Hello.  I am happy to meet you.

I’ve lived with Nedda 4 times in her current life and each time has been very different for me.  I guess I like this last time best because I liked having a strong, healthy, Siamese body.

I’m originally from the Pleiades star system.  Felines there often walk on two feet.  We are quite advanced beings and have wonderful, loving relationships with each other.  We are 5th dimensional on my home planet.  That means we understand how to live a life based on love.

I came to the Earth to assist in the spiritual Awakening of humanity.  This is HARD WORK!!

But I can’t complain because I volunteered for this job.  I had to lower my vibrations to align with the 3-D world.  It was very difficult – to move into that level of density.  It wasn’t entirely comfortable, either.  I’m very used to being in a serene space of Light and Love.

Did you know that that is why cats meditate quite frequently?  It’s to keep our energies aligned with our higher aspects so we can draw on those vibrations.  It also keeps us healthy.

I’m very busy most of the time.  I assist Nedda and I also work on the higher realms while I’m in this body.  So if you DO decide to say hello, I may not be able to speak with you for very long.