What Will Happen on December 21, 2012?

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You and I Are Already Creating the New Earth.

Golden Flower of Life

Golden Flower of Life

Are you asking questions similar to these?

It’s almost time for the “big event” that will eventually occur to all of humanity and we are so close now. So, I was wondering if your Ascension program will continue to exist or cease to exist because all of humanity has already ascended while still in our physical bodies?

I’m also wondering since the world will change as a result of the big shock wave, that our cities and societies of the old world would be gone. As in totally GONE. What then? Mother Earth would be totally healed and restored to her fullest beauty and splendor and so will we. The land and seas would change completely, prior to a 30-hour darkness that will overtake the planet and during that darkness these changes will occur. Do you think so?

To think of it, I might end up in another place of the world, including my family, if we are spiritually evolved enough to survive all of this and live in the Golden Era of Planet Earth. So, what do you think?

There are many predictions about what will happen to humanity and the Earth as of December 21, 2012.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly what will happen at the winter solstice this year, except that it will be extraordinary in the history of humanity, the Earth, and our entire galaxy.

Humanity is now responsible for its own future, meaning that to the degree that we clean up our internal act – belief systems, thought habits, emotional patterns, behaviors, consciousness – we will be able to create an amazing future. Many are working on that right now and have been doing so to some degree since 1987 and even before that when the Indigo Children began arriving (many of whom were known as the “hippies” of the 1960’s and early 70’s).

As I understand it, it’s all a matter of consciousness. This is the “work” of spiritual development. It is learning to live in joy, peace, harmony, love, and compassion because we have created that within ourselves. The external world is a reflection of the internal one. To change what is outside, we must all go within and clean up our personal “act” so to speak.

There is the Hundredth Monkey scenario – the group consciousness will shift when a significant percentage (don’t know the exact number) makes a shift. It’s already happening. Taking personal responsibility is a big part of this process, as each individual contributes to the whole. Individual humans are really like individual cells within a single organism known as humanity.

Still,  it’s not enough to sit back and say “let everyone else do it.”  What each individual will experience will be based on the level of consciousness that that individual has achieved along the way in combination with the frequency shifts that arrive at the end of this year.

If you are awakening or awakened spiritually at this time, you have a great opportunity to make dramatic shifts within yourself.  Then, when December 21 arrives, you will be better prepared to receive and integrate the energies.  You will have more understanding of what is happening.   You will be able to help others who are not as far along as you to integrate the shift.  You will contribute to the final outcome of whatever humanity creates.

One of my Light Worker friends calls the awakening process a “Grinch” moment – a sudden shift into Love frequencies even for those who have chosen to remain in the Dark for a very long time.   I do believe that this is possible, and there are instances of it happening right now all around us.

My colleague and I also know that doing the work of spiritual ascension will make it easier for others to have their “Grinch” moment.   Service to others is a higher frequency than service to self.  Therefore, I encourage all who are ready to make their commitment to Ascension to do so as soon as possible.   As you shift yourself, you make it possible for others to make their shift and you contribute to the group consciousness of humanity.

The Ascension Integration 2012 program exists to support those who are committed to their personal Ascension.  I live in the NOW moment, guided by my I Am Presence.   I cannot tell whether this program will continue into 2013 or what my service will be at that time.  I will be guided in the moment to know.

In Oneness, Namaste,


Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

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A Bit About My Journey


My Dear Ones,

This is a portion of a letter I wrote to a friend this morning that I’ve decided to share with all of my community.  I hope it will resonate for each one of you personally in some way so you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in these challenging and amazingly beautiful times.

I’m going to say some things that I hope won’t appear intrusive or of the “rescue” type psychological pattern – one I’m working to eliminate in my life.  I’m hoping what I’m about to tell you will be helpful.  I’m deeply hoping I won’t offend you in any way.  I see a lot of me reflected in you – in many others.  Here are some of the things I see that are my own reflection.

Please remember that I’m describing myself here.  If it resonates for you, too, then it does.   If it does not, it does not.

  • A very hard working, “Type A” personality pattern – a pattern which leads easily to exhaustion.
  • Someone who followed the old rules (working very hard and all well be ok) only to discover that those rules are a bunch of lies and no way to live.
  • A being of the highest integrity fed up with a world that is direly lacking in it.
  • Someone who cares and is compassionate towards others, but does not apply enough of that to herself.  (I’m learning, but . . . I’m learning)
  • A perfectionist – allowing the desire for things to be “just so” to get in the way, at times, of allowing things to just “be” and not having to fix them – thus creating physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion – a very non-self-loving behavior.
  • A Wyrd – someone who loves and is attracted to nature and can’t live any more in a world of disconnection from the essential Truth that we are 1 strand in the web and not outside it.  (The reason I say “can’t live” is that it’s just too damned uncomfortable to stay there anymore.  I just have no tolerance for cruelty.  I don’t watch TV.  Find most books boring or too “dark”.  Find most movies either boring or too violent and cruel and full of negative messages.)  I also can’t live in cities or condos or anywhere that feels oppressive, like people are too close and closing me in.
  • Someone who worked herself into a state of exhaustion and physical illness (from which I nearly died in 1994) until I made a new choice.  My illness was my I AM telling me that if I didn’t make a new choice, I would die.  I chose life

Since 1994, I have been learning new ways to BE.  I have worked diligently on healing myself at all levels (still ongoing).  I was where some of you may be now – my own version of it.

I can see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel these days.  I have a whole new way of looking at myself and the world.  I know there is an “end” to this drama and that it is coming.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m offering to share with you some information that might assist you to break out of where you are into a whole new way of being in the world FOR YOU, loving yourself, and feeling empowered.

I look at each of you and

I see the Divine Spark that glows radiantly inside you.

Will you take the steps to

nurture, feed, and expand that glow?

Will you consciously choose to re-member your Self –

to put your spiritual awakening FIRST in your life?


I have learned that Loving myself and taking care of myself is the essential missing piece that will enable me to assist others.  If I don’t do that, there is nothing there for me to offer.

It’s time for all of us to go within and make the changes that will allow us to truly perform the services we came here to offer – AND – at the same time, experience the JOY and ENERGY of it all, and allow the UNIVERSE to TAKE CARE OF US and SUPPORT US.

This is the time that humanity is awakening from a slumber that has gone on for eons.  It’s about time, too!! (My personal opinion!!)

I know that my purpose on this planet in this particular life is to be at the near tip of the wave of Spiritual Awakening and to help others who are coming right behind me.


My visual of this is that Lord Ganesh, the elephant God, moves ahead of me in the jungle of life helping to clear enormous obstacles that my small machete can’t easily tackle.  He’s there because I have asked for his assistance.  So he moves ahead of me and I see his large butt  helping to open a space and his small tail waving and encouraging me forward.

But I still have to “hack away” at the personal obstacles within myself that pop up in the jungle – my own inner reflections – part of the learning I set up for myself before I came into this life.  I clear them through prayer, through loving myself, through a conscious effort to heal them.

As I commit to taking back my personal power – my Divinity – everything shifts into higher frequencies, I am more and more supported, and more and more able to TRUST – in myself and in my Divinity.

Meanwhile, right behind me in this jungle come those who are attracted to my personal energy at the SOUL level and to the frequencies I have been able to integrate so far.  At the Soul level, they and I have agreed to be together on this journey, and while I hack away at my own personal stuff with one arm, my other arm reaches back to assist those immediately behind me.  (Please note that many of them are reaching one of their arms back to help those following behind them.)

Sometimes my way of assisting is to just model how to “do it.”

Sometimes it’s to listen.

Sometimes it’s to teach.

Sometimes it’s to create a healing space and facilitate another’s process.

Of course, they have to make a commitment to awaken and work on their ego stuff, too, because that’s what “the path” is all about, one way or another, generally speaking.  I can’t “fix” anything or anyone. (NOTE TO SELF:  Remember this, Nedda!)

So, my Dear Ones, I move into 2012 not really having a clue what I’m supposed to DO about anything, except BE HERE NOW – IN THIS MOMENT.

I will continue to share information that is inspiring, uplifting, and personally valuable to anyone who chooses awakening at this time.


A New Synergy of Female/Male – Yin/Yang

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Have you been noticing that more women than men seem to be spiritually waking up or interested in Ascension?  Please understand:  there are some very awake and spiritually aware men on the Earth at this time.  Nevertheless, it seems as though women are in the lead, at least in numbers.

Why might this be so?

For one thing, women have the brain structure that supports a more conscious use of their intuitive faculties than men.  In women, the corpus colosum (the part of the brain that connects the left and right sides) is twice as large in diamenter as that of men.  This makes it easier for women to access  and integrate their intuitive faculties with their analytical faculties, something necessary for spiritual ascension and for a rebalancing of the female/male chi. 

An important part of  the Ascension process is getting in touch with your intuition in a conscious way and recognizing intuition as expansion of consciousness.  Thus, communication with your I Am Presence can be described an expansion of intuition.  If you are more open to being intuitive then you are probably more open to the entire process, or at least it is easier for you to accept the process.

Secondly, the Women’s Movement of the 1960’s was a preliminary to this shift.   It helped prepare the way because it helped women accept their intuitive abilities.  So called “women’s intuition” had been denegrated for the last 2000 or so years by the dominant male power structure.  The Women’s Movement, while ostensibly a political movement, did talk about “raising consciousness,” albiet consciousness of how women were being treated.  It also helped many, many women begin to accept themselves as “OK” just the way they are.

With the coming of the Mahatma Energy, the female aspect of Divine Love which began arriving in the 1980’s, the balance of yin and yang began to change.  This is true not only in humans, but on within the Earth herself.  If you are drawn to read more about this, I recommend Drunvalo Melchizedek’s beautiful book, Serpent of Light:  Beyond 2012, in which he tells the story of the movement of the Earth’s Kundalini energy and what he calls the “Rise of the Female Light.”

It is my understanding that the goal of the shift is not female dominance, but a new synergy of male and female chi.  Since each human carries both yin (female) and yang (male) within them, this shift is bringing about new relationships within ourselves between these aspects.

Meanwhile, many, many married women who are awakening are feeling as though they are trying to move forward while their male parterns are digging in their heels and resisting the shift.  For some, this is resulting in the end of their marriage.  For others, it means that they are working extra hard to shift themselves and make opportunities available for their spouses.

Those of us who are single (and those of  us who are in relationship with a man) are still having to work with the yin and yang within ourselves.  We women all have a male aspect – or even several male aspects – and working with these is necessary to rebalance the energies within ourselves.

I recently had a client whose father had promoted perfectionism in her life.  As she strove to let go of the limiting idea of striving to be perfect and accept that she was already perfect in all ways, two male aspects of her came forward.  Each of them had given great service to her in her current life, but those old roles no longer suited her current situation.  Now she and they could work out a new relationship that was more in balance with her personal goals and her spiritual path.

We are all being “rearranged” in so many ways, and the new levels of interaction between our male and female selves is just a part of this.  When we are aware of what is going on, it makes it easier to allow the process.