Belfast Echo


You are seeing a picture of what I looked like in my last life on the physical realm.  If you can look at me with your inner eye, you may see something different.  Take a moment now.  Close your physical eyes, and invite me to share a bit with you of my essence.

. . . .

See?  That’s wasn’t so difficult, was it?

I am from the same Soul aspect as Nedda and we have lived many lifetimes together, playing many different roles and teaching and loving and supporting each other.  I’m sure you have or have had a companion who has shared in this way with you as well.

Today my service is in the higher realms, vibrationally speaking.  I am like a bridge, connecting between the 3-D world and the upper realms where LOVE is a conscious vibration in the hearts of all.  I help many beings as they cross over from their physical bodies.  Often they are tired and need to replenish their essence with pure Light and Love.

Sometimes I help Nedda teach classes.  Often I help when she is receiving healing from others.

I am my own being and I have my own life path, too.

Isn’t it amazing how we can we ONE and MANY at the same time?  The Universe is full of wonderous and beautiful things and experiences.

I’m glad we met.