Here I am at 9 weeks old, October 2012.


Here’s a bit of what I told Faun Fenderson, a friend of Nedda’s:

I’m having FUN!

This is a great place to be! Just what I expected – and more!

Yes, I know that what I’m doing is annoying and aggravating . . . and I’ll get over it soon enough. [This is a reference to Starlight ignoring all attempts to get her to listen to what others have to say about boundaries and accepting some limitations.]

I DO understand about “boundaries” as Nedda calls them.  I just choose to ignore them, frankly, because those rules and walls need to be expanded and changed.

I’m giving everyone the opportunity to look at what they expect, what they do and how they limit themselves – yes, even the precious Violet! (Oh, did I say that? 🙂 )

THAT my friends, is why I am here… to assist in expansion, ascension, transformation, growth … and creating and experiencing JOY.

Just let me be for awhile.  It will set you free!

See there… see how much fun that was?!

Faun read my Akashic records.  I love what the Record Keepers said about me.  It’s all TRUE!!

She [Starlight] is indeed exuberant in her job, and yes, it can be intense and difficult for others to accept.  Our suggestion is to attempt more fervently to allow … to BE with her in these frenzies [of joy] and to experience and enjoy the transformative qualities of her love.   It is, of course, the energy from God.

She comes as a special being with special qualities to share at this time.  What else can we use to describe those qualities but “love”?  It is.  And that’s what is called for at this time.  Allow the love to wash over you, to intrude into your beings, to follow you into your sleep and dreams.  This little one is working – working – working all of the time to share her love energy … and it is to bring the transformations that each has asked for and that each is reluctant to take on.

This she brings.  She comes in love.  She is a gift to you.

Receive the gift with graciousness and joy and you will find a new path opening for you.

She is here for all, as you will see in time.  Her work is great – bigger than imagined.  Just give her time. Bask in her love.

Be careful! You might become addicted!  😉