Exploring Your 2014 Timeline

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Last Saturday morning I gave free teleclass on the subject of Exploring Your 2014 Timeline in Non-Linear Time.

During that class, I guided people through a conversation with their December 31, 2014 aspect.

Today I want to share some of the answers I received when I asked the same questions to my I Am Presence.

  1. What are the 3 biggest challenges I will have in 2014?  Fear, anxiety, and depression. These come from hanging on, rather than letting go.  If you let go and trust, they will dissolve and not be an issues, but if you continue to cling to the way things were or what you think is best, rather than what you feel is best, these will continue to challenge you.

  2. Which of these is the biggest one for me?  Fear.  You will struggle to maintain your balance while the world experiences “earthquakes” – not in the physical earth, but in the human sphere of 3-D structure.  These must collapse, so focusing on what is being created will make it easier to let go of what is no longer appropriate for Earth and humanity.

  3. What resources do I have to asst me?  Divine Love.  Courage.  People whom you know who are already awake and others who are waking up now.  You will meet still others who have gifts to offer you.

  4. What am I resisting that might make this challenge more difficult?  You are resisting letting go of judgment.  When you stop judging and just focus on the Seeds of Equivalent Benefit, that is the way to have them emerge.  KNOW that you have already solved whatever challenge is before you and that the solution is perfect and beautiful and arriving in the now moment!

  5. What are 3 gifts I can receive right now that will accelerate my ability to move through this challenge?  –ASK FOR HELP.  You already know that you can ask for help from Source and all the “upstairs department,” as you call us.  So REMEMBER to do so.  –LOVE YOURSELF EVERY DAY.  Bring in Divine Love and let it go everywhere within you.  –EXPAND YOUR HEART.  Living from your heart is a great way to stay out of judgment.  The Heart doesn’t judge.  It just loves.

  6. How can I open myself to receive these gifts?  Focus on your heart center every day, more than once daily.  Opening your heart and living from your heart are a new key.  Use this key to manifest all that you are choosing.

If you participated in the teleclass or listened to the recording of that class, you are welcome to share what you received in a comment to this post, or just to comment.

Of course, everyone else is also welcome to comment.


Leading the Way into 2014

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As we approach 2014, it’s time to ask ourselves some questions.

~ As you walk forward in your life,
which part of your physical body leads the way?

~As you take each breath,
which part of your physical body do you consciously
fill with prana or life force?

~As you reach out to loved ones, which part of you opens the conversation?
Which part of you closes it?

~Are there things you have left unsaid to others?

~If this were your last day of this physical lifetime,
what would you regret having left unsaid?

~Are there things you are running away from inside yourself?
When will it be time to stop running?

~When did you last forgive yourself for anything?

~How often do you take time to pamper yourself?

~Have you discovered the perfection that already exists
in each and every moment?

~Are you ready to let go of all that is holding you back and
that no longer serves your soul path?

I have read that 2014 will be a year of “tough love.”  To me that means we may be challenged to LOVE ourselves and LOVE each other during times when it may seem extraordinarily difficult to find any love inside ourselves at all.

While you may not feel ready for this challenge,

I believe that each of us has

the strength,

the courage,

the love,

and the commitment

to ask for whatever we need and

to allow ourselves to receive it

We are not alone.  We will be given all the resources we need to cope with whatever comes.  We will be given all the support, encouragement, and physical things that we need.

What we will each create will be based on what we believe we deserve, are entitled to receive, and are open to receive.

What will you create in 2014?