Portrait of Melissa


The color of mink, with pale green eyes, a strong will, and acrobatic talents and inclinations — all of this and more is Melissa, our newest family member.

The name “Melissa” means “honey bee” in Greek.   Our Melissa certainly buzzes about tasting all the possibilities of entertainment my house has to offer.

Heights call to her daily.

She’s the only cat I’ve ever known to “high-5” a wall or a door — or even my body — just for the shear joy of jumping.

Melissa will do this as she’s running, ricocheting off whatever it is and then keeps going without slowing down at all.

Balancing on the Towel Rack.

Melissa balancing act.

If I open a closet door, Melissa is inside the closet before I can even begin looking for the item I’m seeking.

If I open a cabinet door, Melissa scoots inside.

If I open a drawer, Melissa will hang from it or climb right in to check out the contents.  I can’t open and close the drawer faster than she can move, so I don’t even try, as I don’t want to catch her paws as I close it.

Melissa is a Thai Tonkinese cat.  Her parents were both born in Thailand and imported to the United States.  Thailand only recently began allowing the exportation of their “domestic” felines after many years of restrictions.

For reasons I have yet to understand, Melissa has not been very communicative with me telepathically.  In her first 6 months living with us, she has been very much a teenager.  She doesn’t listen to what I say, does exactly what she wants to do whenever she wants to do it, and ignores anything that challenges her point of view.

Here’s a video of some of her antics.

Melissa not been much of a conversationalist — so far.  She wants me to figure things out without telling me much of anything.

Until I can persuade her to share more with me telepathically, the mysterious Melissa will remain an enigma to us all.