  I don’t know how else to explain this, except that we have shared many experiences (lifetimes) in many different realms (including Earth) together because we complement each other so well and love each other so completely.

With Starlight, I’m learning how to be a guide for a part of myself in physical.  This is a new experience for me.  When I left my equine form, I “graduated” in the sense that I now have this opportunity to become a guide and teacher for a part of myself that’s in physical while the greater portion of my consciousness remains in the higher realms of what you call spirit.

Because I’m learning to be a teacher, I will be happy to answer questions as best I can to those who read this message.

Meanwhile, I’m spending most of my time working with Starlight. 

As Sakhara told Nedda, Starlight is not very grounded and has difficulty getting grounded onto the Earth plane.  She has a tremendous innocence.  She loves without reservation and takes everything in stride, even when it feels challenging to her.  She is carefree – innocent – filled with joy and the delight of trying new things.  I’m finding her a challenge, and I think Nedda, Violet and Sakhara are experiencing something similar.  It’s wonderful that we’re all working together to help Starlight settle into her physicality and her life.

I can confirm that Starlight needs help to get grounded.  This is also something most humans, including myself, struggle with.  Perhaps I’ll learn some new things about being grounded as I work with Starlight.  Sakhara is the most grounded of all of us and is finding it challenging to assist all of us to be connected to the Earth at all times.

Even birds need to be grounded, energetically speaking.  All living aspects of Mother Earth’s family do better when the connection to Earth Mother is strong, clear, consistent, and flowing.

So Echo is still directly available to me and to teach in my TWA (Telepathy With Animals) programs.

And Starlight is definitely here to love and enjoy and experience.

And Nedda is still learning tons about the spiritual realms and about herself and her other feline companions (more about Violet and Sakhara’s reactions to all this in another post).

The only previous exposure I’ve had to anything remotely like this situation, as Echo describes it, was in a novel by Jane Roberts who channeled The Seth Materials and other books from Seth.  In a novel called The Education of Oversoul Seven written by Jane Roberts and based on the Seth information, a new “oversoul” is learning how to manage 4 aspects of himself in 4 different physical bodies in different times of Earth history simultaneously.  It’s a fascinating novel, and there are 2 other books to this trilogy.  Maybe it’s time for me to read the whole set!


Starlight Travels – A Reincarnation Adventure

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A Long Journey Home

September 30, 2012

“Starlight at 9 weeks.”

Starlight began her journey to Connecticut from her birthplace in Virginia on Saturday morning, September 30, 2012.  I spoke to her telepathically when I got into bed the night before and explained that she would be coming to me the next day.  “Be sure to say goodbye to your parents, aunties, siblings, and cousins,” I told her.  “It’s going to be a long trip, but you’ll be in good hands and very safe.”

Starlight seemed very excited and I suggested she get as much sleep as possible.  I knew that I would have trouble sleeping myself, but I did the best I could.  I had spent most of the week preparing for her arrival and I was eager for Saturday’s adventures to begin.

We were very blessed to have good friends who would receive Starlight into their care from Mary at Reprise Siamese in Virginia.  Muffy and Jay, and their dog, Brin, would bring little Starlight to Newburgh, NY, where Lin, another good friend, and I would meet them.

Soon after setting out with Starlight, Muffy called to say that they were safely on the way north.  Starlight seemed to be talking non-stop in feline Siamese, with a broad vocabulary of vocalizations.  Muffy wanted met to speak with Starlight, as she seemed unable to settle down.  A quick telepathic conversation in which I reassured Starlight that she was on her way to me, and Starlight immediately relaxed.  Muffy is still amazed that the conversational Starlight continued talking for the whole trip!

Muffy and Brin

Later on Muffy described that Starlight and Brin were instant friends – that Starlight wanted to get out of the carrier to play with Brin and Brin wanted to play with Starlight.  To keep everything quiet, Brin rode in the front seat while Muffy rode in the back with Starlight.  Brin was on her best behavior, keeping barking to a minimum.

I had promised Brin a toy if she was very good with the kitten on board, and Brin had telepathically helped me choose one for her while I was in Petco buying cat litter.  So Brin was highly motivated.  Of course, I had told Brin that Muffy would have to give permission for this, while in the meantime, we chose a toy of all natural fibers.

When we all met in Newburgh, I quickly checked in with Muffy.  Had Brin earned her reward?  YES!!  Muffy reported later that Brin was totally delighted with her reward and played with it all the way home to upstate New York.

Starlight had been traveling since about 8 a.m. that morning, and we didn’t arrive at my house until about 8:30 p.m.  This was a very long day for a very young kitten – a baby, really.  Despite having food and water available inside her travel chariot, Starlight had eaten only a very tiny can of cat food all day.  She was still wide-eyed and eager with anticipation, full of energy and wanting desperately to get out of the carrier.

Of course, feline introductions had to precede any release from the travel chariot.  Violet and Sakhara had been preparing for Starlight’s arrival throughout her first 9 weeks of life, but until cats actually meet, one doesn’t really know how they will react.[1]  So I decided it was only fair to give everyone a chance to say hello with Starlight contained and safe.

In 1999, when Violet had in arrived at my home as a 9-week old Reprise kitten, Sakhara, who had been with me only a few weeks herself, had immediately welcomed her with open paws and a thorough face-washing. [2]

Violet as a kitten – 1999



Sakhara and I found each other through the Humane Society, and she had just finished raising her own litter and fostering a few more.  (Sakhara’s first meeting with Violet is described in detail in the article, Violet Returns.)     Now at age 14, I had no idea what Sakhara would do with a new baby, especially as when I suggested she could mother Starlight, I had heard a definite, “No.”

As for Violet, I also had no way of predicting her reaction.  Due to an unfortunate travel accident about 10 days earlier in which Violet’s carrier had fallen off the back car seat onto the floor, Violet had sustained a shock and a nasty jar to her head and neck.  I was sure that she needed a some chiropractic.  She had been growling and hissing and was uncomfortable being touched, and despite my best efforts to get her a treatment quickly, she was still waiting for her appointment when Starlight arrived.

So Violet wasn’t exactly in the best frame of mind.  It became obvious that these two could not be allowed to get together when Violet began stalking the carrier that I had set on the living room floor, shrieking like an attacking bobcat.   After two approaches and two retreats, Violet stayed on the other side of the room to give Sakhara her turn.

Sakhara jumped up on a chair that was near the carrier, looked down from this position of dominance in the feline world, and hissed and spit 4 times at Starlight.

Little Starlight was thunder struck by all this.  Tiny, tired, a bit confused, and now quite frightened, she was trembling.

I picked up the carrier immediately and announced that Starlight would have her own private chambers where she would be very, very safe.  Violet kept hissing and spitting at Sakhara and myself, so I quickly grabbed the cat carrier and took Starlight upstairs.

While trying to reassure Starlight, I began setting up the space to accommodate her.  There was already a litterbox there, so I let Starlight out to stretch her legs while I quickly got the smallest cuddle cup and a warm throw from downstairs, some dishes and a can of cat food.  By the time I had the room in order, I discovered that Starlight was hiding.  Where had this talkative kitten gone?

Thank goodness she IS talkative.  All I had to do was ask, “Starlight, where are you?” and she would make mewling sounds that I could follow.

I discovered her behind a large and extremely heavy mirror that was just resting against the wall.  My heart in my mouth, I tried to get Starlight out without frightening her more or allow the mirror to slip.

Stalight ran and crawled up into the baseboard radiator!!

Can you imagine how tiny this kitten was that she could crawl up into a baseboard?  The one in her room goes around a corner and that’s where she got up on top of the pipe and got stuck.  It took all my training in Ascension preparations to stay calm.   I knew that if I got upset, she’d really freak out.  I also knew there is no way to take apart a baseboard radiator without making a big noisy racket.  My goal was speed, not quiet.  I HAD to get that kitten out FAST!!

In less than 30 seconds, Starlight was released and running across the room.  My dear little brave Starlight.  I knew I had to get hold of her immediately and she is the quickest little girl on 4 legs.

Miraculously, I caught her, sat down on the floor, grabbed the bottle of Rescue Remedy, held her gently but firmly against my heart, opened my heart center, and began making calming noises as I stroked and reassured her that she was completely safe.  I apologized for all the uproar and waited for her to calm down and stop shaking.  I kept putting more and more Rescue Remedy on her as I stroked and talked to her.  She was shivering.

I finally got Starlight settled for the night.  It was now midnight.  I had been up since about 4 a.m.  Starlight was here and safe, if a little shaken up.  She had eaten a bit, but hadn’t really urinated or moved her bowels the entire day.  Still, she settled into her new bed and I turned out the lights.

Downstairs, Violet was prowling around snarling and hissing.  I still had to go down and settle her and Sakhara for the night.  Fortunately, I had arranged for a neighbor to feed them at 5 p.m., but they really hadn’t eaten much.  So I spent some time with them before going to bed.  I turned up the heat  to make sure Starlight was going to be warm enough, as the weather here in Connecticut had suddenly turned very cool.  Autumn had arrived in the middle of all the excitement.

On Monday morning I would call the chiropractic veterinarian and get the first appointment they had for Violet.  I was certain that she must be in constant pain to have completely “lost it” when meeting Starlight.  She wasn’t letting me go anywhere near her and it was totally out of character for her to be so upset with Sakhara.

I set the intention that Sunday would be a much calmer day.  Saturday had actually been an amazing, miraculous day, albeit exhausting for the entire family.  I went to bed happy and tuned into the energies of my 3 beautiful cats, listening for the baby cries of an upset kitten.  Fortunately, Starlight and I slept for the next 4 hours.

The adventure continues . . . .  Stay tuned.

* * * * *

[1]  Domestic felines of all breeds are most like lions in their family relationships and natures.  While sisters and aunts will share the care of the young, an outsider who smells different because of diet and genetics is fair game to kill.  When a new lion king wins the pride, he immediately kills all the kittens to bring the females into heat so his gene pool can begin creating new cubs.

Smell is the primary sense used to identify who is “family” and who is “enemy.”  Even though Starlight had ridden in a carrier on an old tee shirt of mine that had my scent along with Violet’s and Sakhara’s, clearly that was not be enough to overcome the scent of a different gene pool and a very different diet.

To me Starlight had a rather milky aspect to her scent – that of a nursing baby – and if my relatively weaker nose could smell the difference between her, eating canned food, and my two older gals who eat raw food, to my cats she must really smell foreign.

[2] Sakhara’s willingness to adopt kittens who had lost their mothers and who were not related to her at all is quite extraordinary for a mother cat.  I don’t know if she was given babies while her own were still nursing or after they were weaned, but the Humane Society had asked a lot of her and sweet, loving, generous gal that she is, Sakhara had given her all.  Still, this is most unusual.  I suspect if she had not been grieving all those kittens her attitude towards Violet when she arrived at 9 weeks of age might not have been so generous.

Star’s Feeding Station – A Reincarnation Adventure

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You Can’t Outwit the Supervisor

Creating a place where Star, my new Siamese kitten who is due to arrive this Saturday, can feel safe and eat the food she has been weaned onto while getting used to being here and settling in.   The idea is that Sakhara and Violet, my two older cats, won’t be able to steal Star’s food or move her away from it.

HA!  HA!  See photos.

The sign says it all.

Large enough for a tiny kitten.

A different angle.

OPENING IS 3 INCHES - big enough for a kitten . . . too small for adult cats - I hope!


"How did you get IN there?"

"How DID I get in here?"

Official Stamp of Approval

Sakhara hasn’t tried to get into the station yet – mainly because I haven’t put any food into it.

Star, my reincarnated equine, is scheduled to arrive on Saturday – THIS Saturday.  I wonder how she is coping with being so tiny.  After all, a newborn foal is MUCH bigger than an adult cat.  I have so many questions to ask her, and no time right now.

Should be interesting!  And FUN!!


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