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Prayer to Overcome Fear.

May I be free from danger

Are you experiencing fear and anxiety on a daily basis?

We’re living in a world where everything we see and hear in the media is purposely designed to create fear in our lives.

Fear is an energy that some beings consume, like food.  What we think of as food is really energy that appears to have a physical form.  In contrast, most of us think of fear as an emotion and as not having a physical form.  Consider that emotions are also just energy and some beings consume fear energy as nourishment.

One of the ways of reducing fear in your life is to be kind to yourself.  When you make the request, “May I be free from danger” you are asking to have fear eliminated in your life.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the danger is “real” – whatever you mean by real.  If you’re afraid, then the fear is REAL to you!

When we are afraid, we either run, defend ourselves, or freeze – flight or fight or play possum.  This is the biological imperative around fear.

Fear serves a purpose when you’re under physical attack, but in our society today many people feel under attack all the time.  We’re truly  bombarded with energies and messages that are unhealthy for us because they keep us in fear and anxiety.  This depletes our energies and can even make us sick.  We’re not meant to be running on adrenaline all the time.  It might feel good for awhile, but eventually, it will burn up your adrenal gland and cause “adrenal fatigue.”

Have you checked inside with your adrenal glands lately to see how they’re doing?  Back in the 1990’s, I checked in with mine.  They were exhausted and felt like limp oatmeal.  If you want to check in with your adrenal glands, there are 2 of them, each one sitting on top of one of your kidneys.  An adrenal gland that isn’t exhausted will feel plump and firm.

Here are a few messages that will increase your feeling of safety.

I am Infinite Consciousness creating all I experience.

I am Divine Love and I am Divinely Loved.

I am fully supported by my Divine Self, and by my spiritual guides and teachers.

I have infinite wisdom available to me at all times.

When I take the time to become quiet and listen, I will receive the perfect guidance in every situation.

After repeating the above affirmations, ask to be wrapped in Divine Love.

  • Imagine a warm blanket of love being placed around you.

  • Snuggle right into it.

  • Allow its beautiful energy to be absorbed by all aspects of you, into your hair and skin and nails, into every cell of your body.

  • Feel the love and know that you are supremely loved just as you are.

  • Allow all the fear to dissolve as you focus on being the love.