Spaying Melissa – Recovery

Recovery Station … All Set!

Melissa checks out her spay recovery station.

Melissa checks it out before surgery.   Notice her catnip mouse against the bed.


I like to bring my cats home the same day they’re spayed so they can feel comfortable in a normal surrounding that they’re familiar with.

I believe that my cats will be more relaxed in a properly prepared environment at home.

Besides, spaying is a pretty standard surgery today, and problems are extremely rare.

When I arrived at 6 p.m. at the veterinary clinic to pick up Melissa on the day of her surgery,  she was definitely ready to come home.  She was also famished, as she hadn’t had any food since the previous evening.

The vet instructions said to wait a full hour after my 40 minute drive home before feeding Melissa.  This was so she could settle in first.   But Melissa was begging for food, and I just couldn’t bring myself to make her wait any longer.

To ease her back into food after almost 24 hours, I combined flower essences with a slow introduction of  the food in small amounts.

I gave Melissa some 5-Flower Formula (Rescue Remedy) as soon as we got into the car and again when I got home.

I misted the recovery crate area with Rescue Remedy so the whole room was peaceful before putting Melissa in.

I told her I was going to get her some food, and headed for the kitchen.

The first 3 servings were about 1 teaspoon of food with 5-Flower formula sprinkled on top.

When I gave Melissa her first serving, she cleaned the plate rapidly and looked at me amazed there wasn’t more.

“Don’t worry,” I said.  “I’ll bring you more in a few minutes.”  She accepted this, and was ready when I brought the next small serving.

I continued to feed Melissa tiny amounts of food at 15 to 20 minute intervals and Melissa continued to clean her plate each time.

As Melissa began to digest her tiny portions of food, her blood sugar went up, which made her feel much better and helped her calm down.

After the first 3 servings, I increased from a rounded teaspoon to a rounded tablespoon.

Over the next hour I slowly increased the serving sizes as I watched Melissa begin to eat at a more normal pace.

When she was full, Melissa curled right up and went to sleep.



Melissa cuddled up after surgery. Her mouse toy is already in her cat bed.

Melissa curled up after surgery.

Melissa’s entire spay experience was a huge success.

  • The dog crate was set up for a whole week prior to the surgery so Melissa and Starlight had already played in it and scented it.

  • Everything about the surgery and recovery was explained in advance.  Melissa’s fears were addressed.  She understand what was happening, and felt assured I would taking good, loving care of her.

  • Appropriate flower essences helped Melissa be calm before surgery and helped her body recovery more quickly after surgery.

All of this contributed to rapid healing.


When a cat has surgery, the antiseptics, anesthetics, and pain meds have odors that other cats can smell.

This usually causes confusion and distress because cats recognize each other by smell.

Violet and Sakhara - before the "children" came,

Violet and Sakhara, July, 2012 – before the “children” came,

Some years ago, Sakhara had dental surgery.  I brought her home the same night.

Violet insisted for an entire week that I had brought home the wrong cat.  She was very upset with me.

She would hiss at Sakhara and yell at me telepathically,

You brought home the wrong cat!

Go back right now and get my friend!

Then she would cuff me with her paw.

She did this a for a full week because that’s how long it took for enough of the drugs to leave Sakhara’s body so her scent was recognizable to Violet.

The recovery create, therefore, served 2 very important purposes.

  1. To keep Melissa from jumping for the 5 days she needed to stay on the ground.
  2. To make sure that Melissa didn’t have to deal with rejection because she smelled “wrong” to her feline family.

Starlight immediately came in to see her friend and they sniffed noses through the bars.  Not a single hiss.  Not a paw raised.

When I asked Starlight, she said,

Smells like Melissa to me.

Violet came later to check things out, and she didn’t hiss either.

She smells normal to me, too.

Sakhara said,

No problem.

Bottom Line?

Due to careful preparation,