Mischief Incorporated: Mouse on the Ceiling?

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How High Can a Mouse Climb?

"There's no where to go but down."There’s no where to go but down.

I’m  awakened by sounds of scuffling and the burbles that Starlight is famous for uttering.  It’s 1:30 a.m.  I’ve been sleeping on the sofa due to my ascension symptoms, so I’m right there in the living room.

The sounds are soft, but don’t stop.  What is the Mischief Team up to at this hour?

Starlight isn't listening to me.  I wonder why.Starlight isn’t listening to me.  I wonder why.

My first reaction is to complain. Why are they waking me up?  Starlight is perched on the back of a chair staring up at the ceiling.

“Starlight, get down.” I insist.  Starlight, who usually is very attentive and does as she’s asked, ignores me.  Hmmm.  What’s going on here?

So I get up and grab the spray bottle full of water.  Starlight hates being sprayed and I’ve agreed not to ever spray her as long as she responds to my requests.  She’s ignoring me.  I shake the bottle.  She still ignores me.

Well, now I’m up and I don’t really want to spray her so I shuffle over to where she is.  What is she looking at?  I turn on the floor lamp and to my utter astonishment, there is a mouse on the ceiling.

OK.  So the mouse photo is blurry, but it’s 1:30 a.m. and I’m not really very awake, but there is the mouse wishing it could go higher.   I’m speechless.   And I don’t have a clue what to do.

Starlight keeps making her sounds of frustration – little “Errrs” and “Erms” that indicate how much she really, really wants to get up there.  But Starlight doesn’t like heights as much as other cats, having been a horse in her last life.  So she finally gets off the chair and Melissa takes over.

CEO - MelissaMelissa’s mental wheels
are spinning.

Melissa is sizing up the situation.  She’s not vocalizing at all.  She’s calculating just how high up the mouse is, just how much of a leap is required.  Can you see the wheels spinning in her head?

Melissa jumps.  She lands on the wooden beam just inches below the mouse and begins to slide downward.

The mouse is terrified.  It leaps into the top of the floor lamp.  (See photo below of floor lamp.)

Floor lamp from the 1950's.  It's HOT in there!Floor lamp from the 1950’s.
It’s HOT in there!

Melissa arrives at the floor and jumps onto the back of the chair again.  She knows where the mouse went and is eyeing the lamp.  Now I’m concerned that she’ll jump up there, too.  I really don’t want that lamp destroyed and it will go down for sure if she lands in it.

Fortunately, there are incandescent lights in that lamp, and the mouse is finding that spot too hot for comfort.  Before I can grab Melissa, the mouse leaps down onto the floor and Melissa goes right after it.

Now the chase is on once again.

Do I have sympathy for the mouse?  Not much.  The cats are young and are doing their job – keeping other animals out of the house.  They’re well fed and won’t kill or eat the mouse.  They’re just making sure that rodents don’t hang about here.

Mouse:  This wasn't the best plan.Mouse: “This wasn’t the best plan.”
Melissa on the left.
Starlight on the right.
Team work for sure!
Time to consider some other options.Time to consider some other options.
Where'd the mouse go?Where’d that mouse go?
Mouse catching it's breath.Mouse catching it’s breath.

So the mouse soon got away.  It got into a corner of the baseboard radiator.  Where the pipes come in there’s plenty of space for a mouse to squeeze through.

The cats finally settle down.  I praise them highly and go back to bed after awhile.

I have taken mice away from Violet and Sakhara when it seemed the mouse would be injured during exhuberant play.

This is not a situation where a cat is hunting for food.  The Mischief Incorporated Team is doing their patrol duties.  If they do them well, the mouse will have learned that coming into my house is just not worth the risk and will go about it’s life elsewhere.

Integrating Melissa

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Melissa's sultry look.

The beautiful and complex being that is Melissa has been teaching all of us during her period of integration.

Here are some of the stories about that period in her life.

  1. Getting Acquainted: Starlight and Melissa
  2. Mischief Incorporated, a Feline Company
  3. Mischief Incorporated: Mouse on the Ceiling
  4. Spaying Melissa – Preparation
  5. Spaying Melissa – Recovery – includes video “Crate Play”
  6. That’s Just a Coincidence
  7. Melissa’s Latest Escapade
  8. Mischief Incorporated and “The Empty Tissue Box”
  9. Melissa in My Heart.
  10. A Feline Soap Opera?

Telepathic Broadcast

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How does the universe respond

when you send out a general broadcast

or telepathic “call”?


Help Wanted:  Feline Hunter

Last October, 2015, Hattie, the semi-feral resident feline of my back yard, opted to leave the physical plane.

Hattie resting in feeding stastion.She was over 16 years old and had a lump on her side.  She consciously decided to leave, found a predator to assist her, and disappeared.

Hattie was an amazing hunter and did a fantastic job keeping rodents away.  She was so good at it that I think I took it for granted.

This winter/spring 2016, my two youngest cats, Starlight and Melissa, have been having their first experiences mousing successfully inside my house.


Melissa and Starlight in cuddle cup.


First the two youngsters, Starlight and Melissa,  cornered an adult field mouse.  [See post, “Mouse on the Ceiling?“]  That mouse eventually got away inside the house.


Then Starlight caught her first mouse and brought it downstairs in her mouth with Melissa close by her side every step of the way.

She and Melissa played with it until I finally caught it in a plastic container and tossed it outside with this message:  “If you’re smart, you won’t come back.”


More recently, Melissa, who is under a year old by 1 day as I write this, all on her own caught a baby mouse upstairs.  She brought it downstairs to show off.

Melissa ran around growling while shouting, telepathically, “I did it!  It’s mine!” at the top of her telepathic voice.

So … great news …

My young cats are proving their hunting skills.

NOT so great news …

I have field mice in the house.

My mind contemplates this question …

When did I last have mice in the house?

Answer …

Before Hattie moved into the back yard,

which was more than 8 years ago.

This is not a coincidence!

Probable conclusion …

Hattie must have kept the field mice out.

Possible solution …

I need another backyard resident cat.

Field mice can do a great deal of damage inside the walls of a house.

I believe in the preditor-prey relationship for creating balance.

If you want to listen to an excellent talk on this subject, check out Betty Lewis’s talk, I Am You:  The Predator-Prey Relationship.  [You’ll have to log into the site to listen.  Membership is free.]

So …

I asked Hattie to send us someone whom she feels is qualified to do the job.

She’s agreed.


I am sending out a”telepathic broadcast” of a job description for a cat who wants to live outside, have a “home” with food and shelter, and is an excellent hunter.

Probably ought to put out some food to make sure the welcome mat is truly welcoming.

There are quite a few feral and semi-feral cats in the neighborhood.

I wonder who will show up?

“Mischief, Incorporated”, a Feline Company.

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Introducing Mischief, Incorporated, a new company started by two “up and coming” young feline entrepreneurs, Melissa and Starlight.

Corporate Mission:

Assist humanity to “Lighten Up.”

Company Founders - Starlight and MelissaCompany Founders –
Starlight (front) & Melissa (back).

Mischief Incorporated Services

Need a higher perspective on life? 

CEO - MelissaCEO – Melissa

Melissa will jump and/or climb to the highest spots in your house to check out the view.  She can easily leap 4 or more feet in any direction.  Melissa will get to tops of bookcases, top shelves only inches from ceilings, and the top of your refrigerator.

Melissa will find a way up to the highest spot you never in your wildest imagination thought a cat could reach.  She will expand your perspective on just how high a cat can jump.

As you wonder how she got there and how she’s going to get down, Melissa will leap to the ground without considering the landing space.  She trusts that her landing will be perfect, and if it isn’t, well, cats never do admit they’ve had a bad landing, right?  Never fear!  Melissa lands without ever getting hurt, even if what she landed upon is now spread out across the room.

Now don’t you wish your life was equally free of fear and limitation?

Something hiding in your dresser or desk drawers? 

Vice President - StarlightVP for Chaos – Starlight

Melissa will be in them before you can get them fully open.  She will crawl through all their contents until she’s satisfied that nothing and no one else is in there.  Whatever doesn’t belong will be dumped onto the floor where Starlight will turn it into a cat toy.

Closets or cabinets harboring spiders or moths? 

Melissa will instantly leap into any closet the minute the door is opened and will land on the highest possible shelf that’s at least 4 feet above the floor.  She will then climb as high as she can to check out all the recesses.

If you have clothing hanging therein, Melissa will climb them to make sure the rod holding the hangers is secure.

Never close a closet door without checking for Melissa, as she’s so fast you might miss that she’s inside.

Field mice sneak in for the winter? 

Starlight and Melissa will tag team the hunt, taking turns “on point” while the other secures the escape route.  Just make sure you get the mouse away from these entrepreneurs before it becomes a toy.  Meanwhile, there will be exciting sound effects, such as galloping, running, pouncing, and digging through anything the mouse hides in or under that you were careless enough to leave on the floor.

Being of oriental breeding (Siamese and Thai Tonkinese), you’ll also be treated to incredible feline sound effects as they express the joy of the hunt.

Concerned about the strength of your curtain rods, towel racks and other places where you hang things? 

Like a performer in the Cirque du Soleil, Melissa will show off her acrobatic tight-rope walking and balancing techniques.  She will climb to, leap upon, walk across, and hang from curtain rods, curtains, bathroom towels, towel racks, shower curtain racks, and laundry drying racks.  And while Melissa is up near your ceiling, she’ll be happy to find any spider webs that you missed while cleaning.

Starlight will sometimes act as “spotter,” but she knows to stay far enough away not to have Melissa land on her.

Spider webs in your basement? 

Starlight’s specialty!  She’ll eat them, including the insects that the spider caught and put up in it’s web-pantry.  Starlight claims this is excellent protein for a feline diet and you’ll never have to take the webs down yourself.

Old, cracked dishes you really want to get rid of, but just can’t get yourself to throw away? 

Just set them in a cabinet and leave the door unlatched.  With one powerful leap, Melissa will send them crashing. Then all you have to do is sweep up the mess!

Please make sure the girls don’t get any glass caught in their feet.  Their natural tendency is to explore the shards while you sweep up.  And don’t worry about missing some pieces of glass, as these two are bound to spot them for you at the most inconvenient moment.

Paper bags full of recycling or waiting to be shredded? 

Starlight and Melissa make the perfect team, strewing papers all over the place.  They will motivate you to get your act together and get the job done.  “Out with the old” is one of their mottoes.

Pillows need rearranging? Linens need changing? 

Melissa and Starlight will take care of it for you while romping and having a great time.  You’ll never feel that making a bed is boring ever again.

Of course, you might have to do a bit of follow-up, as they haven’t perfected getting the fitted sheets tucked in all the way and their hospital corners are not worth discussing.

Bookshelves overflowing?

If you’ve been postponing cleaning them up, Melissa and Starlight will be happy to motivate you by knocking down as much as they can reach, and by now you know that the entire bookcase, no matter how tall, is within their reach!

They will knock down statues, pictures, and anything else you’ve left lying on a shelf in the illusion that the item was in a “safe” zone.  There are no “safe” zones where these two mischief-makers are concerned.

Blu-Ray Player need warming?

You can count on the team from Mischief, Incorporated, to sit on it as soon as they hear the sound of the disk tray  opening.  They will arrive as if by magic, even from far recesses of the house, to make sure that the change of disks is done correctly and that the player warms up sufficiently.

Something stuck in your computer printer?

Starlight has no fear of sticking her paw in to help remove whatever is keeping your printer from working.  My old printer worked for two years without a spring that Starlight removed from it.  I had no idea where the spring belonged, so I could never put it back, but the printer kept going without a hitch.

While actively rearranging (demolishing?) your living space, the team of Starlight and Melissa work smoothly together.  They can make a quick getaway should someone come along who objects to the full expression of their playful talents.  They will run like mad and you’ll be hard-pressed to catch up with them, so be sure to get out of the way when they take off at warp speed or when you hear the sound of galloping coming your way.

These creative souls have no fear of vacuum cleaners or brooms or plastic bags.  Anything that rustles is fair game.  They bring new meaning to the goal of breaking down personal boundaries and attachment to material items.

Senior Advisory Board -  Sakhara and VioletSenior Advisory Board –
Sakhara (left) & Violet (right).

If you’re interested in the services of Mischief, Incorporated, please contact the Senior Advisory Board.  Violet and Sakhara are looking forward to some peace and quiet while the two youngsters are taking your home apart – oops, I meant “checking your home out.”

p.s.  Please note the innocent expressions on all these faces.  From their perspective, they’re just doing the jobs they came to the Earth to do, namely, help humanity shift into higher consciousness.  And I ask you, what human doesn’t need a bit of chaos and fun to get into a higher perspective?  With a team like this, I’ll never be bored again!