Starlight’s Integration

How Starlight Found Her Place in

Our Home and Hearts

Starlight bathing
Starlight at 2 years old.

The story of Starlight’s arrival and integration is full of fun and wisdom about successfully integrating a new kitten.  Here are the links to each of the blog posts in the order in which they happened.  I hope you enjoy reading about A Reincarnation Adventure.

Didn't I choose my family well?
Didn’t I choose my family well?
  1. “Echo, I Come.”
  2. “The Name.”
  3. “Patience Is Essential”
  4. “While Waiting”
  5. “Starlight Travels.”
  6. “Spiritual Musings.”
  7. “Starlight’s First Days Home.”
  8. “Violet the Teacher.”
  9. “Topsey-Turvey.”
  10. “Starlight Integration.”
  11. “What I Learned.”