Rooper Transformed

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When Alane called me, she said she was at her wit’s end with Rooper, her one and a half year old cat.

Rooper was extremely nervous about going outside.   He could not seem to bond with Alane or tolerate any affection from her.  Most disturbing of all, he had started urinating in inappropriate places in her house.

Rooper is part of a multi-cat household, the youngest cat, although there’s another one about his age named Mouse.  He and Mouse are good buddies, and there are no serious conflicts with the older two cats, Mercury and Ali Baba.  Still, Rooper told me he feels like a baby and is frustrated by feeling this way.  He wants to go out with his “older” friends, but is too afraid.

In our conversation, Rooper told me how his mother’s death traumatized him, and how his sister, Tiny Tiger, also had lost her life outside.  He was still grieving both of them and terrified about going out as a result.

While I suggested some flower essences for Rooper, I also suggested an energy healing to release some of his pent up grief and past trauma, as well as to repair some damage that had been done to his etheric template in the genital/urinary tract area, possibly coming from being neutered too early.  His first and second chakras, located in the genital area as well, also needed some repairs and cleansing.



Seven days after I communicated with Rooper and facilitated a distance healing for him, Alane emailed this update:

Just a quick update on Rooper. He is like a different cat! He has calmed down.  He is showing me affection and allowing me to pet him, and he is asking to go outside with the other cats. And there has been no more urinating in the wrong areas.  Amazing! 

The flower essences you have suggested have not yet arrived so this change is all from your having spoke with him and giving him a healing.

Thank you so much for your help and giving this little guy a better quality of life!

Alane Cater, Rhone Island

Another Successful Reincarnation

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Luky Returns as Suzie – Home again!



Over the many years I’ve been doing animal communication session for clients, there have been many animals who left their bodies and returned to the same family.  While this does not always happen, it is always a joy for me when it does.  When animal reincarnate, they demonstrate so very powerfully that the spirit is eternal and that we live many lives.

Last fall I was asked to visit the home of a South American family living in Connecticut whose cat, Luky, had been killed on the road.  Both Patricia and her husband, Leonardo, had been very close to Luky and were missing her terribly.

While we were speaking, Leonardo could sense Luky’s presence, even without me acting as the translator.  It is a beautiful experience to assist in a communication for a family that is strongly “tuned in” with their animals.

During our conversation, Luky not only explained her relationship with each member of the family, she also promised to return in a new body.   Just a day or so ago, I received an email from Patricia.



Dear Nedda,

We are the Rivera family from South America.

I don’t know if you remember that you visited us in September last year.  Our beloved cat Luky had died suddenly, killed by a car, and we were devastated.  We wanted to know what had happened and why.  So you came to our home and we had a session with Luky and she promised that for sure she will come back with us again.

A few days later, I had a dream with a tiger female kitten and I understood that our Luky (she was a calico cat) will come back like a tiger one. After that we waited for several months.

Suddenly, I had another dream in which I saw a female tiger kitten with a lion who was protecting and taking care of her. I was thinking about the meaning of the dream. I felt that the lion meant that the shelter (where we should look for our Luky) has the name of FELINE because the lion is a feline.

Then I looked for and found 2 animal shelters with a feline name here in Connecticut. One of them had no kittens and the other one had only a female tiger kitten with her mother protecting her. They were together in the photo I was shown.

When I saw the picture, I felt sure she [the kitten] was our Luky.

This weekend we went to the shelter to meet her. I remember you said to my husband that he will recognize her for her eyes and energy. Her eyes were very closed.

Nedda let me tell you that when my husband saw and touched her he said to me: “she is our Luky.”  Of course we adopted her immediately!

Now she is with us. Suzie is her current name. She has the same personality that our Luky had. She likes the same games and food. It is amazing that even in different lives we can keep the same personality. This is a true story of love and animal afterlife because our Luky promised that she will come back with us and she did.

Nedda, THANKS SO MUCH because with your help we could find our Luky and we are together!!!

West Hartford, CT



Even a Horse Needs to Be Grounded

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When You Are Grounded, Everything Changes.

Oldenburg Stallion - Breyer model.

Ric, a 6 year old Oldenburg gelding, was very inconsistent in his work. Some days he was “there” and other days he was spooky and disconnected. At 17.2 hands, this made him scary to work with and to ride. His person, Sue, tried Reiki, essential oils, myofascial release, and Tibetan Bowl therapies to no avail.

In an Animal Communication session, Nedda encouraged Ric to speak about how he was feeling. He told her he is very sensitive and doesn’t know how to filter out other people’s thoughts and emotions. He also said he didn’t feel safe in his body. He said he really wants to connect with his person, Sue, but doesn’t really trust anyone. He released a great deal of grief during the conversation. It was clear to Nedda that Ric was not very grounded. In fact, he seemed to be as much out of his body as in it.

In a Multidimensional Healing which Ric cautiously and somewhat suspiciously agreed to have, Nedda and her “upstairs” team of healers opened energy jams in Ric’s knees and hocks that were preventing him from being fully in his body. The chakras in his knees and hocks were cleansed of past life issues that were stuck there and were repaired to full functioning.

Nedda then showed Ric how to breath fully into all 4 of his legs and to feel connected, grounded, and supported by Mother Earth. She followed this with a brain balancing technique that would help him feel mentally connected and able to make choices about what to let in and what to keep out so Ric could create and maintain his own mental/emotional boundaries. Then Nedda filled him with energy, balancing his whole body.

Two days later, Sue reported these changes in Ric:

Ric’s eyes are different. The eyes are full, soft, open, and wide. (He can have very recessed hard eyes. The left eye could be sometimes described as “wild”.)

When I turned him in the indoor his body is again soft and fluid. He looked spectacular playing!

Here is the best part – He has never behaved like this before – After freely moving he came up to me five separate times and stood squarely in front of me. Each “visit” with me showed a progressively increasing, very strong, and powerful energy was radiating from him into my torso. Each time he came to me the vibration was more intense.

At first it was a very intimidating force that really caught me by surprise  — OK –  it shocked me.

Then it became apparent that he was wanted me to feel what his body felt like and he was so grateful. I can still feel him hours later. Pretty cool huh? His eyes stayed soft the entire time I was with him.

Thank you!
Sue R., Wisconsin


Boo Kitty – Lost . . . and Found Again.

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A Tale with a Happy Ending

I received the call on Friday morning from a client who told me anxiously that her 4-year old black and white cat, Boo, was missing.


At our appointment time that afternoon, Toni filled me in on the basic information about all her animals, Boo’s usually “come and go” habits, and a bit about the terrain around their home and neighborhood.  Then I talked to Boo.

Boo told me that he wasn’t “lost” exactly – that he knew where he was and where home was.  He had gone exploring and something or someone (he wasn’t sure what it was) had chased him.  He found a good place to hide and wasn’t going to come out until he felt safe, even if it took days.  He said he wasn’t trapped and I saw a picture of him under some wooden stairs outside going up to a house door.

Toni and I spoke with Boo together.  He said he wanted Toni to come find him, and she asked if he could hear her calling.  She had already alerted her neighbors about Boo’s disappearance, but no one had seen him.

“Yes,” replied Boo.  “I can hear you, but I’m too scared to come out.”

After doing the Gold Cord Connection technique that can be used by people to communicate with their missing animals and by the animals to help them find their way home, both Toni and I reassured Boo that whatever had chased him was probably long gone.

“It’s still daylight out,” I told him.  “This is a good time to come out and either go home or ask the people where you are for help.  It’s supposed to become colder tomorrow and may even snow.   Today’s is a good day to come home.”

Boo remained reluctant as Toni reassured him that he had lots of courage and she would come right away and get him as soon as she knew where to come.

Later that day, I received this joyful email from Toni,

Dear Nedda,

Boo in one of his favorite spots.

Boo is safely inside at home. He went to our neighbor’s house just 2 doors away. He went on their back door deck and was hanging all four paws on the screen to be let in. They let him in and recognized him as ours and called my husband who promptly called me to pick him up.

The most surprising thing, was that our normally anti-social cat that doesn’t like to be held was letting them hold him and he made himself comfortable on a bench with their 9-year old twins petting him. I could tell that he was terrified and so relieved to be safe again.

So, you were right. He was within hearing distance, and probably underneath their stairs as you said.

I know that it was your convincing him to come out of hiding that caused him to react this way. I can’t thank you enough!

Toni Allocco
Bernardsville, NJ

Telepathy with Babies? Why not!

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Conversations with Twin Infant Boys and

Their Canine Companions

by Nedda Wittels
© 2011
Testimonial by Mena

I had already helped Mena prepare for her sons’ arrival by resolving a situation with one of her dogs, Jake.  Then, when Mena asked me to speak telepathically with her sons, I had no idea whether or not I could do it or what the outcome might be.  Because I was willing to be open to possibilities, everything worked out for the benefit and well-being of all concerned. Nedda Wittels

Dear Nedda,


Thank you for all that you have done for our family with your gifts. Initially, I felt so fortunate to have discovered you and your talents to help us with our dog, Jake. To re-home him was the saddest option in my mind, but to hear how unhappy he was with the impending birth of my babies made me realize he needed a different situation.

His forever mom had been looking for him for a year and when they met, it was instant love. I’ve never seen Jake so happy as he is with his forever mom, even though I thought I was to be his forever mom. Letting him go was the most loving thing I could do for my fur-baby and my phone call with you helped me release him to a more joyful life.

Talking with the twins.

When my twins, Terry and Rob, were born, and we had some complications with Rob, it occurred to me that you might also communicate telepathically with infants. That initial session did so much to help reconnect me with Rob, who was in NICU for a week.

After weeks of distance, we bonded within hours of our call with you. I had felt so disconnected with Rob, unlike Terry, the other twin. Then after our call, they were both connected to me in the way infants should be with their mother.

Another challenge resolved.


This summer, Rob had another surgery where the doctors separated us for a while. Rob was distraught and distressed for days after that situation. When he came home, he was distant and became a fussy baby. I thought he would come out of it on his own, but he didn’t.

After months of his behavior just getting worse, I had another session with you where you spoke telepathically with Rob. Wow! What a difference. He told you about the surgery and how he felt. Being able to explain telepathically what happened helped him let it go.

Rob also had an issue with not wanting to learn to speak words because he is so telepathic, yet his brother, Terry, is already speaking. After you explained to him why it was important for him to learn to use words, while keeping his telepathic abilities, he started showing me he could do sign language the morning after our call.

[Note — These children are living in a multilingual family and are learning several spoken languages and sign language as well. Telepathic communication is completely natural for them, and their mother practices it with them. ]

Nedda, my sons may only be 13 months old, but they have feelings and reactions that affect their psyche. I am so grateful to be able to have you as a tool to reach my boys when words and rational discussion are not yet enough. Immediately after this call, my son Rob was hugging and kissing me constantly, which he hasn’t done since before his surgery. The change is noticeable to others, too. My husband and babysitter both commented that his disposition changed dramatically since yesterday. He is back to being my happy, huggy, kissy baby again.

Lucy is having a hard time adjusting.

Joey and Lucy

[During the call, we spoke with Lucy, who is more sensitive to touch and has difficulties when the 13 month old babies try to pet her. Because Joey is comfortable with the babies, Lucy had become jealous and was growling frequently when the babies and the dogs were all together.]

And, my dogs both responded so positively after our call yesterday.

Joey and Lucy are both making noticeable efforts to give the boys kisses. Lucy’s frustration with Joey seems to have melted away and they have been getting along a lot better.

Lucy now understands why I separate her from the twins and she follows directions quicker when I ask her to leave the room where the boys are. It didn’t occur to me that she thought she was being punished [by being taken out of the room because of her growling] before our call.

Now, Lucy leaves and sits in a place where the boys can’t reach her with flying toys or other hazards that could potentially hurt her and she can still watch them and be a part of the family fun. I’m so proud of her.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. My kids and furkids thank you, too.

San Diego, CA




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