Are You Living in the 5th Dimension Now?

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The 5th Dimension is here right now.

How can you tell if

you’re already living in it?


The 5th Dimension and the 3rd Dimension are currently co-existing, overlapping, and yet separate.

You and I and everyone else are moving up and back between these two planes of reality.

Have you noticed?

Can you tell when you are in the 5th dimension and when you’re in 3-D?

A Matter of Consciousness.

Where you focus your attention is what you experience and what you energize.

As part of the humanity’s group consciousness, you may not feel that you have much control over your experiences, but you definitely get to experience whatever you focus on.

So . . . take a moment and consider.

What have you been focusing on in this now moment?

  • the negative –OR– the positive?
  • how stressed out you feel –OR– how to create inner peace?
  • paying attention to things that the media is thrusting into your mind –OR– things you want to energize?
  • where you’ve been –OR– where you are in this NOW moment?
  • how far you still need to go –OR– where you are right NOW?
  • winning an argument –OR– creating a win/win solution?
  • struggling to solve problems by yourself –OR– asking for guidance and support from your Divine Self to resolve problems?
  • noticing how messed up things appear to be –OR– seeing Divine Perfection in everything just as it is right now?

These are a few differences between 3-D living and 5-D living.

This is by no means a complete list.

These are all differences in CONSCIOUSNESS.

Since the dimension you’re living in is controlled by your Consciousness, it’s important to support your Consciousness to be in 5-D more and more all the time.

Doing some kind of spiritual practice helps.  That doesn’t have to be meditation, but it does have to be something that recognizes that you are SPIRIT FIRST and physicality second.

Our Ego selves need to be re-educated to living 5th dimensionally, too.

You’ve probably come across the idea before that you have to LOVE YOURSELF WITHOUT RESERVATION  to restore yourself to living as your I AM Presence.

What do you do each day to


A big step out of 3-D into 5-D is to STEP OUT OF JUDGMENT.

As long as you are judging yourself and others, blaming yourself and others, and pointing fingers, you are stuck in 3-D in those relationships.

The relationship can be with yourself, family members, friends, business associates, the political arena, and lots of other relationships, too.

Most of us were taught to believe we are small, relatively insignificant, and that life is about struggle and hard work.

The opposite it true.  We — our Soul and Higher Self and I AM Presence — are actually huge – nearly infinite – actually infinite!

Everything we do — without exception — influences others and contributes to our overall state of CONSCIOUSNESS.

The words you say to yourself and others directly affect the water in your body, and your body is 70-90% water.

The words you say to yourself and others also directly affects the state of your DNA.  You can damage your own DNA by saying hateful things to yourself.  You can heal your DNA by saying loving things to yourself.

Living in 5-D is Living Abundantly.

Most of us believe in scarcity instead of abundance, and our beliefs limit our experiences.

The flow of abundance.

Flow of Abundance.

You can change this.  You can choose to believe in Abundance as a way of life.  You can envision Abundance flowing from all directions.

Imagine yourself standing in a flow of abundance.

Envision the flow as the rushing waters of a river or as an energetic flow of Divine Love streaming around you from Mother/Father Source.

You are standing in this flow.

Everything you could ever need or want or choose to experience is coming towards you and will arrive at the perfect time.

All that’s required is that you remember this Truth and hold the vision for yourself daily.

Is taking a time each day to remember your True State of Consciousness on your “to do” list?

If you make it a priority to be connected each day, this is another way you’re living in the 5th Dimension.

  • It’s about expanding your awareness to include your True Self.

  • It’s about CHOOSING TO FEEL CONNECTED to your Soul and Higher Self (your God Self or I Am Presence).

  • It’s about valuing this connection more than any other connection.

So . . . are you living in the 5th Dimension now even part of the time?

No matter your answer, you can expand your experience of 5-D living by expanding your CONSCIOUS FOCUS on some of the ways I’ve described.

See you in the Fifth Dimension!

Service to Others.

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Which path are you choosing?

Service to Others?  Or Service to Self?


In his powerful book, The Synchronicity Key, David Wilcock teaches that Infinite Consciousness recognizes no separation between you and anyone else.

You are me and I am you.

As we move towards unity consciousness, our awareness of unity with others grows daily, offering us greater understanding of the importance of “Service to Others.”


Often we hear examples of Service to Others that require enormous sacrifice.

  • Someone dies while rescuing others from a fire or flood.
  • Someone who is starving feeds their last morsel of food to an equally starving child.
  • Someone stays behind on a sinking ship to make space in the life boat for another person.

These definitely qualify as Service to Others, but only if they are done from a place of love.  Service to Others must flow from an open, loving heart.

If we do something for someone else, and we are simultaneously filled with anger or resentment or any other lower vibrational emotion, our offering is tainted and impure.  It’s vibration of our intention will resonate with whatever emotion we are feeling at the time of the action.  If we are proud of our service, we taint it with our pride.  If we puff up our ego because of our service, we are still serving ourselves.  If we resent taking the action, i.e., making the sacrifice, then we are holding back our love, and that lowers the vibrational frequency of our action.

Service to Others will, indeed, benefit us.  It will karmically balance other actions we have taken.  It can even heal some of our own inner pain and limitation.  But to do so, it must come fully from a place of Infinite Love Without Conditions.


There are times when we are so filled with Love and Light that we are overflowing with these essential qualties of Infinite Consciousness.  Those are the times when it’s easy to put others first.  When we have so much to give, so much to share, and so much love that we can barely imagine not giving or sharing, we delight in the very act of sharing itself.

Do you remember feeling so happy and filled with joy that you felt you’d explode if you didn’t share it?

Maybe it was something you found funny.  Maybe it was some amazingly powerful experience you just had.  Maybe it was a personal insight that helped shift you into higher consciousness.  Maybe it was something you felt a friend or family member would really enjoy just as much as you enjoyed it.

Whatever it was, you were eager for others to share in how you felt, and that sharing is a way of serving others.

When we have more than enough to share,

it’s easy to share. 

When we feel scarcity or lack, it feels harder.

When we feel scarcity or lack, it’s because we have down-shifted out of the expanded consciousness of abundance.  This brings up our fear.  Then it’s time to remind ourselves of just who we are and of who “the other” is.

YOU are Infinite Consciousness.

Infinite Consciousness is YOU.

There is no “other.”

If you are Infinite Consciousness, how can you be in scarcity?  Scarcity is an illusion brought on by the spiritual game of separation and limitation.

We live in scarcity when we accept limitation.  We tell ourselves (and each other) that if there’s only so much food possible to grow and only so much food available to eat, someone will go hungry.  This thinking occurs because …

  1.  In 3-D vibration we were programmed to feel that way.
  2. We “forget” to live in the NOW moment and to TRUST our own HIGHER GUIDANCE to provide.

There are so many stories about how food expands, quite literally, when it is shared.

There is the story of the visitor to hell who saw large vats of delicious food and people with spoons too long to reach their own mouths.  Everyone stood around starving.

Was starvation necessary?  NO!!

The same visitor went to heaven and there were the same vats of food and the same enormous spoons with handles too long to reach the mouth of the person holding it.  Here no one was starving.


Because everyone used the spoons to feed each other!

There’s another powerful story called “Stone Soup.”

Once there was a village where it had been a poor year for farming.  Each family kept to itself and refused to share their meager supplies.

One day, a man wandered into town, stopped in the town square, and built a wood fire over which he placed a large pot of water.  Into the pot he placed a large stone.

The villagers, who’d been looking out their windows, were very curious.  What could this man possibly be doing?

Finally, a small boy was sent out to ask the man.

“I’m making stone soup.”  the man told him.  “It will be delicious, but it could be better if it only had some turnip in it.”

“I think we have a small turnip at our house,” replied the boy.  He ran home, told his mother the story, and she agreed to give a small turnip to the man.  The boy brought it to him, was copiously thanked, and the turnip went into the pot.

Now the neighboring family was intrigued.  What did the boy next door give the man?  So they send out their oldest daughter, and the man said, “I’m making stone soup, but it would taste so much better with a bit of carrot.”

Can you guess where this story is going?  Each village family eventually contributes something to the pot of Stone Soup, and before long, there is a most amazing stew being made that is enough to feed the entire village.

Sharing is part of Service to Others.  Even when we feel contracted and small, fearful and lacking in wealth, there is always something we can share.  When we begin to share, we open to our hearts to receive, and thus make room for abundance to flow into our lives.  At the same time, we are serving others.

As they receive our gift of sharing, the joy in their eyes and the delight in their hearts becomes a gift they give back to us.  In this way,

When I help you,

you are also helping me:

you are reflecting my own joy and delight

back to me.

If you want proof of this, give it a try.  Share something that inspires you with someone else who will also enjoy it and see what happens.  Notice how you feel afterwards.  Give thanks and appreciation to the other person and your yourself for taking this step into Service to Others.


Requirements of Abundance

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Abundance Requires an Inner Space of Receptivity.

To receive abundance,

I must be open to receiving. 

If I set up barriers and guards to examine what the universe might send me, so I can pick and choose, I interfere in the flow of abundance.

To receive abundance,

I must have an inner space

large enough to hold abundantly. 

If my heart is closed or if my heart space is small, then it cannot hold what I am asking to receive.

To receive abundance,

I must be willing to allow

abundance to flow through me. 

If I seek to hold on to what I receive or to grasp or cling to what whatever comes,  I again interfere in the flow.

Furthermore, I show a greediness –  a fear of lack – and that interferes in the flow of abundance.

To receive abundance,

I must be in a space of allowing and

of trusting that whatever comes is perfect for me

in that moment.

If I am critical of what comes, I close my heart and shut down the flow of abundance.


To receive abundance,

I must start recognizing the bounty of whatever comes

as a sign of abundance.

When I can do that, I begin to FEEL abundant, and that FEELING helps me manifest more abundance.

What are the ways you are holding yourself back from abundance?

Are you ready to take steps to overcome them?


The Truth About Receiving in My Life

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How Can I Open to Receive?


Last summer was a time of exploration for myself, a time of discovery.

I discovered that I was working very hard and enjoying it, but I was also exhausted and felt as though I could not keep up the pace.

I discovered that the exhaustion was from giving away too much of myself and receiving too little back.  The giving and receiving in my life was way out of balance.  It still feels out of balance to me.

I discovered that, central to my financial situation, was a set of beliefs that keep me from being open to receive the abundance that I keep asking the universe to send  me.

I discovered that I am giving away far too much for free.  I seem to have created a situation where many people, reflecting the pattern back to me, expect me to give more and more away in exchange for nothing at all.

I discovered that having an open heart is not enough because the moment someone gives me a gift – any gift – I feel compelled to give them something back in return.  Sometimes I completely  resist receiving what they have generously offered.  I try to talk them out of it and I’m good at this, so I usually succeed.  I can recall past situations in which I completely rejected their gifts, thus offending people whom I care deeply about and leaving them feeling rejected as well.

I discovered that I don’t know how to get out of this pattern.

I discovered that trying to create a new balance is essential to my experiencing HEALTH, JOY, and ABUNDANCE.

It is now 5 months later, and this issue is still looming large in my life.

I AM ASKING FOR HELP  from my I Am Presence and the rest of the “upstairs department,” although I fervently hope that I will not immediately reject help when it arrives, which is part of the same pattern.

I FORGIVE MYSELF for having this pattern and am saying the forgiveness prayer that I teach to others.

Last summer I thought that a professional colleague of mine had the answers to this, but it turned out that her approach felt plastic to me  – hard and artificial.  It sent me down a detour that I hoped would clear this issue, but which did not.  Her approach was not a heart-felt system, and that is essential for my spiritual goals to be achieved.

So I may not be back to “square 1” because I understand more now, but understanding is not sufficient to break through a block like this.  This is a very, very large old block.  It feels like a mountain.

I am open to receiving prayers for my success in taking back my personal power in this situation.   Thank you in advance for any prayers you may choose to send.



Conscious Creation

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Today, many of us are learning that we create our reality. – each and every minute of it, each and every experience, and everything in it.  This has been true all along, but now we are beginning, as individuals and as a group, to understand the truth of this.

We create with our thoughts and with our beliefs and with our emotions.  We create with our intentions and we create with our hearts.

When we first begin to realize the power that we have – the power to be conscious creators, it may be difficult to accept that we have created it all along.  We have a habit of seeing ourselves as small, helpless creatures, despite the message we have been given that we were “created in God’s image.”

What does it mean to be in “God’s image.”  Does this refer to our physical shape, our form?  I rather doubt it.  Does this refer to God’s powers and abilities?  I do believe so!   I believe we have these, as we have been told in the ancient texts before they were distorted by those seeking to control us.

We are Consciousness.  So is God.  We are Creative.  So is God.  We are Limitless.  So is God.

When I first began to learn about manifesting in my life, I was given some very clear messages that I create my own reality. 

Consider the teapot.

Many years ago, I had purchased a beautiful white porclain teapot that I enjoyed using for brewing tea.  I probably had that teapot for over 20 years and it remained in perfect condition – not a chip or crack in it.

One day, I was thinking about how the teapot had survived all these years with not a single bit of damage.  Then I opened the kitchen cabinet door to take the teapot out and it fell with a crash.  The entire porcelain handle broke off. 

When I was growing up, someone superstitious would have said that because I liked and appreciated my teapot, some “evil spirit” had decided to damage it.  Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

What I do believe happened is that my own thoughts created the situation.  Spirit doesn’t understand the words “no” or “not.”  If you think about what you don’t want, you energize the idea you are focused on, and “no” or “not” fades away.  This is how I broke my teapot.

Creating Abundance

If it is your goal to create abundance for yourself and others in this rapidly changing world, then your focus must be on the abundance, not on lack or scarcity.  Whatever you focus upon you will create more of because you have the power of Creation within you.

Someone recently asked me if I would join with her to energize money to a new vibrational level.  This way of thinking about abundance is too narrow for me.  Abundance, prosperity . . . these mean more to me than money.

Money is just the current tool we use to exchange for other things we really want.  Money by itself has zero value.  The object or service I am choosing to purchase is what has value.  The money is a temporary means of exchanging energy between people to allow goods and services to be easily exchanged.

If you had to bring a wheelbarrow of rocks to a store to buy your food, that would be awkward.  Clearly, some forms are just too awkward to use for money.

So we’ve created paper money, which today is backed by nothing, and we have been taught to measure our wealth by focusing on having lots of this paper around.  Now we are being asked to shift that focus from pieces of paper to number on a screen.

From my perspective, there has to be a higher vibrational approach to exchanging goods and services than the one we are using now.  THAT’s what I would like to explore and discover and energize – an entirely new way of exchanging goods and services that doesn’t rely on numbers on a screen or pieces of paper.

To do this, I must use my Imagination, my Creativity, and my Conscious Intent.  I want to hear what others are imagining, too.  Because together we can and must create an entirely new way of relating to the exchange of goods and services.

What Is Abundance?

What does “abundance” really mean to you?  If you respond with “no more debt,” remember that spirit doesn’t understand “no.”  Therefore, spirit is hearing “more debt.”

So, what does abundance mean to you?  A warm home in winter with warm, comfortable clothing and good nourishing food?  Loving friends and family around you?  Plenty of time for rest and play? 

Does your abundance include technology?  How much?

It’s time for us each and together to decide how to create an abundant world experience for all of  humanity.  

The Earth is capable of supporting all of us in abundance.  There is no need for poverty unless the greedy ones steal from everyone else, which is what you are currently seeing and hearing about in the news.  There is no need for anyone to go hungry because the Earth has the capability of feeding, housing, and clothing us all if we focus on abundance for all and creatively discover ways to make it happen.


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