Hattie and Purrley

An Abandoned Cat Learns to Cope.

Purrley waiting for breakfast.

These posts share the story of Purrley, a young, male, abandoned cat, and Hattie, the feral cat who lived in my yard.  The posts are listed here in chronological order with the oldest one first.

  1. Purrley.
  2. When You Don’t Talk to the Animals.
  3. Building Bridges with Hattie.
  4. Establishing Dominance:  Hattie and Purrley.
  5. Hattie and Purrley:  Breakfast on the Veranda.
  6. Purrley Abandoned.
  7. Purrley: Family Conference.
  8. No Sign of Purrley for 5 Mornings.
  9. Purrley Is Coming for Breakfast Again.
  10. Purrley and Hattie at Breakfast.
  11. In Memoriam: Purrley