Melissa Speaks: “I want to be a kitten forEVER.”

Melissa at 8 months old.

Melissa in November 2015

“Here I am, still a kitten in this picture.  And I’m still a kitten today!  I want to be a kitten forever!”

[Nedda:  This is Melissa’s first time communicating with people outside our family.  What follows is her message entirely.  Comments by me are in square brackets, like this one.]

When you’re a kitten, you can do whatever you want to do.  No responsibilities.  No rules.  No one bossing you around.

Well … that’s the way it was when I was a baby, but soon it got to be difficult. 

Lots of older cats at the cattery didn’t want to play with me.  They didn’t want to be my mother, either, and neither did my mother.  She was ready for me to grow up and find my family.  I don’t know why, but that took a long time.

[Nedda:  Melissa was born at a cattery and stay there until came to us at 6 months of age.]

I just wanted to be a kitten.

I need a lot of love and attention.

Then I came to Nedda’s house.  She had 3 other cats.  That was 2 too many.

Violet with Melissa who's 9 months old.

Violet with Melissa, who’s 9 months old in this photo.

I love Starlight, and Violet would mother me sometimes, but Sakhara wouldn’t be my mother, and she was the eldest.

I wanted to fit in … to be accepted, but ….

It was difficult.

I decided that Nedda would be my mother. 

I want Nedda to be my mother.

“I want Nedda to be my mother.”

I know what you’re thinking.  Nedda isn’t really a cat.  But she’s cat-like enough for me.

I’ve always had to shout and SHOUT and SHOUT to get what I need.  

I still have to follow Nedda around and run through everything to make sure I get enough attention.

Yes. I’m strong minded. 

Yes, I’m the Queen of the Universe. 

Yes, I want to be TOP CAT of the WORLD.

And I AM.

So Nedda tells me I’m about to turn 3 years old very soon.  Is that something to celebrate when I just want to be a baby most of the time?

My favorite thing to do is to go outside. 

When I’m outside I feel more alive.

When I’m outside I can hunt!  I’ve already caught some birds, and a couple of chipmunks.  I’m FAST and Nedda says I’m a good hunter.  I like when she says that.

Inside I catch mice.  They’re fun to play with.  I like to chase them up the walls.  Of course, I can climb the curtains, so I can go right up after them. 

Starlight is my very best friend EVER!!

Starlight is my very best friend EVER!!

Starlight and I work as a team sometimes at night when the mice come out.  Sometimes Starlight catches a mouse, too.

When I’m outside I can climb trees.

When I’m outside I can run as fast as I can without all the stupid furniture and other stuff in the way. 


Well, I guess that’s all for now.  I’m tired of doing this.


* * * * *

Written by Melissa.  Nedda did the typing and technical stuff.

© Nedda Wittels, 2018.