Violet Begins Preparations for Departure.

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Deathing Is a Natural Process.

Violet in 2013.Violet in 2013.

For about 2 and a half weeks, having announced her decision to move back into spirit, Violet refused to eat anything except pureed raw chicken liver.  This is a highly nutritious food, filled with fat, protein and vitamins.

Violet also agreed to take some of my home-made electrolyte formula.  This provides the potassium salts cats need when drinking unusually large amounts of water.  Any cat in renal failure will be drinking a lot of water, so electrolytes are essential to maintain mineral balance and comfort.

Then, on Wednesday of this week, Violet came out around breakfast time very weak and wobbly.  She refused all food.  We had agreed that I would not force feed her or pester her with constant requests that she eat.  She is in charge of her departure schedule.  So after offering her liver 3 separate times and watching her facial expressing indicate disgust at the very idea of eating, I decided to let go of any need I might have for her to eat.

Violet took over one of the living room chairs and remained there the rest of the day.  She seemed comfortable and didn’t get up for any reason.  I offered her water at various times.  Sometimes she drank; sometimes she didn’t.  I used a small dish with low sides so she didn’t have to sit up to drink.  She had seemed so weak that morning that it seemed even sitting up was difficult.

Every so often, after she drank, I asked about the litter box, but she had no interest.  Once I took her after she said, “no” – the human need for confirmation, I guess – and she just step out of the box and give me a very dirty look.  I carried her back to the chair.

Meditation Cave 2012 - I don't want to disturb Violet.Meditation Cave 2012 –
I don’t want to disturb Violet for a new photo.

That evening, Violet did use the litter box before I returned her to her cat cave for the night where she told me she wanted to sleep.  The cave is on top of a hassock backed up to a wall where there is a baseboard radiator.  The cold weather we’ve been having means the heat is still on and the cave is very cozy.

This is an old picture of the cave.  Right now, the cave top and entrance are covered with a towel and piece of an old wool US Navy blanket remnant.  This keeps the cave dark and warm.

Violet’s lying on a piece of foam designed to support elderly or super-thin animals to prevent bed sores, covered with a very soft, washable fabric that holds body heat.  This is a sumptuous spot for her and her favorite place to meditate over the years.

Now it’s her retreat as she prepares for departure, and that’s where Violet spent Wednesday night.

On Thursday, Violet refused to leave the cat cave.  She continued to reject all ideas of eating.  She continued drinking water and taking her electrolytes by dropper.   When I took her to the litter box, she seemed very weak and wobbly, although she was able to stand while using it.

When a cat goes 3 full days with food, their livers start to break down and after 3 days, recovery is nearly impossible.  Knowing this, and knowing that refusal to eat is a natural part of the preparation for the return trip home into spirit, I assumed that this was it for her food consumption.

Over those two days, each time I checked on her, Violet would be glowing — serene — peaceful.  No sign of any pain or discomfort.  The expression on her face was one of “nobody is here right now.  If you must speak with me, I’ll do my best, but really I don’t want to be disturbed.”  I kept all conversation to a minimum.  “Water?”  “Litter box?”  “Are you doing OK?”  “I love you.”  I also gently pet her briefly, and she would purr when I did that.

Then on Friday morning, as I began making breakfast for Sakhara and Starlight, I turned around to find Violet standing behind me.  She wasn’t at all wobbly after 2 days of fasting.  She was strong and steady and asking for liver. She was using that expression she has when she’s making a demand.

“Liver!” she requested in her imperious feline manner.  Fortunately, I had plenty of it prepared in the freezer, so I warmed some up and she ate a hearty breakfast.

So Friday was an eating day.  She ate several meals, each one smaller than the previous, but overall she consumed quite a bit of liver.

So it seems that each morning will be different.  This morning, Saturday, Violet showed up again in the kitchen requesting food, but she ate only a taste of liver and then drank water and retreated to her cave.

Clearly this process is not straightforward.  Violet take the lead and I follow as best I can.  Starlight and Sakhara, her companions and friends, visit with her from time to time.  Sometimes they groom her a bit.  Sometimes they sleep with her.  Mostly they let her be.

I asked Violet this morning if she can describe what’s going on for her.

Violet replied:

I was floating around those days [when I wasn’t eating].  I was in the spirit world.  I’m very familiar with it, as you know.

This time, I was talking to my guides about releasing my body.  They check in with me now and then to see how I’m doing.

I’m totally fine.  This is all as it should be.

Thank you for respecting my requests.  This isn’t like the last [life] time, when I needed you to nurse me.  This is better.

I’m doing my best to honor Violet’s wishes in all things.  This isn’t about fighting with her to get her to do what I want. This isn’t about trying to keep her here longer for my ego or personal needs.  This is about Violet ending her life as she chooses to do so.

And while I’m sad at time, I also feel peaceful about this process.  It’s a miracle to watch it unfold so beautifully and naturally.  Violet, as all my animal friends, is teaching me.  It’s a great gift.

* * * * *

If you have an elderly animal preparing for his or her journey home, please know that each one’s process is unique.  While there are, of course, some general patterns, each animal will have his or her own preferences.  Sometimes those preferences will align with yours, but other times the animal may want to teach you about other ways to do things than what you might find easy or comfortable.  If you can be open to what they want to teach you, the opportunities for personal growth are enormous.  If you’re not open, that’s OK too.  There is no judgment here about what is “right” or “wrong.”  There is only love and compassion for all.

As a professional Animal Communicator, I often speak with elderly animals to help them communicate their choices to their human family members.  It’s an honor to do this.  Please do call on me when you’d like assistance with this type of situation.


Turning Point Verified

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A visit to the veterinarian …

Our Beloved VeterinarianDr. Atz, Our Excellent  Veterinarian

brings confirmation.

Dr. Josh Atz from Manchester Veterinary Clinic, is a kind, gentle, very grounded person whom my cats and I respect and trust.

Yesterday, Violet, Sakhara, and I went for our usual 6-month visit.  We go every 6 months because Dr. Atz can clean tartar off their teeth without tranquilizers or anesthesia.

Dr. Atz is a good listener, too, and I very much appreciate and respect that he will accept me as an Animal Communicator and what my cats communicate telepathically as something real.  He’s also not opposed to raw food diets and using other alternative veterinary medicine for my animals.

It was a long visit yesterday.   Both felines are over 15 years old and have health considerations that needed to be addressed.  I wanted blood and urine samples taken from each cat, and that took time.

As I mentioned in a previous post called Turning Point, Violet announced recently that she is getting ready to leave the physical plane and I had sensed that her kidney function was failing.  I had promised Violet that I wouldn’t take any extreme measures.  I told her I want her to be comfortable, so she may need to take some things that would not be her first choice.  She agreed, although I’m certain I will have to ask each and every time I want to do something for her and remind her of her agreement.

Violet, the SupervisorViolet, my personal Supervisor.

So with the veterinary appointment coming up, I requested that she be willing to have blood taken.  Although Violet agreed to do this, it was very difficult for her and she resisted allowing the blood to flow for awhile.  Her Siamese temperament expressed itself with sounds that were not quite growls with a wide range of intonation.  I wish I had a recording, as it was quite interesting to hear.

Eventually, we got the blood sample, and today I got the results of the tests.  Violet’s kidneys are well down the road to failure.

Violet doesn’t want pills and will take liquid only if it tastes good.  I’m going to see if she’ll eat some potassium salt in her raw pureed chicken liver, which is, for now, about all she wants to eat.

The wonderful Standard Process Feline Renal Support supplement that has been keeping Sakhara’s kidney’s going for 2 years now doesn’t appeal to her.  I might try grinding one up and mixing it with the liver, but you can’t fool a sensitive cat’s nose and palate.  Still, it will be worth a try.  Thankfully, liver has a strong smell and flavor.

[I can already hear Violet in my head giving me the oh-so-superior attitude of “I won’t eat that … you’re wasting your time … and the pill!”]

Well, if she won’t eat it, I suspect Sakhara will enjoy it!

[I can already hear Sakhara in my head licking her lips, although she thinks the Feline Renal Support is treat all on it’s own.]

Violet and I have a continuous telepathic connection, so there are no secrets between us.  She always knows when I’m thinking about her and exactly what I’m thinking.   Sakhara is good at this, too.

As for me, well, right now, I’m struggling with my personal need to “fix” things.  I truly want to stop doing that, as spiritually speaking, it’s a very intrusive and invasive and disrespectful way to be with others.  I want to honor Violet’s choices, but (perhaps I’m rationalizing), how does she know what her choices are if I don’t offer her something and let her decide?

[Violet is smiling as I write this, the inscrutable Siamese all-knowing smile.  I think I’m doomed!]

So while I’m delighted to have external verification of my psychic insights and telepathic conversations with Violet, I’m sad, too.

Any time an animal let’s you know they are preparing to depart, it turns on the grief immediately.  I’m well aware of the stages of grieving, and the more I speak to friends about this, the more it helps me get through the denial stage.  I think there may be some subtle parts of me that are trying to say this isn’t happening, but overall, I know it is.

Thanks for listening.

Turning Point

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Violet Is Planning to Leave Soon.

It's time to go home.
“It’s time to go home.”

When I got my first horse, I learned the important of observing animals and noticing their behaviors, and particularly any changes in them over time.  These can be important signals of shifts in physical and emotional health.

Last August, I observed Violet drinking water.  Since my cats eat a totally raw food diet, it’s very unusual for them to drink much water, although the water bowls are always available.  Still, it was August and rather hot, so I just made a mental note of this and carried on with life.

All fall and into the winter, Violet continued to drink at the water bowl every day.  A few months ago, a chronic constipation issue became worse, and I tried every natural approach I could discover to shift it, but still nothing seemed to work.  Her overall food consumption was down, too.

Finally, we did some AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) and cleared up a serious allergy in just one session.   This made Violet more comfortable when petted and her energy seemed better, but the underlying issues and behaviors were unchanged.


It was during a vet visit to check her anal glands that I finally put voice to my suspicion that Violet’s kidneys are in the process of shutting down.  Saying this out loud helped me shift into a place of acceptance.

Although the veterinarian would not officially diagnose anything without a blood test, the symptoms were clearly pointing to kidneys shutting down.  Violet had lost weight, was drinking more and more water, and was eating less.  Even the constipation issue could be related to the change in kidney function.

Violet hates giving blood.  Furthermore, I have learned that I can usually trust my instincts – intuition – telepathic communication – psychic connection – when it comes to Violet.  So we didn’t do a blood test that day.  Maybe down the road, but not yet.

For now, well, I’m really not sure it would make much difference.  Violet will be 16 this coming August.  She’s the most strong-minded cat I’ve ever known.  So when the vet started suggesting things we could do to assist her kidneys, Violet glared at me with her powerful eyes.

All ideas suggested by the vet were firmly rejected by Violet.  She doesn’t want drugs.  She doesn’t want subcutaneous fluids.  She isn’t even willing to eat 1 little herbal supplement (Standard Process’s Feline Renal Support).

Beautiful Sakhara.

Beautiful Sakhara.

Sakhara, Violet’s lifelong friend and companion who is 17 or so, also is in renal failure.   Due to the herbal supplement, her barely functioning kidneys have been going strong for 2 years now.  Sakhara eats the herbal pill as if it were a treat.

So there in the vet’s office I looked into Violet’s lovely eyes, and asked, “Are you getting ready to leave?”

“Yes,” she replied, without any hesitation at all.  “I’m preparing.  I don’t want you to fuss over me.  I don’t want to take anything to slow or interfere in my path.”

Her request was so firm, so gentle, so clear.  How could I reject it?

So I agreed.  And once I agreed, I felt sad, but also a deep inner certainty that this was the best thing to do for Violet and for myself.

And once I agreed, Violet gave a big sigh of relief and totally relaxed.  She became radiant and serene.  She began to glow even more strongly.  Even the veterinarian could see the change come over her.

The first step in the grieving process is denial, and I guess I’ve completed that step.


To assist her on her chosen path, Violet has agreed to this dietary plan:

  1. She can have whatever she wants to eat and as much as she wants.  For now this seems to be mostly pureed raw chicken liver spread over the top of her serving of whatever the other cats are getting as their main muscle meat.
  2. She will take two tiny pills to help her bowels keep functioning.  (Psyllium for bulk, and l-carnitine, which was recommended by the veterinarian.)
  3. She will take by dropper extra fats (Salmon Oil + the cat oil blend I make from Cod Liver Oil, Borage Oil, Olive Oil, and vitamin E).
  4. To assist with maintaining electrolyte balance, she takes a home-made electrolyte solution made with raw honey, sea salt, and potassium salt.
  5. To prevent kidney infection, she’s also getting some D-Mannose in the electrolyte solution.

This is quite a lot of “stuff” for Violet to be willing to take by dropper and in capsule form.  I suspect it’s because she knows that these things are for her comfort and not to prolong her stay that she’s not giving me a hard time.  She’s being extraordinarily cooperative.

Violet is still going strong, although continuing to lose weight.  Her bowels seem to be functioning a bit better, and she’s totally contented as long as her cat cave is warm enough.  She even comes out to eat and to drink and to sit in my lap all on her own.  She still goes up and down the stairs and at times will come to bed with me.

Saying goodbye is a process that can take months and months.  That’s OK.  I’m in no hurry.  And Violet remains serene and contented, purring when I pet her or stick my head into her cave to see how she’s doing.

Violet's Meditation Cave.
Violet’s warm and cozy cave!


Right Timing

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Discovering the “right” time to make a shift.


Is this how time feels for you lately?
With thanks to Salvador Dali.

When I look at this image, I very much relate to wanting to hand over all the clocks to someone or something else and forget about the ridiculous emphasis we have put on punctuality and time in general.  Time is part of our illusion.  It’s definitely “time” to let go of time.

Simultaneously, as we live in the NOW moment, which is the only “time” that exists for Infinite Consciousness who is, after all. who we are, the concept of “right timing” still seems to important in my life.

Consider that I, like most everyone else, is experiencing physical challenges as I move through the ascension processes.  With all the energy shifts and transformational changes to every part of us, how could I not be experiencing physical symptoms?  Still, it has not been a fun ride, although as my ascension buddy says, it is wise to honor and love our bodies and to work with them as they go through this experience.

So as I endeavor to assist myself, I keep seeking ways to feel better and to have to more energy.

To my amazement, my guidance recently has been to do some acupuncture treatments.  Now I’m not entirely new to acupuncture.  Some years ago – maybe 15 or more years ago – I did have some acupuncture treatments.  I found them very painful, as I’m very sensitive, and not at all helpful.  These days, I’m even more sensitive than I ever was before, but I have also learned over the years that I have a high tolerance for pain.  Perhaps that’s not a blessing, but who can say??

Higher Guidance is always loving.

When you choose to live from higher guidance, you discover that that guidance is always loving and always nudges you in the direction that best serves you.  So, with some trepidation, I decided to do some acupuncture treatments, after being nudged in that direction.  Apparently, this was the “right time” for me to do it!


Yes, the treatments are still painful, at least while the needles are going in and for a bit thereafter.  However, the benefits far outweigh the discomfort of the needles.

To my complete amazement, these treatments are accomplishing even more than I imaged possible.

For one thing, my physical structure is more stable and integrated, and there is less physical pain everywhere.  This means that I need chiropractic less often and I can do hatha yoga and other things without my pelvis shifting and my ribcage twisting and other parts of me feeling as tho’ their falling apart.

In addition, I am breathing better for longer periods of time.  Since I tend to detox through my lungs, having my meridians flowing correctly takes reduces the need for my lungs to work so hard to clear stuff, and they can strengthen and return to greater ease of breathing.

I am also sleeping better, which is not only essential for good health – because our bodies can only repair themselves while we sleep or rest deeply – but also because this regenerates our energy.  More energy is just that –   more energy to do things – more energy to think clearly.  Wow!!  This is a great gift.

Another wonderful result of the acupuncture treatments is that I’m warmer from the inside out.  My metabolism is being recalibrated so that not only is digestion improved, but overall internal warmth is increasing.

So why didn’t acupuncture work for me years ago when I first tried it?

We’re back to “right timing.”  Years ago, I was floundering around trying to figure out what to do to feel better. I tried many things, and most of them didn’t provide much benefit.  The difference is, I believe, that my body is ready for these treatments so I’m receiving the maximum benefit.

I attribute my ability to get exactly what I need  – in perfect timing – because I have chosen to live from higher guidance.

By living from higher guidance, I am shown exactly what would be most beneficial in the current NOW moment.

And my guidance is always correct because my I Am Presence has perfect timing!!

Coming Home to My Heart

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I have for many years longed to go “home” – back to the higher realms.  Life in physical is full of challenges, and so often it feels like, “You know what?  I’m ready to depart.  I’m done with this!  Time for something else.”

Recently, I’ve learned another perspective about “home”.

I was shown by my I Am that my heart space – the energetic space we call the heart chakra – is my true home while occupying a physical body.

This first dawned on me as I was preparing to teach the teleclass. Coming Home to Your Heart.

I found myself not only thinking about this in my head, but actually sinking down inside my heart center and feeling how warm, loving, and powerful the space of my heart truly is.  It does feel like “home” to me.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve visited my heart center many times.  I’ve participated in Fire Ceremonies there with Brahamin priests, transformed fear and anger into courage and love, learned to listen to my physical heartbeat, and energized my Divine Spark.

I had gotten out of the habit of visiting my heart center last year, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when my I Am suggested that I teach Heart Centered Living this year.  When I questioned this, I was told that being in and living from my heart center continues to grow in importance on my spiritual path.  I was also told that to continue to be of service to others, I must go in the direction of expanding my heart, creating more space in my heart, and learning to love and accept myself more.

So I decided to look around online and see what I could learn from others about being heart centered.  Sure enough, I was guided to websites that had the perfect information and experiences for me.  Some of these I’ll be share in the new course, and others still need to be integrated into me before I can share them.

So I am, indeed, coming home to my own heart.  It’s turning out to be quite an adventure!


“My secret… It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupery


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